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First: Feb 16, 2021
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Prob should’ve took a pic of the English...

New bottle of 5HTP. I need to take these 3x Daily w food. I only eat twice in a day. And not sure how I’ll work doing something 3x every day into Daily yet. Ideal is taking stuff w a singular dose. Back of the bottle says I need to take the recommend dose 3x daily for a minimum of a week to see beneficial effects. An interesting note.


Not sure if it’s a good idea to take these at this time. Lol see what happens

πŸ„πŸ„ only ever taken 1 pill but I’ll take 2 tonight and see what happens. Recommended dose says 1 or 2.

I’m going to experiment with taking 5HTP before sleep when the timing makes sense to see what happens. The current supplement I’m experimenting with contains:

Magnesium 200mg
Valerian root 250mg
Tryptophan 200mg
Lemon Balm Extract 200mg
Hops Flower Extract 150mg
GABA 150mg
Chamomile Flower Powder 100mg
5-HTP 50mg
Melatonin 6mg

I’ll probably run out of this stuff soon and my experiment with 5HTP will β€˜prob’ continue. Haven’t done much research just gonna take this stuff (more consistently) for now (I’ve taken it before) and see what happens.

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