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Espresso = 16g
Grind = 1.4.0
Water = ?
Output = 68.4g
Extraction = 35s

Smooth. Still a bit over extracted can move to 1.5.0 and see what happens. Throwing this in a shake thing. Last one for the day.

Espresso = 16g
Grind = 1.3.0
Water = 81g
Extraction = 45s
Output = 66.1g

Smooth. And still a bit over extracted. Getting closer now. I’ll adjust grind to 1.4.0 which might be too coarse but we will see.

Espresso = 16g
Grind = 1.2.0
Water = 85.1
Extraction = 50s ~
Output = ?

Smooth but still over extracted. Adjusting grind to 1.3.0

Espresso = 15g
Grind = 1.1.0
Water = 85.3g
Output = 70g
Extraction = 45s

Over extracted. Grind is still too fine. Adjusting grind to 1.2.0

An old bag of Kirkland Espresso beans. Good to practice on.

Espresso = 16.4g
Grind = 1.0.0
Water = 82.6g
Output = ?
Extraction = long

Over extracted. The grind is too fine right now. I’ll adjust to 1.1.0 and build up from there.

Espresso = 12.5g
Grind = 1.4.2
Water = 95.0g
Output = ?

Last espresso of this Kaito Love bag. I definitely improved a lot working through these beans but I made a ton of bad espresso (including this one) and I mostly have no idea what I’m doing, which is great (lol).

I need to figure out how water works in this machine.

I need to study the fundamentals of bean roast.

There were some huge improvements in my use and understanding of my grinder.

I’m moving to an older bag of dark roast beans now which will be great for practice and increasing general understanding :)

Espresso = 13.2g
Grind = 1.4.4
Water = 85.5g
Output = 71.7
Extraction = 33s

Entirely missed the mark on this one. Maybe I should’ve fined up the grind or reduced water since the beans are reduced on this shot.

Espresso = 17.2g
Water = 81.6g
Output = 64.1g
Extraction = 35s

Smooth. Same taste note thing I can’t dial in which is definitely a factor of my lack of experience and understanding. I think I probably have one more espresso (maybe two) with these beans and then I’ll move over to an older bag of dark roast beans I need to work through. In general I need to study roasts more.

Espresso = 17.1g
Grind = 1.4.4
Water = 91.7g
Output = 66.1g

Smooth. Still that taste note thing.

Espresso = 17.4g
Grind = 1.4.4
Water = 81.3
Output = 63.8g
Extraction = 35s

Smooth. Still tough to dial in taste notes. I’m too much of an amateur for light beans is the current hypothesis.

Espresso = 17.5g
Grind = 1.4.2
Water = 84.3g
Output = ?
Extraction = 35s

Smooth. Some sourness that might be able to solve with a bit of a coarser grind. Shots seem to be much better with higher amounts of water in this machine. I need to figure out why.

Espresso = 17.1g
Grind = 1.4.2
Water = 83.2
Output = 65.7
Extraction = 30s

Smooth. Can keep everything the same and pull through the extraction a bit faster.

Espresso = 17.7g
Grind = 1.4.1
Water = 87.4
Output = ?

Smoother. More water rounds out the taste. Need to look into why the creator of this machine always uses more water and kind of just eyeballs it. Hm. I can probably shorten the pre diffusion time with more water. Make the grind just a bit coarser.

Espresso = 17.1g
Grind = 1.4.2
Water = 60g
Output = 43.6g
Extraction time = 35s (long on purpose)

Smooth. Still running with longer extraction times. currently have no idea what I’m doing!

Espresso = 17.8g
Water = 64.5g
Extraction time = 30s~
Output = 40.7~

Smoother and better taste notes. Creamier. Trying to see what happens if I increase the beans a bit. I’m going to experiment with longer pre diffusion on this bean and see what happens. Like super long extractions.

17g~ espresso
Grind = 1.4.4
Water = ?
Output = ?

Kind of just made this one automatically and wasn’t thinking too much about the details. I just felt it out and increased the extraction time a bunch. It’s smooth and it works for this seemingly lighter roast.

