Project exploration

Project exploration for 365 consecutive days



Rose Quartz = 15 minutes abundance and love meditation ✨

Hfo 359: Meditation and reading: sitting in my own space in my room was the best part of my day today. Tuned into a high frequency sound bath track I came across.

Catching up with my posts

As a team leader at one of my jobs that is all about wellness and growth, i've been talking to people around me about my Hfo's, and futureland. The feedback so far has been great, got someone to learn something new already!

I find my self making a lot of connections to Futureland in conversation with others, or when I have ideas.

Did some reading on code today, found a website called Scratch that adds a "fun" way to learn programming and tried to create a clicker

I am trying a short meditation activity with preschool children tomorrow at work.

Picking one skill for my next HFO is going to be an amazing learning experience for my self.


A few of my friends has asked me what results have I seen in the past 60 days of my wellness workouts, Today I tried on some clothes that flattered my body. It felt and looked amazing.

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