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[On-Going Project] Trial garden at our home w/ California native plants
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First: Jul 24, 2020
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We visited a new native plant nursery today called Oaktown, they had a wonderful selection and friendly folks, we’ll be back!


Wanted to show a bit more spatial context, great idea @internetvin. When we moved in a year ago this was all weeds, @sloane and I added the flagstone, mulch and plants. You can see the citrus trees that were already there. And the gate that leads back to the edible garden.

This week on a pretty windy day, I heard some rustling in the grapefruit tree in the front garden. Thought maybe someone was trying to pick some, but it was one of the main front branches breaking under the weight of the fruit combined with the wind. Got around to full cutting it off today and composting. Bit of a bummer since the front porch now feels a bit more exposed privacy wise, but also for the native grasses and Salvias we planted there, they may get more light which is good.


Watered the garden today! Trying to get out to water a bit more these days, find it so relaxing and caring. Fixed the leak on the sprayer, just needed a little new rubber washer.


First time back to my normal routine of early morning deep breaths, tea, and poem in the garden, grateful for the fresh air again.


@sloane spotted a super small caterpillar on the Artemesia californica. Almost too small to identify yet, but will keep an eye on them, hopefully it's one of the host moths of the plant.

We planted the Salvia spathacea, the California hummingbird sage last night! One of my favorite Salvia smells, but your hands always get sticky. We dug up some during a visit to our friend Kathy's garden, it propogates very easily as long as you get a bunch of the roots.

Transplanted the Grevillea 'Long John' to the succulent garden, and opened up some more planting area in the native garden. It also should hide the ugly-ish gas meters a bit more than what was here before.

Did some weeding along the sidewalk to give the yarrow some breathing room. Ethan gifted me this plant a few years ago and it did really well in a pot but has suffered from transplant shock


We had a small lupine in a container on our front stoop and it flowered this spring. I sowed the seeds from the spent flower into a pot and watered it for a ~month before germination occurred. Very excited to see this lupine seedling!

So much growth on the Salvia spathacea, the California hummingbird sage. Getting ready to transplant into the ground soon.


Our neighbor works with the regional park system on ecological restoration. Their nursery had some plants to find new homes. We're welcoming Calamagrostis nutkaensis (Pacific Reedgrass) + Epilobium canum (California Fuchsia) to our garden. And digging these pots for their deep root systems.

Two new friends for the shady side yard, semi-impulse buys at the nursery today. Rubus parviflorus (Western Thimbleberry) + Ribes sanguineum glutinosum (Pink-Flowered Currant).

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