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Break through in explaining FL (maybe)
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@lucas got to Toronto 7 days ago

You’ll notice new modes of publishing today as you’re using Futureland. And it’s really exciting. I think it represents a much stronger conceptual understanding of this project. I’ll share more soon but for now know that

- there’s a new ‘quick entry’ component that you might trigger. It’s faster and less interruptive than the previous mode of publishing.
- and perhaps more importantly you can now type and add media directly on the surface of your journals. There’s so many reasons this is a great thing. :)


Way happier with the spacing now. Especially the image without padding to the component feels way better. Not there yet.


Had the idea that a user would be able to publish to Futureland without touching the mouse. This will be possible with the new publishing component.

The composer can be triggered by pressing N. After it is shows a user can press CMD + J to open the journal picker. Journals can then be searched through by typing and using the arrow keys. After pressing enter the new journal is selected and the input field gets highlighted again. Publishing can then be done by pressing CMD + ENTER.

I'm learning a ton while working on this project about myself about life, design, entrepreneurship, relationships, community, and so many other subjects (lol). What a crazy thing so far lol

I wonder if I can just crop this like this for this component since showing the whole journal here is not an option. So the video is a tight cut in on the timeline. I know ya mentioned this @ethan. Looks kind of cool with a bit of the safari window exposed.


I have to keep working on it to improve the spacing of the component but I am already pretty happy with the functionality.


The new global publish component includes a new journal picker I built this morning. It allows to quickly search through your journals and shows their current streak status.

Spent the morning hours to work an a global publish component that quickly can be summoned by pressing the letter n on the keyboard.


FL Guided - introverts (perhaps)

One of the challenges I have been having in navigating FL Guided is that I am personally not a user of 'workshops' or most forms of live learning. I prefer to study books and documentation. To meditate on the things I read and then run my own experiments 'to see what happens'. I learn by observing the results of my own experimentation and the experimentation of others. Not by listening to what someone says, but by observing what they do. These experimental values are at the root of what Futureland is. It is designed for people who value experimentation and celebrate it.

FL Guided needs to retain space for experimentation and deep thinking. It should not be about showing someone how to do something, but rather about taking a moment to enter a new state of collaborative deep thinking. FL Guided is something you should be able to control the pace of and control the ways in which way it goes deeper, or doesn't.

Perhaps instead of 'workshop', FL Guided is a month long multimedia discussion, which includes text audio and video. This could happen entirely through email or it could happen within a journal. Perhaps each day there is rich video audio or text shared that unpacks insights from extended experimentation in repeating things and storing process across various functional purposes. Process and discussion can be shared and developed using the journal for the entire month, 'to see what happens'.

Implemented the new homepage component @internetvin sent to me this morning.
Then I worked on some behind the scenes Futureland+ stuff.

I had the idea to offer our users a complete download of their journals so they would be able to access all the files they uploaded to a journal comfortably. This would happen through the download of a ZIP file. I wrote a small script to test how it feels.

Building this out vertically. The home page will be something I continually play with. Replace assets, change spacing and sentences as I learn more about how to design and about what Futureland is or is not. I wish we had better visuals to play with here but I think that's something we will figure out over time.

Quick little video for the new home page. These are all of the journals I publish to each day. I continually play with the order of them to see which order triggers more flow. I slowly have been designing my environment for the purpose of moving through these dailies as well. Where things are positioned in my house and how I move through the space is informed by my Daily. Where water is placed and stored, where my phone is charged. There's a lot of improvements that can be made from an environmental perspective but it's the next 'frontier' (lol) of this kind of experimentation. I want an isolated physical space where I can continue to alter the design of it based on how I am moving through Daily.

Adjusting the order and position of elements on this home page. The wide window here is not my ideal because of its width, it could perhaps be more narrow to balance things more visually but at the same time I think perhaps it looks more interesting this way. Each day I'm stripping down my work into packages and then sending them off to @lucas so he can implement and push to production (even if it is still in development).


Weekly newsletter is out! Something I forgot to mention was that last week was our best week ever in terms of new entries on Futureland. Thank you so much for everything <3


Added error handling to the inline publishing component. Entries and their metadata get saved locally so users can easily retry the uploads after internet connectivity issues occur.

Setting the Journals to black, setting the other spaces (user info and navigation) to grey. This seems like it feels better. I still don't like this text. Gonna ask some friends for ideas!


