What happens if I write code for 365 consecutive days?
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My last output for this experiment. I now have written code for 365 consecutive days.

Users can now login and publish from the web. There's more to build on here and you'll see that in the coming days and weeks.

Lucas - thanks for all of your help on this.

Futureland - thank you so much for this experience so far and everything you've done to support me and this project.

Trying to complete support for web publishing on Futureland's API. I'm going to finish this off tomorrow, on my last day.

Futureland's API now supports images that are published to projects. Now I need to add support for audio and video.

Under the weather. Working on the API tonight as part of enabling web publishing on Futureland

Spent some time working on Futureland's API today. Now just learning a bit more about SwiftUI.

Making some more small improvements to the API for user authentication on Futureland.

Limited time tonight. Just starting to experiment with table views in Xcode / Swift

Recording higher quality audio… working through it like this with the actual materials of the film seems to be more effective for me. I can see parts that are slow and imagine what might go into each section. I can treat each component as a block and build out the film one component at a time. Kind of like writing code.

Stopped writing and just started talking to my Mac… big break through. Might see a lot of progress on this film in the coming days.

15 days left…

Playing around with more visual elements in SwiftUI. Tomorrow I'll figure out how to add multiple screens.

Completed all logic in this mini game I'm making to learn SwiftUI. New start over function, slider has random position and more. Now learning about visuals.

Out of time. Spent most of my time today writing shitty drafts of a script for this film. This is little iOS game now calculates and stores a score based on user actions.

Spent my time tonight working on something new for Futureland. I'll share tomorrow. Studying SwiftUI and using new knowledge to refactor before I sleep.

Made some improvements to Futureland's API today. And now just refactoring some code for this little game I'm making with SwiftUI

Made a bunch of improvements to Futureland's API tonight. Now trying to implement CORS.

This little game now returns a score depending on how close you move the slider to the target

This little game now generates a random number that the user can try and hit with the slider.

More experimentation with Xcode and Swift. This is not completely functional yet.

Working on an API for Futureland to make it easier to collaborate with other developers

Today I published an update to Futureland that rearchitects its code base. This should speed up development and make it easier for other programmers to work on this project in the future. A big step for me.

Implemented new Futureland architecture in development environment, starting to test various functionality now

Just landed in Toronto off a red eye. Way too tired, this is a print statement I wrote in Swift and Xcode while on the plane…

Porting over more elements, fixing and testing stuff with new architecture. Overall, the past 7 days have felt slow with code but still moving forward.

I'm in transit tomorrow and I think I'll have the mental space to finish this whole thing soon. It's crazy looking back that I can even do this stuff now.

done porting Futureland over to new architecture in a development environment. Will begin a lot of testing tomorrow

Limited time all around today. More work on porting Futureland over to a new architecture

Rearchitecting all of Futureland so that other developers can work on it with me…

"if this works, it represents the beginning of a stronger understanding of advanced app architecture…"

Opening up to working with other developers on Futureland so I have started working on refactoring its architecture and creating APIs.

Refactoring how users start projects to make it more stable. Added a bunch of important interface notifications as well.

More experimentation with login systems. When a user signs in and visits their own profile, their profile image is outlined in cyan and they see key functionality.

Adding some interface functionality to this tool that existing suers will use to enable web publishing on their Futureland profiles

Worked on a bunch of things today, this is one of them. A place that existing users will be directed to for them to add passwords and enable web publishing on their Futureland profiles.

Starting to implement what I have learned about login systems to Futureland's development environment. It's nice to finally to get this point, can't help but think it opens up a lot of potential.

Working on web publishing for Futureland profiles. Beginning to add some simple Interface animation

More experimentation with this mini app, when a user is logged in and they visit their own profile they will see specific functionality. They will not see this functionality if they visit someone else's profile

In this mini app, now users can login and see pages only available to them when they login. And then log out and those pages are no longer viewable.

More work on a mini web application to understand how Flask handles user registration, login and authentication.

Building a mini web application to understand how Flask handles user registration, login and authentication

MacBook is almost dead. Practicing JavaScript syntax tonight. This is a command line game using Node.js

Completing very experimental functionality for 2 new projects I'll be launching on Futureland that aren't 'skills'. I'll be sharing more about this soon.

Updating styling of individual output displays on Futureland, but not working exactly the way it should yet.

Spending my time refactoring code and simplifying Futureland's architecture. Just ending the night with some practice of JavaScript syntax.

More practicing of JavaScript's syntax. I'm settling in to North Vancouver, will be good to get into some deep work tomorrow morning.

Planning on studying and using JavaScript a lot more. I have started practicing using its syntax to get more used to the language.

Applying base 8 to improve the aesthetic of Futureland profiles and exploring other subtle improvements as well. I'll likely be publishing this update soon.

Starting to experiment with adding support for passwords to Futureland when users setup new projects. The password is hashed and then stored in the db.

Slight improvement to my dwtool, added a sound to play when my break is over so I don't miss it.

