3D Modeling

3D Modeling for 365 consecutive days


WIP procedural bumps on the key

IK works!

What I want is inverse kinematics...

Experiments with armature on non-organic objects

testing cloth physics

Shattered movie

Not ready yet...

More than 200 objects will be animated...

new animation project

procedural textures

procedural shaders

Testing the principled hair shader

particle shader (video)

Experiments with procedural shaders

Final render. The model is not mine, I was just following a tutorial.

bump details

Working on the glass texture now

WIP. The model is not mine. I'm following a tutorial and only working on textures.

Adding details to the rust part of the shader

WIP mixing multiple shaders

Working on a new complex shader

Dynamic paint experiment

An eye made with procedural textures

Pointiness, bevel, and other tricks to target specific parts of a mesh

Testing more complex shaders

Voronoi texture

Voronoi texture

"magic" texture

Brick & checker textures

Testing the Voronoi texture

Procedural shaders

Final render

working on a road texture

Just in case...

A banana. I painted the texture.

Volume of light absorption


metaballs as hair particles on a cylinder

Penrose stairs

creating an optical illusion

Steampunk machine. Final render.

Starting a steampunk project

testing Blender addons

Medieval house

building blocks

elephant based on a video tutorial

testing modifiers

Landscape - trees added with a particle system

sculpting experiments

Testing the cloth animation tools

"It's raining, Invisible Man!"

shaders and light effects. I added some glare to the street lights.

I'm trying to use the dynamic texture paint technique with rain particles falling on the character.

New project. The character is provided by MBLabs, an addon for Blender.

Testing dynamic paint

More tests with Rigify, an addon for Blender

Testing armatures and bones for animation

Mini Anubis and Bastet. Final render.


mini Anubis

A short animation of the alien gun

I'll animate some shader properties to make the gun shoot rays

Compositing nodes will enhance light emission.

Final render with underwater light.

lights and colors, work in progress

more details

Remade a high poly shape, and added details with sculpting tools.

First attempt at adding details failed. I'll try again with other tools.

The shape was not correct. I fixed it with some reference images.

low poly shark

I tried to bake the normals, but didn"t get the expected results.

Thanks to global displacement, each stone of this road has a unique shape. Unfortunately, the whole object is made of more than 3 millions pixels. I will have to bake the normals and use them on a simpler mesh.

An attempt to make the giraffe walk

With these rigging tools, I can move the giraffe.

Adding an armature for animation

Starting a low poly animal

With this low poly rocket, I learned how to use the ShrinkWrap modifier.

Final render

I'm trying to add flowers, but I have this transparency issue.

painting the bridge


painting water today :p

I started painting the textures. I've never done that before.

basic textures

UV mapping. Last step before texture painting.

Some objects share the same mesh. It will make unwrapping and texture painting easier.

Low poly bridge and river

Retoplogy. Removing unnecessary vertices

Starting a new project

Final render

Starting a new project

Final render with lights and colors.

More details. The rope was made with a cube and the screw modifier.

With the roof. I learned to use the sculpting tool to move a group of meshes instead of other techniques like lattice or proportional editing.

Low poly well. From a tutorial

Baking textures allows to use the details of a complex mesh on a simple one. The planks look similar, but one has less vertices than the other.

Baking textures from the high poly to use the low poly version of the plank

I'm following a tutorial using sculpting tools to make low poly game assets

A dice made with boolean operations

Learning how to bake textures

With the armature and inverse kinematics, I can animate my character!

I added an armature to the character so I can animate it

character with more details

Sculpting a character. WIP

High poly to low poly. Retopology.

More practice of the sculpt mode

Learning sculpt tools

Another dog, this time with a mesh and subdivision surface

A dog made with metaballs

I tested the skin modifier and tried to make a dog.

Lava lamp animation

Metaballs are fun!

new project: lava lamp

In Blender, you can drive any property of an object with any property of another object. Here I rotate the cube by moving the sphere.

final render

lights, materials and compositing

testing an environment

Starting a new project...

Final render. I'm disappointed with the light, but it's time for a new project.

Today I tested various render and material settings. When I'm done, I can finally start the final render. It will take a few hours.

Wireframe view of the kitchen. I'm adding an HDRI background and a portal light to reduce noise in the final render

kitchen light

Added more details

I added assets from the previous days to the kitchen scene.

Legs are made with the Skin modifier

This thing was harder to do than expected. I used "bridge edge loops" to make the corners.

Refrigerator. The handles are subdivided, solidified planes.

The kitchen sink from day 12 is back!

More kitchen. Started working on materials.

More kitchen parts

More kitchen parts

Bridge edge loops are my favorite tool for this kind of shapes

Kitchen sink. WIP

A few vertices, the spin tool, and subsurface + solidify modifiers


I made a flat version and then used a curve modifier.

Table mat. The material comes from the BlenderKit addon. Then I played with UV mapping.

I used the physics properties and let them fall in the bowl.

Plates for the future kitchen scene

An empty jar

I'll be working on a kitchen scene. This soap dispenser is the first step.

Fire hydrant

I'm learning 3D modeling with Blender 2.8. This is my first attempt to create a Moai statue

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