Futureland Unguided/Guided

I've been talking to friends and thinking about this. What it could be developing into is: when a new user signs up for Futureland perhaps they are presented with two ways of exploring the tools, unguided and guided. In unguided we show users examples and suggest things to play with through highlighting Futureland's interfaces in specific ways. In guided (which costs money), a user gets a direct connection with our team for 1 month during which we have daily discussions, form an understanding of their process, share insights, reflect on usage together and advise on how to integrate our tools in ways that are specific to their process.

The hope is that something like Futureland Guided helps users get into flow states faster and helps us understand our users more + make some cash.


Not feeling it yet but what if Journals that are expanded to take up larger space on the profile have increased text size.

on a TIGHT timeline tonight :)

Just making slight adjustments to these profile information components and the little navigation component. Something I was thinking about was what if like we let users drag and resize their journals, their profile pic, the information and navigation any way they would like on a screen (while adhering to our grid system)?


Program 01

An idea that has been bouncing around is constructing some kind of experimental work shop or program designed specifically for artists. I have no idea how to handle something like this or if there would be any interest from you.

I'll share a few notes and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

This thing:

- would be an accelerated way to (1) increase your ability to repeat things and (2) redesign your daily life for continual flow states. Futureland helps with both of those things already but whatever this program is would be much more comprehensive in its approach.

- could include a direct and daily connection with our team for 1 month as we study your process, make recommendations and work through problem sets together

- could include group sessions where everyone discusses and shares process (not sure how I feel about this but probably worth running an experiment)

- could be experienced through a new piece of software that we incrementally create

- could deliver a lot of its media through audio so that you can move around and see your own environment as you are listening to insights and discussions

- and on…

Just experimenting with in-line entries right now on a developer version of Futureland. This is such a huge improvement in the experience and the conceptual thinking around this wow.


One of the challenges with this home page is that the Journal requires a larger visual to really communicate what it is and can do. In other words it requires larger dimensions to communicate meaning. I'm playing with the positioning here to allow for a larger wide screen display of the Journal. perhaps it can be pushed up vertically a bit. In general, for Futureland I find myself resonating when things feel 'unexpected yet balanced'.

Had another productive work session. Tried to improve the transitions and animations when users create new entries through the new inline push component.


Made the upload process a little bit more minimalistic. An upload now looks exactly like an entry except that instead of the date it displays the upload progression.


Creating the video assets for this page has been a good little learning lesson… (lol). Always design stuff while actually using something that resembles the video assets as closely as possible. The problem set here is that for the kind of Interface selection I want to display at the top, a box of 360px just never feels sufficient on a larger screen. I think Futureland's journal interface is really hard to articulate in small dimensions like this. There's a lot of elements so I'm going to have to create another variant of this home page that supports larger media dimensions and then scales down. But to show the journal in a meaningful way I think we need to use larger dimensions.

Making some progress with the dimension and quality of these videos, but the video is still not clear enough. Not sure what to do yet.

Had some time to keep working on inline publishing component today. I wanted to focus on the upload process today. This video shows that users will be able to navigate freely through Futureland once they hit the "Publish" button. The entry will automatically get uploaded in the background. I will make this more clear later and display the global upload progress somewhere on the screen, maybe as a hint.
This also unlocks the ability to publish entries while other entries are still uploading.
Additionally the video shows an effect I played around with. The entries will start blurred and get clearer as more of the file gets uploaded. Thought this looks kind of cool. Maybe I exaggerated a little. Not happy how the percentage gets displayed right now. Just threw it in there without care.

There is still a lot of stuff to do. I think I will work on error handling and a global upload progress component next. Will refine the design at the end.


- Added new shortcuts to show/hide bookmarks/comments on the journal.
- Added a globally displayed shortcut to show/hide the search.

I was supposed to stop awhile ago, but I can't stop moving stuff around in this little sketch file ah man lol, I'm gonna try and wrap now :)

Just trying stuff, I don't like how much vertical space this is taking up in the top part of the interface, I'll try something where I'll try to tuck everything in super tight.

Still very experimental, but imagining a world where you can resize the Journals on your profiles. Perhaps this makes a lot of sense if people are using their profiles as tools. It's kind of the like home screen on an iPhone. I'm starting to understand what @ethan and @christian were saying now. The thing I'm still torn on is, I do not personally use my profile to navigate to any journal. But perhaps if I could arrange them in a specific way I would care more about their groupings. Giving certain Journals a lot of real estate on my profile and other journals for smaller experiments get less real estate on the screen. From an identity projection perspective, it gives the user a way to highlight something specific or demonstrate what their current focus is. I always worry about the unexpected effects of any experiment related to projection. I'm hoping we can keep this place authentic and I think that means keeping the focus on storing process and not much else.