Espresso = 16.3g
Grind = 1.4.4
Water = 83.1g (just experimenting with increasing to see what happens)
Output = ?
Extraction time = 20s

Smoother. Taste note still a bit off or something (something to do with the type of beans and my lack of knowledge). It's something I'll investigate over time. This one went into a smoothie.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

15.8g~ espresso
grind = 1.5.0
water = 55.7g
output = ?
extraction time = 15s~

This feels like the coarsest I should let the grind get with the bean. I can dial it in finer from here and I'll do that now (set Kinu to 1.4.5)

but the taste note still feels off and I'll need to start looking into why with this bean.

Probably should isolate the cup or something in these photos (lol), so that the 'product' of the process is visually isolated and you can kind of stare into it or something like @priya's Espresso journal.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

16.1g~ espresso
grind = 1.4.0
water = 60.0g
output = lol keep forgetting to measure this but it's almost always in the range at this point
extraction time = 23s~

Other notes; adjusted the grind on this one but still too fine. Will have to jump to 1.5.0 next and I'll adjust the grinder now so I don't forget.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

16.1g~ espresso
grind = 1.3.0
water = 56.1g
output = ?
extraction time = ?

Other notes; forgot adjust grind settings (lol) and capture other details, a bit out of it this morning :) Let's try that again.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

16.3g~ espresso
grind = 1.3.0
water = 61.3g
output = 45.6g
extraction time = 25s

Smooth. On the over extracted side. Can play with a range between 1.3.0 and 1.4.0 it seems.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

16.1g~ espresso
grind = 1.2.0
water = 60g
output = 44.9g
extraction time = long

Still over extracted but less so. An unsuccessful morning so far. I like working with these little beans, I want to dial them in right and see what they taste like when I get em right. I'll return to this in the afternoon. For now some sour espresso. :)

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

16.2g~ espresso
grind = 1.0.0
water = 56g

Another unusable shot. Grind is way too fine. Sucks to waste coffee. I'll move it to 1.2.0 now.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

16.2g~ espresso
grind = 0.5.0
water = 55.6

Basically couldn't extract anything even with lots of pressure, it seems the grind is way too fine. Tossing it.

New bag. I don't need an espresso right now but still on the same 'path of thinking' and want to experiment a bit more.

Kaito Coffee - LØVE

14.7g~ espresso
grind = 1.5.0, I'll need to play with this for the new beans just a starting point
water = 56.2g
output = no point in measuring
extraction time = like 15s but the pressure was so low…

pretty gross have to toss this and make the grind much finer

Last pull of w these beans

Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto

15.9g~ espresso
Grind = 1.5.0
Water = 55g~
Output = ? unknown but confident it's at or extremely close to the right ratio
Extraction time = 20s

Smooth. Could make micro adjustment to the coarseness now to dial in taste. Still feels on the over-extracted side.

14.7g~ espresso
Grind = 1.0.0
Water = 58.7g
Output = 44.2g
Extraction time = long
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto

over extracted. Tossing it.

I can basically ignore my grind settings range below lol. So I'll dial it back to 1.0.0 and then work backwards from there as a potential range.

I'm playing with grind settings soon this one. I reverted back to true zero on the grinder and I'm starting with 2 full rotations. So a grind setting of 2.0.0 and then I'll adjust within the range of 3.0.0 and see what happens over time. I'm also getting 'a bit' more strict about water amount to see what happens. I'll use 55g. I don't know enough about this to make any meaningful note on it yet.

15g espresso
Grind @ 2.0.0
Extraction time = 15s
Output = not even worth measuring

Trash. had to toss it, making another.

14.3g espresso
Grind @ 5.3
Output = forgot to note but it was much lower (not a bad thing). I reduced the amount of water I use in each extraction a bunch. I need to study this when I have some more time.
Extraction time = about 20s+. I’ll look into this as well soon in relation to my own set up.
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto

Was smooth and tasty. I thought it wouldn’t be lol



15g~ espresso
Grind @ 5.3
Output = 67.9g
Extraction time = 20s~ pre-diffusion 10s~
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto

Smooth. A bit over extracted. Forgot to take a photo. Remembered to note ‘output’.

