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Late night grilling dinner for myself. Burgers peppers zucchini. I find this process super calming.

Grilled sausage and vegetables. Been thinking about how I can clean up my diet further. I’m not sure right now. I could cut down on nuts and peanut butter which have become a bit of a vice. But outside of that I think I’m at the limit of my knowledge. Need to study more.

A little tricky with this grill but we made it happen. Trout and some peppers. I ate a few black berries after this while talking to some friends. It’s a nice day here. The waves keep rolling in :)

Just getting used to by grill set up here (lol). Grilled sausages and asparagus. I didn’t eat anything except nuts and water for about 30 hours to see how I would feel. So at lunch I ended up eating everything here. Will get a good work out in :)

Yesterday’s dinner. Grilled salmon and as usua grilled peppers, asparagus, zucchini and mushrooms. I’ve increased the portion sizes of the vegetables lately.

I grilled tuna, peppers, zucchini and mushrooms. The vegetables turned out well because I grill them every day. This was my first time grilling the tuna. I made the mistake of trying to figure out how to grill it after it was already on the grill. Turns out, you don’t grill tuna for very long at all, just a few minutes. By the time I had figured that out the tuna was already over cooked. No pictures today because I was pretty much scrambling after I realized how I actually needed to grill what I was grilling. I ate the tuna of course, wasn’t the tastiest thing (lol). I’ll give it another try in a few days now that I understand it a bit more!


Grilled salmon and grilled asparagus for lunch. I could’ve gone easier on the grill time with the salmon. All good. I’ll try and improve next time.

Later dinner. Pretty standard in terms of contents though lol. Grilled burger zucchini peppers and mushrooms.

Grilled sausage mushrooms zucchini and peppers. Felt very calm and focused today. Just grilled and didn’t do much else.

Some of my thoughts on bbqing, cooking for myself and some time alone each day to do something that doesn’t involve my computer.

Grilled salmon and peppers. Also Mushrooms not pictured because I ate them before I took the photo


Ah! I forgot to snap a photo today. I grilled up some vegetables, zucchini and asparagus with beef burger patties as a protein source. There was some flare ups with the grill. I need to take the grill apart and clean it out. I really enjoy eating zucchini with my meals. I feel pretty good after. I need to look into it a bit more and understand what it does to the body but I might start eating a lot more of it :)

Grilled burgers beef and chicken with a bunch of vegetables. Slowly getting back into my routine.

Forgot to publish yesterday! Made some chicken skewers, peppers and mushrooms. Making it again actually now minus mushrooms.

I had to get someone else to hold this thing. I think this is the best one so far. I do not eat grains or sugars (outside of some fruits) but I always let myself have a single slice of these when I make them to see how it turned out :)


Lost control of the BBQ this evening because of a grease fire. Was a really good learning experience and I was able to put it out. I still feel pretty down about it. Tomorrow I'll be taking this thing apart to form a better understanding so that doesn't happen again. I'm pretty shook up about it and disappointed.

It is a bit crazy to think that I only started this Journal on Jun 14th. It feels like I have been eating like this for a long time. Some thoughts:

(1) I do not like how much meat I am grilling. As I learn more I will figure out how to eat more sustainably.

(2) The best part about cooking for yourself is having ultimate control of what goes into your body. I have been eating really clean and seeing a bunch of benefits.

I let myself have a slice of that pizza ↓, first time having a grain in almost 2 months.

A big step forward on FL, writing about Sustainability. Time for a little break lol

Grilled chicken wrapped in bacon. Usual when I’m on a tight schedule or out of food.

Grilled sausages and vegetables. Sausages are well done as usual, but I lost my focus at one point and direct grilled them for an interval instead of indirect. Trying to do too many things at once!

I forgot to snap a photo today! I was too busy looking up at the sky and reading this book about Patagonia. There was a pretty beautiful storm here. I grilled up some vegetables today in my skillet. Cauliflower, asparagus, carrots and peppers. No oils or anything. Just diced, washed and grilled them. I'm happy to have another day to eat.