Refactoring code and improving onboarding. Changed how @Ava greets users as well as other improvements to functionality when users start new projects.

Adding an alert when users select a profile picture without a square aspect ratio, while setting up a new project.

Making improvements to my deep work tool. At the end of each session, it displays all of the sessions that have been completed for that day so far.

Marking up this Futureland home page concept in html and css to display in browser

The updated method of starting new projects on Futureland is semi-live along with many other additions and fixes. Here a user starts a new project and many things happen including the user receiving an email with details.

Users can now create profiles and projects via the web and then connect Slack to their Futureland projects by typing /connect.

Almost completed this functionality. Pretty soon anyone will be able to create profiles and projects on Futureland with just a simple web interface.

Starting work on enabling users to select profile pictures when starting a new Futureland project

Continuing to refine this script that generates Futureland profiles for its earliest users. This is Reza, he is an architect and artist exploring multidisciplinary experimentation on Futureland.

Starting to experiment with simple interface movements and animations in JavaScript.

I have almost completed all of the app logic for this new way of starting a project on Futureland. Users will be able to start a new Futureland project without interacting with Slack.

Refining this import script to generate profiles for Futureland's earliest users. This is Alex, her project is in Music and Poetry.

Making progress on the app logic of this interface. This output also represents steps toward a stronger understanding of JavaScript

Working on the app logic for a revised new project experience. Was hoping to make more progress on this today but I have to rethink how things are structured. I'll try again in the morning.

Ported this interface over to the browser and it renders correctly on all screens. This is the screen users will see after starting a new Futureland project

This interface will now render correctly on all screens. Now I will start adding application logic.

Done porting this Interface to the browser. Now I'll start making it work for different screens and then start adding application logic.

Starting to code the interface I designed earlier today. Part of the process of improving the experience for users starting new projects

Fixed critical bugs with concurrent Futureland projects and refactored how notes are published to all outputs.

Futureland now supports concurrent projects, but it is still in an experimental state. It looks like I’ll be the first user (I’ve already found a bug). I hope I don’t regret this but today I have started another project in Interface Design.

This is the first output of my new concurrent Futureland project in Interfaces. In this project, I will make some kind of interface for 365 consecutive days, In this output I have recreated the main screen of the 'Things' app for iOS.

Been experimenting with creating support for concurrent projects on Futureland. Here, a user is switching between concurrent projects by pushing keys 1 or 2

I have been building on a script that can import existing projects to Futureland. This means I can start creating profiles for Futureland's earliest users. This is Sachi's profile and she is on output 250 today. I have a lot of thoughts on her project. For now I'll just say, I have learned so much from her transformation. Thanks for everything.

Making improvements to a tool that can import any one's project to Futureland. This tool will help some of the earliest users get access to their Futureland profiles. A few users started their projects here, before any Futureland code was written. Before I even knew how to write it.

To increase awareness of when I and others are creating, I have programmed Otis to show today's publish time and yesterday's publish time whenever a user submits an output.

Trying to program Otis to handle flexible cut off times for each Futureland output in a way that considers each user's time zone.

I'm working on something that has a lot to do with time and time zone conversions. Don't have time to sort through this error tonight. Stoked to be at 250 consecutive days of writing code though.

I want to form a deeper understanding of users who have dropped off their Futureland projects or who have not started yet.

This is a script which scans Futureland, and sends me an email of users who have recently creating something for the day and then those who have not. It gives me some additional data like streaks and so on to begin investigating.

Not exactly where I want it yet, but it's a start

Wrote a script that will check through users who have requested early access to Futureland: Alpha and automatically email the users who have not been invited yet.

Experimenting with keydown events in JavaScript to navigate to new urls. Part of something new I am working on for Futureland profiles.

Users can now navigate forward and backwards through Futureland projects using the left and right arrows on their keyboards.

Shipped an experimental version of Futureland support packs which enables existing users to purchase limited apparel and other perks to support the development of Futureland. I'll be sharing more information and refinements soon.

Starting to work on Futureland again. Getting Futureland support packs ready for production.

Concussion recovery. Introducing limited computer use. Can't use it for more than a few minutes, but feeling better each day.

Concussion recovery continues. My head still hurts when I look at a computer screen but starting to feel better

Doctor’s orders, no screens, no reading, no physical exertion or any complex cognitive work for a bit… wrote some code by hand

Doctor’s orders, no screens, no reading, no physical exertion or any complex cognitive work for a bit… wrote a print statement in Python

Completing final developments of 'Futureland Support Packs'. Added integration of final pack. Launching tomorrow.

Almost completed the entire user support experience on Futureland

Otis now:

(1) sends specific messages from me when a support pack is purchased

(2) requests and captures shipping information when a support pack includes limited apparel

Worked on multiple items for something I am calling, 'Futureland support packs'. But I also made some subtle responsive improvements to Futureland profiles.

Almost finished creating the first version of user support on Futureland. Not finished yet, but everything is working together: Stripe, Slack, Futureland.