Second pull of the day. This one went into a smoothie.

15.1g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.3 (best so far)
23s~ Total extraction time
8s~ pre-diffusion

It was good. Smooth.


First pull today

15.6g~ espresso (need to be more disciplined about amount of beans)
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.3 (best so far)
23s~ extraction time 8s~ pre-diffusion

Smooth but over extracted a bit. I need to be more disciplined about the little quirks of this process. There’s like a little mental shift I need to make before making an espresso the way I’m doing it. It’s a very time sensitive in the moment process. It seems like changes of a few seconds really affect the output.

Also I forgot to measure output again so I’ll make sure to do that next time.

Pre work out espresso

15g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.3 (best so far)
20s~ extraction time 5s~ pre-diffusion

Forgot to measure ‘output’ I’m going to start adding this into the mix.

Smooth. Best espresso of the bag so far.

15.1g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.4 (adjusted it finer for the next one.
20s~ extraction time with 5s~


13.9g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 6 (forgot to change this. Did now)
15s~ extraction time with 5s~

Other notes; smoother. Increasing the bean amount a bit helped.

13.4g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 6 (might need to bring it in a bit finer. I’ll do that now so I don’t forget)
15s~ extraction time with 5s~

Other notes; better extraction, need to tighten up the grind or increase bean amount. I need to read about this when I have time.

13.3g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 6 (might need to bring it in a bit finer. I’ll do that now so I don’t forget)
15s~ extraction time with 5s~ pre-diffusion
Much lower pressure in the beginning then picked up in the tail end of the extraction. Also my grinder kind of got in the way while I was extracting lol.

13.4g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.5 (forgot to adjust it to a coarser grind. I did it afterwards so I don't forget next time)
20s~ extraction time with 5s~ pre-diffusion
Closer to 9 bars of pressure maybe a bit for a higher duration of the extraction cause I pushed hard to force a faster extraction time.

smooth but now seemingly under extracted maybe. I think all of this comes back to that grind adjustment. Let's see on the next one. Dig the smoothness though.

13.4g~ espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.5 (should adjust to like 5.75 or something)
30s~ extraction time with 9s~ pre-diffusion
closer to 9 bars of pressure pushed harder on the levers

smooth, slightly over extracted I think I can get it where I want it if I adjust the elements above.

no photo, but might snap one later today

14g Espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
Grind @ 5.5
30s extraction time

Smooth but still over extracted. Need to change something.

Got some espresso on this sweater I just washed

15g espresso (need a bit more this morning)
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
30s extraction time with 9s pre-diffusion (still need to look into this)


didn't take a photo


From earlier.
13g espresso
Like 30s extraction time (super wack). I need to look into this stuff.
Still ‘smooth’ but over extracted and bitter basically I don’t know what I’m doing during extraction so I need to dial that in.

Prob need to study a bit


15g espresso
Jimmy’s Coffee Hoffa beans roasted in Toronto
20s~ extraction time with a lame pre diffusion. Need to make more detailed notes on extraction.

Tastes smooth but over extracted

This journal used to be called 'Supplements' and I was basically logging any supplement I took in here. But the problem was I would forget to take certain ones because they weren't explicitly labeled in my 'Daily'. For example my fish oil needs to be taken after a meal. I always forget to do this but I might not if 'fish oil' was explicitly noted on my daily. So I'll be unbundling each supplement into its own journal and hopefully as things progress with Futureland, I can link all of these supplements together into a broader 'Supplements' journal.

Also creating a journal for each supplement gives me the ability to track intake (and repeat intake) but also make notes on the supplement itself. It's easy to just take stuff without exactly knowing why. It gives me a space to wonder, what is thing doing to me? How did we even figure out that these supplements work in the way we think they do?

