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What happens if I write code for another 365 consecutive days?

Making adjustments to API support for user search. This is an important part of enabling collaborative Journals. All of this should be live tomorrow.

Low on time today, fixing a dumb syntax error because I'm still a mediocre programmer.

Handling an error in the API with Collaborative Journals. Should have a solid session of programming and designing tomorrow morning..

Adding a small improvement to how Futureland's API handles private Journals. Returning a different error when users who are not logged in try to view a private Journal.

Adding a new route in the API to support searching for users on Futureland.

Fixing bugs, tweaking the API and adding new routes for collaborative Journals. These ones allow users to add and remove collaborators.

Making tweaks to collaborative Journals. An experimental version of this is in production now and we're using it in our Journal for Futureland.

Adding all users and projects to a collaborators table in preparation for adding API support for collaborative Journals on Futureland.

Starting some experiments on video conversion. Not going my way right now.

A bit more work on API support for collaborative Journals. I'll wrap this up in the next day or two. Just switching into a new routine since House 1.

A lot of work this month, giving myself a break. Just writing some simple Python and zzzzz......

I've been working on API support for multiple collaborators on Journals. I made some progress today and now we're slowly starting to test functionality on our Journal for Futureland.

Making some progress on support for collaborators in Futureland's API.

Studying some stuff to try and implement collaborative Journals. Can't get this basic ORM thing to work right now.. I'll work on this more tomorrow.

Trying to get something basic to work as a step towards collaborative journals... but not working for reasons I cannot understand. I'll look at this again in the morning

Wrote a quick script to make some improvements to Futureland's db which ultimately corrects how projects are displayed on the home page.

Very quick tweak to the API. Going to go see a movie and walk around outside soon. :)

Making a few improvements to Futureland's API.

Adding API support for editing Journals on Futureland.

Made a bunch of improvements to Futureland's API that helped enable things like Private Journals on Futureland and other fixes to the home page.

Making some improvements to Futureland's API.

Writing API support for a new store concept on Futureland.

Trying to improve how m4a conversion is handled in the API, it hasn't worked out exactly the way I want it yet. I'll need to revisit this.

Just writing a bit of code to tag the recipients name in comments when Otis publishes to Slack, if the recipient has connected Slack to Futureland.

Programmed Otis to share comments in Slack when a user has connected Slack to Futureland.

Adding API support for deleting comments on Futureland.

Writing API support for comments on Futureland

Wrote various bits of code today. Here I have written code that improves how files are stored and handled on Futureland.

Added support for regular video updates in the API.

Working on an API route that returns information on projects updated over the last 3 days with new outputs.

Finishing up API support for Journal covers.

Started working on API support to add your own covers to Journals on Futureland.

Writing a Python script that iterates over every user in the database and adds a link to their profile if they have one. This is part of adding improved support for profile photos in general on Futureland.

Same kind of pattern today. I wrote code throughout the day as ideas came up and as we were hearing insights from people using Futureland. I need to wrap my head around how to handle a bundle of outputs for each day on learning based projects. We'll get to that soon. We took a break tonight and went out for dinner with some friends. When we got back to House 1, I was in the mood to write a bit of code while everyone was talking. This is a route that returns JSON data on the 100 most recent outputs on Futureland. Lucas made a quick grid of the data so we could see what it looks like. It gave us some ideas about how we present grids in general.

I pretty much wrote code all day today, but there's no quick way to document it yet while I am working. That's something we will need to improve on. Here I'm fixing a bug, if user's update the notes of an output it will not publish to Slack.

I wrote a bunch of code today, but didn't document all of it. So here's some of the improvements I made to Futureland's API. It will be cool when we find an elegant way to support multiple outputs each day. I had a lot of fun today again. Some people came by House 1, which is what we have been calling this house we are working out of in Toronto. It's cool working on this tool and then having people come through to give their feedback on it and to discuss all of the ideas and subjects surrounding it. Reza came by today and worked on his last output while we are talking and listening to music. It's hard to know where if anywhere all of this is going, but it's been a really interesting experience so far. I'm doing the best I can.

Adding new API functionality for upcoming changes to Futureland. I sat down at my MacBook around 7 or 8pm and then the next time I looked up at the time it was midnight.

Wrote a script that collects the dimensions of every image and video on Futureland for some new interface experiments. It’s always really cool when I do stuff like this. I’m still getting used to the fact that I can write code.

I wrote code today while working on Futureland but didn't document it so I wrote some again tonight to publish something. Hopefully this isn't a problem any more with the new things we are working on. I'm also experimenting with different video dimensions and publishing without music or sound fx as part of understanding how my project might work with some new changes coming.

Updating Futureland's API for a new approach to project creation. I'll need to finish more elements of this tomorrow.

Spent a little bit of time working on my website before bed tonight. Most of the day was focused on getting set up in this new house to work on Futureland with Lucas. It's been really cool so far.

Working on more of this website / mini-web app I am creating for myself. I will put more time into it tomorrow as I start a new routine that's very focused on Futureland. For now I'm just going to let myself get some sleep. I want to work on this more, but pulling myself away for today.

I am working on a website / mini web app for myself to serve new and immediate needs I have in my creative process. I have been using Ghost (which I really like) to share blog posts and other writing, but it is not exactly what I need right now. I've tried so many different tools for this kind of stuff. I currently need the ability to share some writing publicly and other writing privately. I also need the ability to visualize some of the data from 'deep work tools' I have been creating and using. It's cool that I'm at a point where I can do stuff like this for myself and quickly. I had a moment while working on this tonight where I thought, "damn the person I was is just completely gone forever." I just use a computer differently now.

Just got in from a flight from Mexico and on limited time. Getting back into a new routine tomorrow. Just imagining a new very simple concept for my website that keeps the focus on writing and not much else. The idea is that I would just translate writing into raw html and upload that somewhere. There wouldn't be a persistent navigation. Each document will just be a clean space focused on the writing. To get back, you would just use the back button on your browser.

Studying Swift and writing it to practice syntax. I think Swift might become the primary thing I focus on learning while writing code for another 365 consecutive days.

Way too tired (and getting sick) tonight. Wrote a bunch of nothing in SwiftUI.

Spent most of my time today working on and thinking about Interface design. I use the time that I did have for code to learn about more about SwiftUI. I've been pretty good at not staying up late to work on stuff the past few days. Timing was a bit all over the place today. Need to improve that tomorrow.

Fixing some bugs and increasing the login session length so that users don't have to login to use Futureland as often.

Working on the back end logic to support pushing audio to Futureland projects from the web. Will start testing this tomorrow.

Starting to work on support for pushing audio outputs to your project via the web. Just working on the back end logic right now. I'm almost done and should have this completed by tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how we end up handling the Interface for this.

Making improvements to how Futureland handles videos when they are pushed from the web. Also fixing a few bugs and refactoring code with Otis to make it easier to debug and expand on. I am in Mexico right now, but the time zone is the same as Toronto, which is pretty neat.

Almost done the back end logic to allow users to push videos to their Futureland projects from the web.

Converting all output links to new CDN links for faster performance. We're almost at 10,000 outputs on Futureland.

Starting to add support for Slack when users publish to Futureland via the web. If you have connected your Futureland account to Slack, when you publish on the web Otis will publish to Slack automatically for you.

Fixing some bugs on Futureland. Updated some Slack links to point to the new front end.

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