If a pack is purchased:

(1) the specific pack is added to the user's account in the db
(2) app checks whether a user has a pack and reflects on profile

Making improvements to the invitation that is sent to people requesting early access to Futureland: Alpha

Limited time tonight. Experimenting with how Otis could display unique icons on user outputs.

This page thanks users who are supporting the continued development of Futureland and presents the contents of the support pack they purchased.

I have integrated interactions between Futureland, Slack and Stripe. They are passing data and working together to achieve specific operations.

Futureland and Stripe are connected. Still working out how to collect some key data from Stripe and then use it to trigger specific operations in the application.

Continuing work on enabling users to purchase limited apparel and perks to support the development of Futureland. Almost done this component.

Continuing work on enabling users to purchase limited apparel and perks to support the development of Futureland. Not exactly ready for all screen sizes yet

Continuing work on enabling users to purchase limited apparel and other perks to support the development of Futureland. I'll be working on this more tmrw

Starting to work on something that allows users to purchase limited apparel and other perks to support the development of Futureland

A user can tell Otis to delete their latest entry by typing /delete. When a user types this command, Otis will:

(1) Delete the output from the servers
(2) Delete the output data from the database
(3) Decrease a user's output number by 1

This functionality has not been published to production yet, but will be soon.

Limited time today unfortunately. Starting to experiment with how users might delete Futureland project entries from Slack

Experimenting with using JavaScript to overlay a text box that is attached to the cursor. Not working exactly the way I need it to…

Added support for m4a audio files to Futureland: Alpha. Will publish to production tomorrow morning.

Experimenting with simple css animation. In a remote area. Limited time, limited access to Internet.

More basic experimentation with Xcode and Swift. I write Python and JavaScript during the day. And now I write Swift at night.

Starting to experiment with Xcode and Swift. There's a simple tool I would like to create for Mac to help me sleep earlier.

Otis now checks if an output is in a visual discipline. If it is, Otis publishes it to both the main feed and a visual feed with other visual projects.

Correctly got the output number to display as an overlay on each profile item. I'll be deploying this to production along with some other new functionality tomorrow morning.

Trying to get new information overlays to display on Futureland profiles in a specific way, but that's not happening tonight.

Experimenting with overlaying more info for each output on a Futureland profile. Not exactly right yet.

Programmed Otis to recognize if an output is from a code based project, if it is the output will then be published to the main feed and a code feed.

Continuing to build on a concept for a central feed to explore the various projects on Futureland.

Starting to experiment with how users might explore the various projects on Futureland

Taking a break and experimenting with some basic JavaScript. This script captures the current time of the viewer and displays a specific greeting based on that time.

Completed support for countries when a user is creating a new project on Futureland: Alpha. When a user starts a new Futureland project, they will be asked where they are located. Their selection will then be associated with the account and used to display their country's flag emoji on each of their outputs in Slack.

Trying to add country selection to the new project creation form. Almost there, but still clearly not working.

I created a script that helps me generate a dictionary of all countries on Earth and their associated emoji codes on Slack. I needed this dictionary as a step in completing support for displaying the origin country of users.

(1) Added a new confirmation form that is displayed when users create a project in Futureland: Alpha.

(2) Deployed improvements to how Futureland outputs are displayed in Slack. Still playing with this.

Limited time tonight. Experimenting with improving the way Futureland outputs are displayed in Slack.

This is a stand alone profile in a test environment for Futureland: Alpha. I am going to be using it to test new functionality and interface ideas.

Things that interest me:

(1) The display of multiple projects
(2) Animated badges

The first thing I attempted just wasn't working. Switched to improving a script I wrote that helps me port over a users existing outputs on to Futureland: Alpha. Starting to add video support within this script.

Futureland: Alpha now supports the automatic creation of new projects. Accepting more invites tomorrow morning.

Almost have this sorted out. Users will be able to independently start projects on Futureland: Alpha using the command /new. When they fill out their project details, @Otis will announce their project in #hfo.

This is experimentation is interesting because it means I can connect some of the interactions that are happening on the web to here in Slack.

Working on a way for users to independently create new projects on Futureland: Alpha through a combination of Slack and Web interactions.

Added more stable support of music to Futureland: Alpha and deployed to production. Users should have no issues publishing .mp3 or .wav files now.

Spent a few hours trying to build on support for music on Futureland: Alpha. Made some progress but also broke everything so I had to revert. I'll start working on this again tomorrow.

Working on adding improved and stable Music support on Futureland: Alpha. This is development and experimentation that's happening in a Futureland test environment.

I can now publish to a Futureland: Alpha profile from the testing environment I set up. This means I can start working on new functionality and improve existing functionality without affecting users.

- Fixed a critical performance issue that required me to bring a specific response time down from 6000ms to 100ms
- Starting to create a sandbox environment so that I can test and make improvements to things without affecting current Futureland: Alpha users

Ran into some performance issues today with Futureland: Alpha. I spent all day trying to trouble shoot and it really pushed the limits of my current understanding. I feel down about it, but I am going to rest and attack it again tomorrow morning.