13.3g espresso
grind @ 5; 'maybe' a little finer
20s~ extraction time; pre-diffusion was off and it might've thrown everything off a bit

still playing with settings on new beans, getting closer though

13g espresso
4 grind: needs to be even more coarse
30s~ extraction time

still playing with settings on these new beans

13g espresso
3 grind; needs to be more coarse
30s~ extraction time

New beans I haven’t used before so need to dial in settings.

13g espresso
3.35 grind
15s extraction time. Seemed really fast
Working through some older beans. Crazy how important freshness of the beans is.

Made a bunch of back to back 13g~ espressos for others (like 6 or 7)
3.35 grind
Extraction time varied but usually around 15-25s

Consistently good output. Really good learning experience to make espresso at higher volumes like this.

13g espresso
3.35 grind
20s ~ extraction time. Can experiment with bringing this down a bit.

Pretty consistent output. Could be smoother on the tail end of the taste

Another 13g espresso

- I’ll start making more detailed notes as I unbundle this journal into its own espresso journal.
- I adjusted to a bit of a finer grind. I’ll note setting here later
- extraction time seemed a bit short but I don’t know cause I’m not timing it right now. Something I should do in a more disciplined way
- taste was pretty good but I need to keep playing with stuff
- these beans are a bit stale and i think I should purchase at smaller quantities so they are always fresh

13g espresso. Decent extraction it seems. Taste is improving. Maybe I could make the grind a bit finer. This bag of beans are feeling flat and stale. I wonder if I should get smaller quantities so they are more consistently fresh.

+ 200mg L-Theanine

12g espresso; getting better at this. Improved extraction time. Better taste. Currently using an older bag of beans so that part of the process bites.


200mg L-Theanine

13g espresso. Diff beans. Adjusted the grind settings cause the beans are bigger. Still tastes a bit over extracted but not bad. Increased ability to predict results as im making the espresso. I think I can get even coarser with the grind.

13g espresso. The right amount of water. Slightly over extracted this time but much better. I made the grind even coarser. It seems like since these beans are small it's easy to grind them too fine.

13g espresso. A bit too much water. Still slightly over extracted I believe. Adjusted to a coarser grind, need to adjust further.

+ 200mg L-Theanine

12g espresso
Adjusted grind still slightly over extracted. I’ll keep playing with it.

Making a lot more espresso because of off routine + a new grinder I’m really excited about lol

13.5g pre workout espresso. Over extracted so I need to adjust the grind a bit. I’m drinking more espresso lately because routine is off. It’s likely this journal will become the espresso journal and not the supplements journal next week.


1 teaspoon fish oil

Need to get better at remembering to take this. Haven’t taken it consistently enough to have any thoughts on it.

1 teaspoon fish oil

I’m going to try and take this twice daily, see what happens

Espresso + 200mg L-Theanine. I almost never miss taking this supplement and I think that's because I have connected it with drinking my Espresso each morning.

Espresso + 200mg L-theanine. A lot later than usual on this. I have a bunch of work stuff to catch up on this evening. Hopefully it doesn’t mess w my sleep too much

The morning combination of L-Theanine and Caffeine has been great though and something I really enjoy. I find my ability to concentrate for long periods of time increases through taking these. My ideal morning is waking up very early, making an espresso and drinking it with 200mg of L-Theanine and then immediately beginning design.

I dropped the 10mg of melatonin from my supplement stack. I found the benefits weren’t high enough and also it forced me into a fixed sleep schedule. I had a timed release version so any situation where I wasn’t sleeping 8~ hours I would feel much slower waking up. Just trying to sleep early and wind down effectively is way more effective but also way harder to do :). So yeah I dropped that.

12.2g of coffee
60g of water
42s grind time
20s extraction time (rough estimate)

Watery extraction
weird Burnt taste could be due to mixed grind
A bit bitter
Good oil taste

I like the oily taste. Still not entirely sure what espresso is supposed to take like.

The second time I almost forgot to take this daily dose of fish oil so I added this journal to my daily.

L-theanine (200mg) + double shot espresso
Fish oil (1 tea spoon)


I’ll start taking this tomorrow morning with a double shot of espresso as part of some basic experimentation with nootropics.

internetvin Espresso