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First: Sep 27, 2020
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really liking one password migration fro...
@abuqader loved Dropmark, paid for it fo...
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@ethan, yeah totally. I think there's a ...
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woah! thank you for this. life changer!

Got the idea in my head that an Ultrawide monitor would help with the design flow and feel like this creative canvas. Not sure, and not in the budget at the moment, but mocked up for a minute in Figma what it would be like to have a project brief, 2D drafting, and 3D views open at once. Think it would be pretty nice.

Tried to have everything saved in Raindrop, and it has a reader mode. But moved back to Instapaper since it has offline reading, way better typography controls, and quicker saving flow. Plus, now a Mac app, but I mostly read articles on my iPad with the screen in black and white mode so it feels like a newspaper.

Minor 10 minute update to personal site, but just wanted to be super focused on Plantkind and the current moment, not past things I worked on 🌼

Notion came out with a timeline feature this week, started playing around with it for visualizing garden projects.

Getting the plant database I’ve been growing ready to use on the go with the Airtable iPad app.

Organizing photos from the last 6 months, and seeing what might make the cut for the website update.

Kicked off a new project today, and trying to keep as much work in Notion as possible. Instead of context switching to another program (Dropbox Paper or Google Docs). Feels nice to have everything in one interface.

Started setting up iStats, on the trial, not sure if I’ll pay the $10 for it, maybe there’s an alternative. But with some more intensive CAD program work these days, I’d like to keep an eye on the fans and overall health since it’s a new computer.


Setting up One Password, back in the day a company that I worked at used the program, seems super solid out of all the options. Trying to get my family and parents on board for the family plan. Figured I’d post screenshot now before I actually set it up, ha


Finished moving everything from Dropmark over to Are.na, and cancelled Dropmark account. Good opportunity to clear out a lot of images I was saving for no reason or that are not relavent anymore.


Created a bunch of desktop apps for most frequently used online tools. They each now feel bit more powerful in some way, and their own thing, instead of being on the internet. Nice to have some in the dock on my Mac. Used a program called Unite that creates a little Safari browser wrapper. Hoping it leads to less distractions without having to open a full browser window.


Continued to organize the library of photos from our garden projects in Lightroom.


Set up Alfred on the new MacBook Pro, already feels way faster compared to opening up Spotlight search that comes built in. Lots of settings to customize in the future once I figure it out a bit more.


Things got out of hand on Spotify, took 5 minutes to group all my saved playlists into folders in the sidebar.

Switched over to Raindrop for all bookmarks and articles to read later. It's replaced two other programs, and that feels good (one interface and shortcuts). It's got built in "reading view" with some nice typography settings on mobile and desktop.

As I've been importing everything over, have taken this opportunity to clear out tons of articles and links that are connected to older ideas and versions of myself. So much accumulated, and so going to be mindful of not saving as much moving forward. Added the icons to the top level folders tonight which was more fun than expected.

Cleaning up Notion, which I'm going to use way more for project management moving forward. This is the template for each landscape design project. Should be nice to have this space as the jumping off point to everything that makes up a project.

Been keeping tabs on Kinopio from afar, and finally got curious enough. Seems super promising set of tools to work out ideas and plan out mini-projects. Took a list from a Google Doc, and brought into the canvas here and felt much easier to sketch out.

Starting to separate work and personal spaces in Notion, minor shift but feels good to be in one space at a time. Before personal and work projects were sitting next to each other.

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