Reworked my deep work tool back into a useable state before tomorrow. It's not complete but good enough for me to start using again in the morning. I have more time during the week days to work on stuff, I want / need to get some long periods of uninterrupted concentration in.

A great friend got married tonight, so limited time tonight. Just added more elements to the second version of my deep work tool. Something I use to track my deep work and keep me focused.

On very limited time today. Earlier in my Futureland project one of the first things I created was a terminal based tool to help me produce more deep work and catalog it as well. I called it the dwtool. About a month ago the tool broke and I haven't had a chance to fix it.

I've been reflecting on how I can improve my daily process and I think I really underestimated how much this tool was helping me stay focused and also how much it was helping me take breaks while working.

I'm working on getting a new version operational and I might build a visual interface for it later as well.

The past few days I have been trying to figure out how to structure larger web applications in Flask. I'm finally starting to make some progress. This is a web application using this new structure that displays a bunch of deep work data I have collected on myself this year.

Most of the logic of Futureland: Alpha currently exists in a single file. I'm still and always be learning how to code. Before Jan 01 2019, I had not written any code.

I need to switch Futureland: Alpha to this new structure because it's the right thing to do and because I can't manage all of the code in a single file. It's difficult to debug, difficult to think through. I tried moving it into this new structure a few different ways, Nothing was really working and I have not been able to achieve a full understanding.

After a few days of failing, I finally decided to read through books and documentation in detail. Looking up any word and forming an understanding of anything I did not know.

I have been learning how to code, but I did not understand things like how an app is initialized or how it's connected or how it can be architected. I've started to form my own understanding of these concepts.

Tomorrow I'll start rewriting Futureland: Alpha in this new structure. Once that is done, it should free me up to make more rapid improvements to this tool.

Made a bunch of little improvements to Futureland: Alpha's code base. I added support for .MOV cleaned up some bugs and I've been trying to figure out how to restructure this web application to exist across multiple files. It requires a bunch of studying into Flask's large application structure. I've been reading about it and experimenting. It's been pretty frustrating working on it because it's taken longer than I expected. But I'm just being patient with this process.

It's been pretty absurd to be learning how to code while building something like Futureland. I'm learning a lot though and just rolling with it.

I'll continue on tomorrow.

It's hard for me to rest when I am super into something. I have a tough time stopping until I get to "the bottom of it". But in order to dive into progressively more complex materials I need a rested mind. I don't have that right now so I'm forcing myself to cut off tonight.

Who knows, maybe even turn on my ps4.

I created a bot named Ava tonight to help me work with new users who are starting to use Futureland: Alpha. I'm stoked to have some help.

A script to make it easier for me to add new users to Futureland: Alpha. This works right now but I need to tweak this to save me more time.

This is a simple website i created that contains a video welcoming new users who have requested early access to Futureland: Alpha

I also spent some time studying JavaScript today and I'll continue down that path tomorrow. I am starting to form a much better understanding of it.

Under the weather… need some rest. Some basic experimentation with JavaScript. This website asks a user what color they want the background to be and then changes the background to that color.

I wrote a script that can automatically take a musician's entire catalog of music and publish it to Futureland as a project. This profile contains over 250 tracks from @geoppls' current project

Added support for spaces in file names. I am making little improvements but there's still lots to do. I'm hoping to get in some long sessions of writing code over the next few days.

Getting back into teaching myself JavaScript. Starting with the foundational concepts and building out from there. It's really fun experimenting with this stuff. I have a few different JavaScript books on rotation right now. I'm just scratching the surface, but it feels like I am learning JavaScript faster after having taught myself Python.

I created something simple tonight. A button that triggers a sound effect on a click.

I am up a lot later than I thought I would be. I shared Futureland: Alpha on Hacker News tonight on a whim and it is getting more attention than I thought it would. The form to request early access to Futureland: Alpha had UX issues so I fixed them.

I made visual improvements to the form on every screen and added a confirmation when the form to request early access has been submitted. This could be better but it's all I have time for tonight.

Added support for GIFs on Futureland: Alpha, high-res image previews in Slack and Otis (the bot) now shares output notes with other Futureland users.

i made a lot of little improvements to Futureland: Alpha today. One of them being the addition of new error messages to help guide users.

It feels like my intensity dropped off in the past week and I want to pick things up in this new one.

Futureland: Alpha is currently over a thousand lines of code and much of that logic is in a single file. I'm studying the best way to break up and structure a Flask application. Here I built a quick mini web app to test structuring techniques and find the best way to re-structure Futureland: Alpha

Added text support to audio submissions. A user can now share a track, a cover image and long form or short form writing.

Trying to publish this as fast as I can because the Raptors just won the NBA finals and I am about to immerse myself into the core of Toronto.

