Here’s a few journals to visit on Futureland:
by ethan
Designing gardens for outdoor living in collaboration with local eco-systems
by christian
A space for discussions
Ambient Landscapes of Taiwan
by gndclouds
Field notes on infrastructure, urban planning, and architecture details from the streets of Taiwan.
by vin
an open exploration in observing our sky
by emu
networked drawings & words to tell stories and do other stuff
by sloane
process of making with clay
by kristen
A reflection on what's come to pass in a day
The Land of Visual Experiments
by darkwark
✨ My experiments with visual stuff, including p5.js, PICO-8, Unity, Godot and more
by gorum
Things wot my brain comes up with when drawin'. I'm doing these fast and stream of conscious.
Free Throws
by ozz
Recreating an interface that I find inspirational every day.
Visual Art/Illustrations 2
by tania
making art every day.
by josephazar
- Motion graphics - Shaders - WebGl - Machine Learning
Music Every Day
by stevet
Practice music composition and production by doing something every day
by kmikeym
a record of what i'm buying and why
by justin
I've let my mess go
Interaction Design
by pugson
Bits & pieces of UIs I'm working on.
by aetherpoint
Terace is an iPhone app for quickly developing architectural ideas through your camera.
audio essays
by marco
1. everyday 2. max 11 mins 3. sound quality doesn't matter 4. sound source doesn't matter 5. no mastering
Design System Starter Kit
by norton
Build a library of flexible and un-styled components to start or supplement design system projects. Anyone can jump in the file below
Paper Mechanica
by mengoluo
Prototyping paper mechanica as gifts to Baba and roommate. Paper, paperclips, and tape.
Everyday 1
by reza
365 days of experiments in 7 distinct types of outputs: 2D, 3D, 4D, Mural, Writing, Sound & Architecture
🎻 Violin practice
by thedominica