Grilled chicken for fajitas. I’m still not eating bread potatoes or sugar. Might never go back man!

Grilled chicken wrapped in bacon. Grilled peppers. A few grilled banana slices on foil. I need to work out the bananas a bunch more lol

But yeah just happy to be alive and making something


Grilled a few Apple slices for fun! Just wondering what it might taste like. Gave me a few ideas.

Grilled salmon, corn and peppers. Nice to have more control over my food. I’m not eating corn right now, just grilled for someone else :)


It’s interesting I never really cared to barbecue or grill food or anything but I find it to be such a calming part of my day now. Sometimes the food is great, sometimes it’s just good. Sometimes it’s off. It doesn’t even matter I just enjoy the process of preparing and grilling the food. I’ll read a book while I’m grilling. Lately always about Zen. The whole process makes me so happy.

Back at my place finally and that means I'm back on the grill! lol

I grilled up some salmon today but didn't snap a photo! I'll be putting some time into this all week. I have been eating a lot cleaner. I'm curious about running some new experiments with other tools like a skillet!

I’m running an experiment where I cut out grains and sugars but grilled up some French Toast this morning for others!

Ah man! Didn’t snap a photo! I grilled some salmon today. I get the grill real hot and then turn down all of the burners to a medium heat. Then I let the salmon grill for like 20 minutes. It’s good!

Ah man! I got distracted and forgot to snap a photo today! I’m running an experiment where I’m trying to cut out grains (and as much processed sugar as I can) to see what happens so I’ve been grilling a bunch just as a simple way to eat meat and plants. I grilled a burger patty, asparagus, corn and broccoli today. It is difficult to not eat grains but I want to do it for a month and see what happens.


Just sausages man! A quick lunch! Same process. They’re alright but I think I grilled them too hot for the first two intervals. Lost control of the flame a bit too at a certain point.

Higher heat on these and bit longer duration. Yeah I think I’m around the right technique for these! I can play with how I baste it now to see if I can make these more multidimensional!

I didn't visually document this but I grilled up some sausages again today with the same technique. It seems to produce a consistent result now. I have been thinking about reading more broadly about healthy eating and seeing how it affects what I make and how I make it.


I’m getting better with these Sausages. I can produce a repeatable result it seems. Indirect grill to start for 4 minutes each side. Then grill directly for 4 minutes each side. The lid is always closed. I try and keep the BBQ as hot as I can.

Grilled chicken. Indirect at first for 6 minutes each side. And then direct for 2 mins each side. I think next time I’ll do indirect for 8 minutes each side or even 10 until it’s at an internal temperature of 160 then direct grill it for 2-3 means each side until the internal temperature is 70. I want to experiment with much longer indirect grilling times to see what happens.

Learned from what I did yesterday. Pre heated the BBQ hot again but this time, indirect grilled the sausage for two 4 min intervals. And the directly grilled them for another two 4 min intervals. This I find is currently the best mix for a gas grill. It gives you a kind of hybrid BBQ and Grill effect while reducing the margin of error by using indirect grilling. Peppers and Asparagus were grilled directly. Asparagus is good and tastes the same as yesterday. Same method used. Peppers I still gotta figure out!

Direct grilled the chicken. Seems way harder than indirect grilling it. I need to study that stuff more. Closed the lid on everything and cooked with higher temperatures. Worked out well for the vegetables.

Getting better on corn preheated the grill for a lot longer. Got to 500. Then put these on for 12 mins (longer than usual) with the lid closed. Covered in butter garlic and parsley. Increased all of that. Was a good idea.

Grilled some pineapple. It always tastes good, but I haven’t been able to get it right yet!

Homemade burger. Did a bunch of things right with this! Stayed around 400 and grilled indirectly. At one point had peppers and mushrooms going on the sides directly (can practice those more). Buns could be smaller.