Futureland: Alpha now handles audio. Each track gets a cover image which is integrated into the grid and individual output. A user has the option to forego a cover image and a default play button will be used. I still need to work out some aspects of the experience and I will try and figure that out tomorrow.

The big challenge here was figuring out how to handle cover images. Yesterday I was feeling discouraged because I did not know how I would do it. Today I figured it out while lying in bed and just thinking about it. No computer or phone. It clicked in my head and I immediately jumped on my feet and thought, "fuck, I got it."

I am experimenting with adding audio support to Futureland: Alpha profiles. This is very early in the process and there are still more parts to work on like the support of cover images for each track.

Music is an important part of Futureland so I have been thinking about different tools that could be valuable. I think it might be helpful to have a player that includes some kind of visualization. That will require me to study new things. It's something that I'll probably want to work on in the next iteration of Futureland.

This form to request access to Futureland: Alpha now collects a user's data and adds it into my database. The form asks a user for her email address, preferred username, the skill they want to learn and when they can start their project. Moving forward I want to limit invites to only those willing to complete an HFO project on Futureland.

I completed this at 8:22pm, which is earlier than usual for me. A thought I can't get out of my head, "How could I complete two HFOs in a year?" I'm not sure.

For now it feels like finishing my output earlier in the day is an important step forward.

I improved the performance of Futureland: Alpha profiles today. I wrote a script that takes existing outputs and generates a smaller preview image for each one. Bringing down the size allows things to load faster, which I think is important for this view of the user interface.

I also added new logic into the application to generate a thumbnail image every time someone publishes an image to Futureland from Slack.

There are a lot of creative things I can do to improve the experience and load times of this app. I will keep trying to improve every aspect of this over time.

I had a really difficult time getting something finished tonight. I had to start writing code late in the day as well. Everything I wanted to do required more time than I had. I tried a bunch of things but couldn't commit in any direction.

I finally decided to start working on a page that allows new people to request access to Futureland: Alpha

Experimenting with JavaScript. This app takes your numpad and turns it into a beat machine. It’s likely I’ll spend most of June studying and experimenting with JavaScript

I wrote a script today that can take someone's existing HFO outputs or outputs from a similar project and use them to generate a Futureland profile within seconds.

The process of writing this was a bit interesting. I woke up in the morning thinking about how it's going to be so exhausting figuring out how to populate all of these profiles. I started thinking about hiring an intern or maybe some virtual resources. While I was browsing and thinking (stressing) I thought, "why don't I just write some code that can do this?"

The profile in this video belongs to Ruaa. http://hfo.futureland.tv/ruaa

Music by my friend geoppls (HFO 238)

I have almost completed this page that explains Futureland in its current form. I have been calling it Futureland: Alpha. The word Alpha is used as a way of saying, first draft.

This is currently only optimized for mobile screens and none of the buttons are functional yet but that will change soon.

I am working on this page that presents and explains what Futureland: Alpha is. I am hoping this makes it easier for us to share Futureland with others. The page aspires to elegantly present current features and highlight the projects that are happening in Futureland right now.

Not all projects are included yet, not all features have been highlighted yet. But all of that will be sorted tomorrow.

Outside of a bunch of improvements I made to Futureland: Alpha today like refining the file system, I am working on a new page that presents Futureland: Alpha. The sub title reads, "A new way to learn anything". I am not sure how I completely feel about this yet, but I do like the idea of spending time and connecting with people who are learning new skills or improving their abilities in some way. I also like watching projects being realized. Like a video game a film, or even something like Futureland itself. I find it very inspiring and insightful to see other people's progressions.

Over the past few days I have been calling users from Futureland and talking to them about their projects. What they are learning, what they need or don't need. I've gotten some really great feedback and there's still more of people to call.

I've been on limited time but made a bunch of little improvements to Futureland: Alpha today. Most notably, I added support for custom Futureland specific user names.

In this output you are seeing progress on multiple profiles and subtle UX refinements to the grid.

I am happy I created something today, but need to figure out more solid blocks of time to dive deeper into JavaScript and catch up on some improvements I want to make to Futureland. That will probably need to wait until Monday, but thinking about a lot of things and feeling very motivated right now.

When you click the "Light" button on this website. It changes the color of the background and the text.

I spent most of today catching up with old friends and collaborators. This is rare for me, I've been head down just working on my own stuff the past few months and travelling before that. It was nice.

I studied JavaScript with whatever time I had left. I haven't been able to implement the things I am learning yet but I will soon. I'm really excited about JavaScript and the ways in which it can allow you to create dynamic interfaces. In a lot of ways playing with JavaScript reminds me of film editing. Manipulating a screen to create a particular effect.

I am super tired. It's about 2:50am right now and the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA finals tonight. I attended the game.

I spent some time today starting to experiment with JavaScript. It's really interesting and I am stoked to learn more about it. It seems like there's tons of potential in terms of how you can create dynamic interfaces with it.