Very experimental and perhaps over kill for now but I'm not sure yet. Longer descriptions could take up two vertical slots to show the full description and keep the interface more dynamic. Just sketching. With something like this, perhaps the total number of entries needs to be displayed differently, like at the top of one of these journal units so you never have to scroll down to get that info.

Just getting a bit more experimental with this stuff. If you have been following my interface design work lately, you know that I have been trying to understand grid systems and spacing more. I am essentially thinking about various mathematical patterns in visual things. One of the things I am curious about right now is if we can exaggerate certain aspects of the interface, giving it a surreal feeling, while still making everything follow design principles and feel elegant through exact and consistent mathematical spacing.

Perhaps description based info can go on the triangle on the top right and some interesting 'process stats' based info can go on the top left in an interesting visual format that changes in real time.

Just making my way through this set of things to do. Opening up this file on profiles again :) It'll be interesting to review this with a slightly heightened understanding of grids and systems

Tweaked the sign-up view again. Really like what @internetvin did here. Feels really good. I added a soft blur and made the background video a little darker to improve readability.

Adjusting the vertical spacing and positioning of elements here. I like the effect created by putting the logo on the top left and the credit on the borrow right. I wonder how it might look on smaller vertical dimensions so that's something we'll need to play with. :)

Making some adjustments to this interface to create a new identity on Futureland. This will be part of the new home page and the background will oscillate between video entries made on Futureland. The entries will be linked to at the bottom of the interface, if you click the link it will take you to the entry in a new tab. It probably makes sense to center this content vertically. Once I'm done that, I'll probably package this for @lucas and move on to the next thing.

Changed this text from "Store your process in public or private" to "Store your process in public or private over multiple years". On a conceptual level it always seemed interesting to have a place where you could store the process of any kind of project or experiment over multiple years. I thought perhaps if I saw something like that it would be really inspiring. To see something I really love developing in real time but then to also be able to jump back to the process 5 years ago and see how it all started and why. Seeing this happen on our Futureland journal is a bit surreal. Over time I have become someone who loves projects that exist on long time scales the most. I just find it really fascinating to see how things develop over time, it's just so cool to see how much a person or thing can blossom.

Just adding the price into this simple upgrade page. Some feedback I got was that some people prefer to pay yearly so they don't have to worry about a recurring monthly fee. That's something we can work out. Another thing that has come up a few times is users offering to pay more than $5 / month. This is super neat, I'm thinking that it makes sense to just stick to $5 and perhaps we increase the price over time only for new users as the value and quality of the tool expands over time.

We've already had a few people ask us how they can start paying for Futureland+ under the new price of $5 / month, which is pretty neat! :)

I'm starting to design a very quick little page that allows anyone to easily upgrade / support this project by purchasing Futureland+. Once you upgrade you will have access to unlimited public and private use of this tool. An aside, I use Futureland a lot in public but even more in private.

This week's newsletter (weird name for it) is out!

An idea that was suggested to me by @pugson was perhaps including a way to consume the email in an audio format. In a lot of ways, the first part of the email "Updates from the week" are my real time thoughts while reflecting on the previous week. It's when I take a moment to think about where we are at and what that may or may not mean. This type of reflection might be richer in fidelity through audio so I'll try and include something like that in the next one. I wonder what'll happen.


Started to work again on an inline publishing component so users can browse through the journal they are publishing to.
Will strip away colors and simplify later.

Experimenting with an adjusted layout for the Examples page that matches the spacing and grid system of the new home page we are working on. I'm hoping for a very clean transition between these two pages. I have a lot to learn but it's cool to have that aspiration and then see what works and what doesn't work through trial and error. I'm lucky @lucas is patient with me lol :)

Spending a bit of time applying the same spacing and grid system that we are using on this new home page concept to 'Examples'.


Implemented the new homepage so @internetvin can start playing around with it. Additionally created the new examples page to see how it feels and test some interactions. Not done yet.


