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What happens if I draw something on my iPad for 365 consecutive days?
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First: Jan 2, 2021
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procreate is amazing. this is looking in...
I never got the hang of drawing either, ...
prety cool!
Digging this a lot! Space vibes for sure
@sydney, a few years ago I saw a street ...
@adanxali I’ve been using procreate for ...
✨ nice! looking forward to following alo...
Super cool you’re trying something new. ...
Congrats on getting started my friend!

Crazy how hard it is for me to just draw a line correctly, even with procreate making it so much easier lol. A long way to go and lots to study.

Quick tracing. Just trying stuff and thinking, this will be the vibe for awhile I imagine

Was a good exercise on multiple dimensions tracing this in procreate and something I’ll need to do a lot more of. I mentioned this in an earlier entry but the most analogous experience I can compare this to is typing out someone else’s code (or example code) in a new programming language to get a feel of ‘syntax’. I learned new ways to draw eyes. I learned that some lines are more difficult than me than others (I’m very mediocre all around though) and I started to get a sense of the mechanics of Procreate (which seems like straight up incredible software), I still have a long way to go though in terms of understanding how it works. It seems like a really useful tool to study and practice though. Seems like there’s a lot of potential with it not just in terms of ‘making visual things’ but also ‘communicating ideas in a visual way, faster’


Been tracing this as a way of learning and it’s been interesting lol. I’ve learned my hand is shaky. I suck at drawing long lines which seems to be more a function of your shoulder or something than your wrist since the movement of the wrist is so much more limited in range. I have more control drawing lines downwards than I do upwards. Kind of crazy. A lot to practice and learn. I mean that’s a massive under statement haha.

Cool process so far

I'm actually trying to trace this anatomical drawing and I'm learning a lot. It's like re-writing code or something to get a sense of the syntax. Just to see how it feels. It's been a really interesting experience. Two immediate insights:

Drawing in a way can be like computer programming in that there's little patterns you can repeat that create certain perceptions or something. For example as I traced this eye, I realized "oh yeah I guess you can draw an eye like that".

As I was trying to draw the line from this figure's neck down to his hands, I couldn't. I realized how much drawing is about physical movement. Drawing the line up from his fingers to his shoulders felt different than drawing from his shoulders down. I had to kind of position my body in a certain way and really loosen up my arms to try and follow the line. Pretty interesting experience.

I'll continue tinkering with this tomorrow. A cool way to learn and a consistent theme in terms off how I learn.


Just expanding on this concept a bit. Maybe these shapes are like floating towards the viewer of the home page. Kind of like asteroids or something. But the whole thing could be like a kind of visual meditation. Like each these visual things is a thought or an idea or a vision or something. Maybe some shapes are just white and others are have colours.

Can ya tell I can't draw lol it's cool to just sketch out ideas like this though


Quick sketch of home page concept where FL's logo is kind of floating in some void with little blue stars (or something)… there's like simple shapes floating around.

I started this journal at midnight on Jan 2 so I’ll probably let a night pass on it so it’s more synchronized with my schedule since I can do that without losing the streak.



Still figuring out how stuff works (lol) gonna be a long year

Kind of therapeutic just messing around with this iPad Pro

It's probably also worth noting that I have 22 journals on my daily right now so yeah. There's some thinking that needs to happen with that (lol). With everything I'm already doing I'll need to figure in the right time to slot this journal into my day and also just be super cool with making hundreds of days of trash until I figure out how I can even fit this correctly into my process lol


So I guess the disclaimer here is that I cannot draw at all. I've always been super fascinated by (and jealous of) visual artists. And over the years I've been lucky to be around more professional ones. It's really cool just observing what some people can do visually and how that ends up dramatically expanding the range of things they can make and ultimately how they see everything. It's something I'm super curious about. So yeah there will be tons of trash here for you to consume this year!

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