This output represents very basic experimentation with integrating some level of JavaScript into what I'm doing. It's similar to a concept I did earlier on this project, but I'm kind of just rolling with whatever because of how tired I am. My main goal was just integrating JavaScript in any way into what I created tonight.

Working on how to handle text composition when users publish from Slack to Futureland. Not quite there yet

When you share a file with this bot, it recognizes who it is from and updates your HFO project. If the file is a vid the app uses open source computer vision to grab the first 5 frames and compile it into a GIF that is inserted into your Futureland profile.

When I share a file with my bot in Futureland:

- it knows who the file is from and adds to HFO db
- it downloads the file from Slack and uploads to s3
- it publishes the HFO is complete in Slack
- it adds the file to the user's Futureland profile

In this video you are seeing me programatically edit 33 different videos in under 1 min. I believe this represents a shift in my filmmaking process.

- made a lot of little improvements to the app today

- notably, the app now takes a user's reflection on each output, publishes to Futureland and also saves it in a txt file in a specific folder if the user ever wants to download their HFO project

This bot detects when a file is shared with it and then sends key info about that file to my app. My app uses that info to download the file off Slack and store it on Amazon s3 where it has a public URL.

Why I'm doing this will hopefully make sense soon

Added support for .jpg on Futureland profiles. When a user submits their HFO entry via a jpg, the app converts that file into a video and gives it a blinking effect before inserting it into the user's profile. I will be playing more with aesthetics in time.

- Very very early experimentation with how to best explain and present the first draft of Futureland, called Alpha
- Refactored code and cleaned up interactions when users publish from Slack to Futureland

- Tried a bunch of things to optimize the performance of this app
- When a vid is uploaded, my app edits it but also resizes it now to reduce file size
- I experimented with turning off autoplay, which sucks
- Definitely need to sort this out tomorrow

- experimenting with working out visuals for a detailed view of every output of an HFO project
- I'll continue building on this

- Added the ability for users to add text to their Futureland entries via Slack
- I had to do this in a make shift way for now. I'll revisit.

- Refactored how images are handled. Images are inserted as images and not videos now
- Notice the first empty square on the top left. I think this is due to performance issues. It's something I need to figure out how to handle in a dynamic UX like this

- Experimenting with how outputs are shared in Slack when a users publishes from Slack to Futureland
- In this case Slack is sharing the first frame of any video published to Futureland
- I want to build on this, having the app create a gif for all vids

When a user types /ufo in slack:
- the user sees a prompt to share its HFO file with a bot via dm
- that bot dms the user to say it is ready to receive a file
- the bot receives the file, downloads it then uploads it to amazon s3 and gets its public link

Tried to enable profiles to handle images (only support video right now). App should take the image and make it a video with fx. I'm close but times up. gn

- Adding my project to Futureland: Alpha to see where things break or don't work well
- Got rid of redundant database queries
- UX fixes across all screens

I am using OpenCV (open source computer vision) to grab 10 frames of a video I specify and save them as JPG files

I am doing this so that when someone shares a HFO vid on Futureland, the app can grab images and turn them into GIF previews for profiles

- When a user publishes a video to Futureland via Slack, the app uses the first 3 seconds of the video to generate a gif of that video.
- Once it publishes the video to Futureland, it shares that gif with everyone in Slack so there's a moving preview.

On tight time. Playing with video editing via code. This script takes a video, cuts it at various points, inverts all colours and exports it into a new file

Playing with how this app displays on various screens. A single profile might display hundreds of videos. Tmrw I'll start researching how to deal with that

This view displays a single output of an HFO project. The UX encourages long form writing. This is optional. I learn so much about myself through these daily creations, I often wonder where to write about it.

This view is fully functional within the app.

- Futureland handles videos and images
- Trying to figure out the best way for it to handle audio now

- Refining views of Futureland for mobile and desktop
- In this video you see a new desktop view of a grid that displays your HFO project
- and a refined mobile view of this grid as well

- Reworked how HFO entries are made into the database
- Eliminated logic that validates date of HFO submission, depending on user honour in this early version
- Starting to create a profile that will visually display a user’s HFO project

- Refactored code to be organized & less redundant, preparing for general use
- Reverted to capturing a single frame when videos are published to Futureland and using that frame as a preview
- Created new file structure and updated db model for HFO projects

Working on an app that logs HFO projects:

- Created new interactions so using the bot makes more sense to users
- Refactored code so things work better together and so it makes more sense
- Tested with users to see where things break (ty @SHAWNHOSEA )

- Exploring new button interactions to simplify things for users when they are publishing to Futureland

- worked out logic (not visuals) for a detailed view of outputs
- when a video is published to a profile, the app grabs a frame of the video for display in the grid
- when a box in the grid is clicked the user is able to view the video in full with details

This is a prototype of a profile on Futureland which displays an HFO project

- rebuilt in mp4 for performance
- if a vid is posted to the profile, it's edited by my app to create effects that are aesthetically pleasing
- using code to create videos >

This is my entire process of learning how to code on Futureland: Alpha. I have also started creating profiles for other users who can begin populating their profiles with their outputs.