Just synthesizing some stuff here before I wrap for the day on FL. I'm trying to make it through this onboarding sprint, which has been going for a bit. Once I'm through a bunch of things I'll be able to revisit Daily on mobile which I'm pretty stoked about! :)

Before I can do that there's some stuff we need to do:

- Finish the new home page and create all of the video assets for it
- Officially adjust Futureland+
- Make necessary improvements to the form a visitor sees when they click 'Join'
- Source content and finish the Examples page
- Add a link to 'Examples' into the bottom right menu, this should be highlighted in some way for new users
- Complete redesign of new profiles and push to production
- Make a video that explains the functional components of Futureland (at least just Journals), things like the timeline, an entry, comments and bookmarks
- Design a simple video library to house our 'video documentation', this can be mediocre at first and improve over time
- Add a link to the video library in the bottom right menu, this should also be highlighted in some way for new users
- Make a video that explains how to use Daily and the Journal as a unified system, put it in the video library. I might have to revisit this video after we sprint on Daily because I think there will be a lot of improvements.

yeah, I think that's it lol

There's a bunch of things that need to be reworked here but just getting a sense of video stuff right now. I think I know how to handle it now and we should be able to build out all of the sections.


Adjusting Futureland+

We are planning on adjusting Futureland+ pricing (a continual experiment) and I wanted to share why. Transparency and feedback are obvious reasons for sharing, but we also like sharing in case the information is useful to other individuals and teams potentially working through similar problem sets.

The first price point that we set for Futureland was $240 / year for unlimited use. We would only ask users with over 50 private entries to pay. This is a high price, especially for a tool that is still developing. Some of you told us the price was too high and others supported the price. My thinking here was that in the same way @lucas and I are sacrificing to realize this project, early visionary users should do the same. By setting a higher price it would allows us to reach sustainability with a smaller set of users and sustainability would mean we could continue working on this through to ultimate realization. I was wrong in my thinking here.

Early visionary users should not pay more, but pay less for seeing the potential early. Many of you provide tons of value in your guidance and have become great friends! The way you support Futureland is something later users will never understand.

We are thinking about switching Futureland+ to $5 / month for unlimited public and private use and asking users who have surpassed 100 entries to support us.

Let us know what you think! And thanks for hanging in there with us. :)

Need your help with something. Once a user signs up for Futureland, what is the first thing we should show them or take them through?

Decreased the font size of the secondary sections from 24px to 20px. I could probably reduce the line height as well but I won't worry about that yet.

Just working on a temporary page if the media that we need to create takes longer than anticipated. This obviously does not look as good but might be a version that we can build on as we continue working on stuff. It seems like the font of the little sections is too big right now so I will tighten that up. Perhaps this is something we can ship while working on the other elements.

I'm working through some new video assets for this new homepage concept. The square that the media is supposed to be placed in will be 360 x 360 pixels. I have no idea how to handle this yet in terms of what to show and how to best export the video. I sent a little package over to @lucas to start implementing some stuff so I can see how the design and various videos feel in the browser.


- It is now possible to use the arrow keys to navigate through a journal while viewing an entry in the fullscreen view.
- The link to an entry in a comment notification email now automatically opens the entry in the fullscreen view.

It seems like it makes more sense to say, "Store your process" than "Document your process". Little break throughs like this seem trivial but I find they are actually difficult and powerful units of progression. Words are tools and speaking about something in a specific way is design.

Changing little things like this means our understanding of the thing we are making is growing. Changing little things like this also means we are refining the "concept" so that it is easier to understand and throw around to other creative minds.

"Store process with your friends or by yourself" instead of "Document process with your friends or by yourself".

"Hey man, where are we storing process for this project?" instead of "Where are we documenting process for this project?".

"yeah, I use Futureland to store process."

Added 'Examples' and 'Join' to the top of this page. I'm not a fan of words like 'Join' or 'Sign up' or 'Register' for the purpose of trying something out. I hope as we continue on we can break away from some of that stuff and use a different kind of analogy. I've always preferred words like download and upload but of course that is obviously not what is happening in this instance. It's hard to describe. But when you register for something it feels like you are filling out a form at some store or place and when you download something it's like someone is handing you something and saying, "hey try this thing out". It would be cool if getting started with Futureland felt like you were handed something to experiment with instead of just filling out a form. But yeah it will be something we have to continually think about and experiment with.

Slight adjustment to the text size of the heading (4px) and also adjusted what it says a bit. Edited "Tools that" to "Tools to".

Just getting more of a sense of vertical spacing here. I think maybe the second part needs to move up a bit but I'm not sure yet.

Building vertically to see how that feels. There's an increased vertical space that separates the top of the page from the rest in a way. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it's something to play with and it seems little breaks in patterns like this can make everything feel less flat.

