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[Done] Built new workstation at studio
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First: Aug 9, 2020
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Man this is great, It's super cool that ...
Interesting 😂
This is looking really good. I'm stoked ...
ah man! :(
thanks @internetvin! good experiment not...

One more photo of the desk in bit more spatial context. Some minor tweaks I'm thinking of making to the setup in the future, such as a lamp hung above for night sessions. Overall project was more involved and slower than expected, but feeling positive after it all came together. Even though it probably would've cost the same at IKEA for a standing desk, really glad went this route. Couple minor mistakes, but letting go of the constant need for perfection is a good lesson. Many thanks to @sloane for her extra set of hands and all the design feedback throughout the process!


All finished! Friday was the first full day with the new desk. Feels really solid to use and empowering to have a refreshed space to do work in.


Picked up this IKEA folding stool and circle cushion for when I need to rest my legs, yesterday was about 2/3 standing, so that feels like a solid start. Researched those cushioned mats to stand on, will be keeping them in mind for future, right now wear Birkenstocks to studio since they have very supportive foot beds.

On the back side, added a couple brackets made by the fine folks at Simpson Strong-Tie. Picked these since they looked the coolest in the "connector" product line, and like puzzle pieces. Just a tad bit more support and piece of mind, not sure if they were truly needed.


For the one screw that broke off, got these 1/2" ones and drilled on a slight angle on top to make it more uniform. Little funky, but better than before.


Got the middle support piece in, @sloane suggested leaving this little gap for wires to the shelf, which is functional, and kinda feels fun too.

Nice and level for the last piece going in. This one was a bit tricky to get right, since it the one piece that touches every single other piece and holds the desk together.

Using the paddle drill bits to create little "wells" or indentations, so that the screw head can then sit flush with the wood.


Everything seems to take longer than expected with the project, and tonight continued that theme 😜 Head of a screw broke off as it was being drilled in, with the rest of the screw in the hole. No way back, so going to try and cut the head down, and super glue in so no one will know, ha

Made a quick model with index cards to try and figure out the middle support piece. All the other pieces are cut already. Thinking we might assemble the legs and top, and then see how much support it needs.

Got all the pieces cut except one, thanks to @sloane for stepping in as the wood shop assistant yesterday. Might cut one more support piece, but going to assemble the desk first and see if it needs the extra support.

Eventually got into the flow of things. Figured how to use the ruler on the speed square to account for how much the saw blade would be offset from the guide.

Inherited the circular saw from previous studio mate, and it was creating lots of smoke. Think it was a cheaper and old blade. Got new one for $19 and back in business, cut like butter compared to before.

Some tests to get the screw to be flat with the surface of desk. The plywood seems pretty hard and weird, I'm used to working with redwood and pressure treated wood outside. Using the paddle bit to create an indentation first for the head of the screw to then nestle into.

Round two for wood, found some lovely Baltic Birch 1" thick at the local lumber spot. Put the project $60 over budget, but feels alright since it's stronger. Thanks to @sloane for the help, bit heavy and cumbersome to move.

Made some compromises / game time decisions since they were out of the wood I wanted, so bought something else. But once I got the two pieces of wood into the studio, they just didn't match the image in my head. They seemed kinda yellow and thin. Returning and trying a better lumber spot later this week. 📐

Trying to draw more on the iPad, so used it to sketch out the pieces that would make up the desk.


Made this prototype at the studio to see if I would even enjoying using the standing desk, put a bench on top of an IKEA desk. Been about a month so far, so good to go!

Some initial sketches to explore the structural integrity. Don't want something wobbly 🐙

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