The process of creating this has been a valuable learning experience. The amazing thing about code is that you can go through the entire lifecycle of creating something on your own. The ideation, the design, the code, the researching and learning, fixing bugs, communicating the project to people. Going through this entire life cycle on your own is excellent practice in making things.

Also I am finding that when I get lost or confused about what to make or how to make it - I have to come back to my own needs and desires in tools like this. I think in the early stages of working on projects like this, it makes a lot of sense to focus on solving your own problems and then evolving from there. If no one else finds a tool useful, at least you have created something that solved your own problem. This way of working also gives you a sense of confidence because it gives you a clearer and in a way a binary focus. Have you solved your problem or not?

Trying to create a real time feed of my work. This script prompts and takes a screenshot then publishes to the web with its date and time

This is a script that takes in user inputs and then uses it automatically generate html files with appropriate style.

We created some early tech called futureBot to help facilitate the completion of HFO projects in Futureland. This page unpacks its commands

Figured out how to trigger asynchronous audio playback so I can play aambient audio while using my dw tool, Here I select the ocean

Feels like I'm close. When you share a file with my slackbot it sends the file’s information to an app I made. That app takes key info from the file to download it from Slack then uploads it to Amazon’s servers. But everything it uploads is always 84.4kb.

In NYC right now with friends and not sure what to do tonight so put a bunch of entries into this script and it decides for us by randomly selecting one of the options. Nice.

Added a status bar to my deep work tool. I try and complete around 8 deep work sessions a day.

thinking about what my website might look like if I stripped away pretty much everything

A clean and direct to do list app. This is built with Python, Flask and a SQL db. I might build on this to serve as public documentation of my tasks

Experimenting with research tools to speed up my creative process. This takes in any concept / subject and retrieves a summary via Wikipedia

I messaged a friend about what I should make tonight and that I was really tired. He replied saying I should just make a website that says, "it's okay vin" - so I did

I cut this vid a bit different, was feeling emotional for whatever reason

A user can update its profile picture. All of this is created using Python and the web framework Flask. Interesting experimenting. Still a lot to learn

Day 60 of this project was a grind. I tried for hours to get something to work and I couldn't so I had to adjust to something simpler…

Added some logic to this web log concept. I feel I am getting a much stronger understanding. My speed of writing code and thinking through it is increasing

I made progress today, but can't figure out how to get the url to a download a file that is shared with this bot in Slack…

Something very simple today. Once this script automatically publishes my HFO to Twitter it automatically opens Futureland so I can publish there

I have thoughts while I work/research. This tool automatically:

1. Captures my thought and its subject
2. Broadcasts the thought to Twitter
3. Broadcasts the thought to Futureland http://www.futureland.tv
4. Saves the thought to a txt file based on subject

Experimenting with making an interactive screenplay / game that triggers specific sounds depending on what happens in the story

Experimenting with improvements to my process. My deep work tool can turn WiFi on or off during a deep work session

Early exploration into how High Frequency Output projects could be displayed on phones

This is a v simple thing I coded with my phone while in a basketball arena that triggers audio playback of whatever I type

I just created and connected all components that comprise a web application. To do this I had to learn HTML/CSS/Python/Flask/SQLite.

Today is day 80.

I have been working as hard as I can


I am working on a prototype of a new bot to keep track of HFO projects. I am beta testing it myself. It currently tracks my output number but I need to limit it to only 1 update a day. I'll try and figure that out tomorrow.

Just simple HTML/CSS. Treating today as some kind of "sleep reset" to find new forms of energy and efficiency. I'm reconfiguring my process to start at 4am

This is a database I created of all my deep work since mid Jan. It’s part of early experimentation in understanding databases and how I can use them

Always wanted access to a simple and direct list of tech startups in Toronto and a list of relevant jobs. Experimenting with building out this concept…

I wrote a Python script that tracks what I am working on, then publishes to a public spreadsheet. I converted that spreadsheet into a SQL database. There’s about 400 entries in there now. The data from that db is being expressed here visually via Flask…

Anyone who types /ufo in Futureland tells this web app to increase the value of hfo_god's output by 1. Learning mechanics…

A user can now register and then login. Certain content can now be made available only to logged in users

This form is now connected to a database. The second visual shows not only that the user has been created but that its passwords are encrypted

A microsite for my HFO project that describes/links to everything I've made so far. Can also include notes from textbooks and other artifacts worth capturing

The cut off for an HFO entry in Futureland is midnight. I almost did not make it tonight. I panicked and wrote a lame script that tries to calm me down

This is a (local) web application. When I visit this url it prompts my Mac to take a screenshot, then inserts it into an html page. Learning…

I want to make a webpage for project Code. This script is taking my notes on every output so far and then spits out tedious HTML that I can use on that page

Brutalist web log concept - How should I document/present artifacts from my life each day? This image represents my attempt at writing a web app by hand.