Working on a page entirely focused on communicating what 'Daily' is. For now I'm experimenting with just calling it 'Futureland' as well to see how that feels. Ideally we can send people to this page every time they ask us about Daily and it gives them a high level understanding of the tool and how they might be able to use it in their own process.

@internetvin sent me a new sketch file with a new improved homepage design. The changes he made makes it easier to implement and in my opinion looks even better than the ones from before.

Likely need to bring down the size of this font in the heading. Logo placement is still not entirely worked out yet, especially because it is different on the Examples page but it's something I will work through as I continue figuring out this grid, layout and spacing stuff.

Sending this over to @lucas to review. I removed the part of the interface that allows you to switch between 'Journals' and 'People' because I want to redesign the journal units before working on the Journal section of this page. If this is all good for implementation, we'll start selecting users to highlight and then hopefully have this live soon. I'll switch over to working on the home page now and the rest of the onboarding experience. Hopefully the time I spent studying grids, layouts and spacing helps out!

Driving to understand how this placement stuff works. Driving me nuts still lol. I'm going to start keeping my notebook open beside so I can write down every fundamental question I have as I am working. I just want to go through the process off making something exactly mathematically spaced to figure out how to do that lol

Let's see what happens if I incorporate this into the mix. I'm still lacking knowledge so I have no idea if what I am doing is correct or not yet but it's fun to try and take your understanding of something and apply it and then see if you can notice where it breaks and then use those breaks to fill in the gaps in your understanding… and on and on…

I have been spending a bunch of time studying grids, reading about some older more fundamental insights to form my own understanding of what all of this stuff means. The mathematical proportions of visuals and how spacing and placement of things has an effect on the user's perception and mind. I'm still a major amateur and it's going to take me awhile to really understand some of these things but I'm trying. Here I'm just trying to understand some layout mechanics in general and within Sketch specifically. I'm going to revisit the Examples page I was working on with some of my new knowledge and see how it improves the end result.

Made it possible to hide/show bookmarks and comments in the timeline component. This is especially useful for journals with a lot of comments. Not super happy with my icon selection here. Maybe someone has an idea. Open for feedback.

Seeing how this feels with Journal units, spacing is still off but I'm working through it… also hitting some limitations in my knowledge as a designer here. There's a lot I need to study still to understand what spacing and placement is in my own way.

Adjusting the size and position of the faded logo and the height of the content in the middle. Starting to feel a bit better. If I stick with this new logo size and position I'll need to adjust it in other areas.

The spacing here is an absolute mess, but it's a start. I'll probably need to scrap this layout and start again. That first sentence will need to be something else too.

Just experimenting with placing a slightly modified version of the Journal unit from our Profiles on this page. This unit gives me a lot of trouble and it's one of the things that I would love to collaborate with another designer on. Working through different variants and discussing it. This is probably a naive thing to say but these units feel like one of the most difficult things for me to work on.

It's 8:58AM here in Toronto. I spent a lot of my morning so far reviewing community feedback on onboarding and and writing about how this page should be designed and why in my notebook. I think something that might make sense is to give the user the option to explore this Examples area through Journals or People. I'm paraphrasing but @christian made some interesting points on an earlier entry that there's many things on the Internet that focus on the 'development and maintenance of individual identities' and not as many things that focus on the 'development and maintenance of a particular project or effort'. The latter is one of the main reasons why the whole experiment of Futureland started in the first place. So focusing on Journals as a means of exploring and navigating through Futureland is probably an important thing to remember to do. At the very least because no one else is doing it right now and it could be fun to 'see what happens'.

Another thing that's kind of important though is that on a lot of other platforms we define our identities in kind of fixed ways. I have always found this difficult to fit myself into. Nothing I do is fixed. I don't even really know who I am. I am kind of learning more about myself each day. If anything I am just a set of questions and experiments. In that sense I have always thought that it's more interesting to learn about who someone is and what they are 'all about' by seeing what they are working on and experimenting with in real time. An individual can be streaming process across multiple divergent disciplines and does not need to be fixed by any one thing or preconceived structure of identities and perception. I think all of that is an important part of Futureland too. Perhaps on Futureland an individual is a kind of hub of creative streams. And perhaps toggling between the two is part of how you jump around this place.


Seeing if I can get by with two across here, still very much just sketching. It's funny, there's no way for me to nail anything on the first go lol. Everything takes continual work and tweaking and thinking. It never ends. You just have to keep coming back to it for thousands of days in a row

Taking the profile pic outside of the journal title and description to see how that feels but the whole thing might feel less uniform with this approach.

