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First: Jan 25, 2021
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In this conversation and in another one I’ve had with you, you mentioned the importance of studying things ‘outside software’. Why do you think this is important?

What do you think are essential readings from anthropology? From architecture?


Do you work out regularly?

What have you found ‘improves’ the things you ‘design’ outside of the act of directly 'manipulating things with a computer'?


Q: In 'part time' creative work, I wonder about breaking flow states. Sometimes it's easier and faster to just stay in flow and see something through but you might be out of your 'allocated time'. I wonder how things like that could be handled?


Q: How do you determine a minimum number of days? There’s always off days in creativity. Does that mean the ideal set up is more than one day?


Q: Some times it takes days to build up to flow, in a part time set up how do you think that might be handled?

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