This is the first time I've shipped something with errors that does not work. It feels off but I'm staying open to see if I can learn more complex things. Here I am trying to get Slack’s Events / Web API to do stuff and I have no idea how it works (yet).

a text editor for a web log concept I created yesterday. Ideally it becomes a clean and direct way to document the development of my "process" and my "mind"

Learning SQL now. I am interested in how I can use databases in my work. I have a large folder full of video references. Maybe it can become a searchable db

I created a bot that can reply to a variety of msgs and I can modify and add msgs it can respond to. Need to figure out how to get it do more things like handle files and store them in specific places or modulate web pages and keep track of information.

My app now recognizes when a file has been shared with my bot but I can't get it to do exactly what I want it to (yet)

It is time consuming to publish HFOs on Twitter Insta and Futureland daily. This is the start of a tool that automates that process

Today I had to teach myself how to use Postgres and Heroku, which was actually pretty difficult for me to get sorted out for a bunch of weird reasons. This application and database has been deployed to a public web server now…

rapid exploration into what my website might look like if I stripped away pretty much everything. Trying to break through to new concepts via study. Almost.

Thinking a lot about how to display High Frequency Output projects. Experimenting with a concept I'm calling, a "Living Grid"

I added the ability for this web app to automatically find the titles of useful links that are submitted to it and present it in a specific way. I am linking to this app from http://futureland.tv

On limited time, so something simple (but useful) today. Added the ability to skip breaks in my deep work tool if the user is in a flow state.

My deep work tool now prompts me at every break to ask if I want a standard break or to begin a guided or non guided meditation

This is my first entry for project Code.

It’s always interesting and surprising looking back on the early entries of a project like this. These outputs are a clear indication of how little I know. Hundreds of days later all of my perceptions and abilities are completely different and it’s impossible to come back to this point.

The ability to learn is one of the coolest part about being human.

Boring visually - but this represents more experimentation with Django. I'm entering words into an interface which auto updates a simple blog

My deep work tool now publishes my work to Futureland (Slack) in real time. I'll be sharing this with others to play around with this week

The deep work tool writes its data to a Google spreadsheet now. Everything I'm working on is tracked, publicly accessible, updated in real time

I learned how to get Python to playback audio and added new features to my deep work tool. It plays this sound when a 25min session is completed

Added a new prompt to my deep work tool. It asks if you would like to start another session. The user can either continue or exit the program

I wrote a script in Python that automatically transfers a copy of my Active Projects to a backup system everyday at 12:26am

The aesthetics again here are simple. I'm studying micro web framework called Flask, which enables a website to do many interesting things

my deep work tool can write to CSV files. This is a step closer to having a tool that can track and share everything I am working on in public

Very simple Python today. I have decided to reframe my approach to spend a bunch of time on fundamentals. Not easy but seems important.

This website serves dynamic content based on the URL provided. Enter a name and the content reflects it. This is early experimenting with Flask

A simple concept that begins to highlight HFO projects. This is a linear exploration and future explorations will be more multidimensional.

Boring visually - but pretty cool in that I'm learning about Django which is a thing that was invented out of necessity at an online newspaper

No access to my Mac for a few days so just using my iPhone X. This is obviously v simple code. This vid was was made with iMovie on my phone

I hate working when it's late and I am tired, but it happens often. This is a stupid program I started making to talk to when I am tired

This is obviously a simple visual output, but it represents learning new things like setting up a web server & early experimentation with Django

I tried a bunch of different things today and nothing worked. This a simple script that moves a folder on my Mac from one place to another.

Building on deep work tool. Improved how it calculates deep work time. Notifications in Futureland when I am on break. Vid cut w iPhone

Starting late. Made a simple script that asks me what I want to make (movies, music, software, Futureland…) and opens the appropriate program

My deep work tool now times & tracks my work, automatically saves that data to a public spreadsheet, then publishes it as a tweet in real time

The aesthetics here are simple. But the mechanics behind it represent experimentation that might allow me to do some cool stuff soon

I made a robot that listens to words and takes actions based on what it hears. I still can't get it to add stuff to a database though…

Experimenting with Python. This program takes an address through Terminal and automatically opens it in Google Maps

This program allows me to simultaneously broadcast my thoughts to Futureland and Twitter. I created this to share thoughts without distractions

More improvements to this deepWork tool. Now a user can enter what she's working on. Deep Work data is being is stored in a text file.

My deep work tool now automatically takes screenshots of what I am working on and publishes them to Twitter. I'm pretty stoked on this.

This is an experimental script that automatically publishes my daily HFO to Twitter. There's still a lot that needs to be added here

Working on another Deep Work tool for myself. This time in Python. Feels like I'm getting a bit more control over what I'm doing. Add more tmrw

Still messing around with Python. A simple script that deletes files. I want to make stuff that you think is so cool, but I can't right now.

Lots of experiments. Nothing worked. I ended up building indiv pages for a blog experiment w Django & Python. Vid made w iPhone. Mac still gone

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