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Taking Athletic Greens and seeing what happens
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First: Jan 19, 2021
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It’s probably worth noting that I renewed my subscription to ‘Athletic Greens’. I notice more energy through the day since I started taking it. It’s become a ‘locked in’ part of my morning routine and it’s one of the first thing I do once I wake up.

13 days using this ‘Athletic Greens’ thing so far. At this point I’d say it’s a simple and impactful addition to any morning work flow. It’s a bit pricey and took awhile to get to me but I’d recommend picking it up if it makes sense.

I drink it first thing in the morning with 8-12oz of water. It floods my body with nutrients and it takes like 2 mins. And then I make my morning espresso afterwards. It seems like I’ve noticed increased overall energy since starting with this stuff.

In general though I think the simplest and most cost effective way to start moving to a healthier state is probably just increasing water intake.

I got inspired by @norton’s Green Juice journal and picked up some Athletic Greens for myself. I’m adding this to my Daily and I’ll take it first thing in the morning before I make my first espresso. It’ll be cool to see what happens. I might share some more details about what’s in this stuff soon when I have time

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