Grilled pineapple. These tasted really good but I could’ve put them on for a few minutes longer each side. I’ll try again soon and see if I can get these right! They’re fun to make!

Also covered these pineapples in coconut milk, sugar and cinnamon. Need to play with that combination. I want to drop the sugar.

Grilled the corn for a shorter period of time and more directly. Worked out better. Mushrooms could hang on just a bit longer. I should probably pull them off last and see what happens.

Pork chops, asparagus and zucchini. Pork chops need to be marinated for longer. In general I’ve read it’s hard to cook them without them being dry. I cooked the zucchini for a longer and more focused duration. Big improvement on them since this morning. Asparagus was cooked at a similar but shorter duration. Texture is pretty good!

Chicken wrapped in bacon. Added mushrooms, zucchini and peppers into the mix (and corn, not photographed). Cooked the chicken indirectly at around 350 - 400 for 25mins. I kept the corn on the top bay the whole time. Then when the chicken was ready I moved it to the top bay and moved the corn down to the main grill. Then I grilled all of the vegetables directly for under 10 mins. I think. I could’ve grilled the vegetables for longer. They can probably improve a bunch by increasing marination time. I need a brush to apply specific butters to the corn as I’m grilling them.

Stuff tastes fine but seems like it could be a lot better with some tweaks!

I used the grill to reheat some of that Tandoori Chicken below for lunch today. It's better than a microwave! I had never cooked a chicken breast on the grill in my life prior to making that thing.

I was a Vegetarian for about 7 years, but left that behind after I learned I have a genetic blood disorder called alpha-thalassemia. Experimenting with meats like is this kind of weird for me, but I'm going to see where this process goes. I often tell myself I'll experiment with a vegetarian diet again soon. Maybe this a gateway into thinking about how sustainable what I eat is.

Tomorrow there's some complexity I have to figure out. I'm making pork chops for others and I need to figure out a cool way to grill Asparagus as well.


Tandoori chicken. Hovered at 350 sometimes at 400 it’s tough to just chill on that 350. The chicken was grilled indirectly. I threw the peppers on later in the process and moved the chicken to the top for a bit while I grilled the peppers. Then brought the chicken back down and turned the middle burner real low and kept the chicken on it. I moved all the peppers to the left and right burner on the highest heat and let that run for a bit with the lid closed for 2 mins. Everything retained their flavours well. Chicken wasn’t dry. Peppers are good. Can marinate everything longer next time!

It might be worth creating a note of a bunch of key information available on my notes app and pin it. Things like important temperatures and intervals and a list of things you grill directly or indirectly. At least the temperatures would be useful to have.

A couple burgers grilled. One is chicken the other is beef. Floated around 450 degrees sometimes hitting 500. This was all indirect I keep the middle burner on the lowest setting now always and just wait it out. These took about 20 minutes. On the last 5 min interval I threw on the cheese. Chicken obviously cooked an interval slower than the beef.

Using the grill to reheat lunch today. Might be making something for dinner. It’s nice to just make my own stuff really quickly.

Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon. Used indirect grilling again. Again same properties it retains the internal flavours without getting dry. I flipped at 5 min intervals. I tried to keep the temp floating at 400 but struggled with that. I found it floating around 450 or then lower around 350. So I’ll need to be more disciplined about that.

Overall not bad for day 2!

Grilled sausages today with an indirect grilling method. Two hotter zones on the left and right a lower in the middle. Temperature was usually around 400 and 450 degrees. I’ll add a few more notes here soon

One of the interesting things about BBQing is that it can be used as a gateway into eating healthier. It gives me the ability to control my diet a bit more because it is a way that I can start cooking. I can control my protein intake and also learn more about making food in general.

Got this thing set up today. There’s 3 gas or fire sources. The first one ignites the flame using an electric spark that is hooked up to a battery.

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