I added in links to view Examples and to Join (sign up). The former is a common user suggestion and it seems like users best like to form their own understanding of how to use Futureland. Perhaps clicking into Examples takes you to a full screen page of different journals to check out. Activity and Login links are still on the bottom right, which I find is a great place to put links of secondary importance.

Adding a line under the individual type here so that perhaps when it oscillates to words like artists or musicians or designers which are shorter, it still feels natural. Have to play with it. I removed the arrow for something I'm about to experiment with next.

I don't particularly like the idea of not naming the kinds of people we hope will share process especially in the early stages of a project like this when we are all figuring out what this thing is, but here's a cleaner and broader articulation in case there's some weird quirks with the other approach that I can't think of right now. :)


I'm working on adjustments to this new home page concept I was working on based on community feedback. You'll notice the word 'researchers' here, this word will oscillate. It will say things like artists, musicians, designers, developers, etc. I feel it might be worth noting the specific kinds of early users might need to build a high integrity community. The spacing here will probably need some editing and I might need to adjust the little mechanics of this design depending on how this thing feels as we oscillate through those words.

- Fixed a bug that would calculate wrong image dimensions for some JPGs while publishing new entries.
- Fixed a bug that would break the sharing context menu on the home view.

I'm just transitioning back into my routine and life after some crazy shit happened and I needed to help a friend. Also @lucas left Germany for Indonesia and he'll be there for at least 6 months so he's transitioning into his new life too. I am based out of Toronto and when he was in Germany the time difference was 6 hours, now the time difference will be 12 hours (I think). We usually get on the phone with each other once a day and have a bunch of other techniques for collaborating on Futureland remotely. We'll work through and sink into a new process as he gets settle in his new home. :)



One of the things we have been thinking about a lot is shifting Futureland into an invite-only state and growing our user base through our most trusted early users. We think the quality and integrity of this community needs to be one of its defining characteristics. It's something worth trying to be the best at. Early users will be integral in defining the identity of this place, both now and well into the future.

This is something we need to work on together so it would be cool to hear your perspectives! :)

Thinking a lot about community right now, been studying various things and I'll share some thoughts soon to get your perspectives.

Finished implementing the welcome email that gets sent out after a new users signs up for Futureland. Used this opportunity to refactor some code and improve our worker.
Additionally I used the morning to fix some bugs.

I do this thing sometimes where when I want to understand stuff, I transcribe its Wikipedia page and ponder on each line. I like doing this with words that are thrown around a lot because I think it's easy to get into the habit of thinking you understand something because you hear about it a lot but when I really look into it I find out I know basically nothing about it. I'm currently transcribing this page on Community (lol). So yeah I'm thinking a lot about that right now.

I made a slight adjustment to the journals, outside of continually building on this list I'm not sure what else could be included yet. This might be good enough for a first experiment with a Welcome email (we currently do not send anything). I think over time we should include other materials here like some documentation and interesting writing on FL. Like if there was some writing on 'Using Futureland to learn' that could be done in a very interesting and open way, things like that might be interesting to include after links to journals. Hard to stay right now.


Formatting this in an email compose window to see how it feels. Instead of using categories, I put the journals in groups of 4 and mixed up the disciplines in each group. One of the reasons we started FL is because of how categorical everything else is (thanks for the reminder @ethan). I think this will be super difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain but we wanted to create a place where it's easier (and safer) to be multiple things instead of just any one thing. It's easy to lose sight of that. Sometimes I feel that blending all of these disciplines together will be the reason FL ultimately fails or succeeds. But I personally don't want to be any one thing. That's just not what I am.


Feeling really grateful this morning to be able to work on this project every day. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us.

Made the author name and journal title in the header section clickable. This one was bothering me for some time now.

- Fixed a bug that would prevent users from entering the fullscreen view on a user's stream
- Stripping markdown syntax from notes previews in the weekly summary
- Added some new internal analytics from @internetvin and me.


Defining categories is tough! I might need to adjust the 'Animation' one to 'Visual Art' it's hard to say because all of these mediums are kind of blending together since a computer can create all of them. It's becoming more and more difficult to define separations between these things. And in a lot of ways that's why we started working on Futureland. To create spaces where you did not fit yourself into an identity defined by a single creative output.

Starting to break various journals into categories. It's really neat to see the range of experimentation happening on Futureland and I'd say it's my favourite part of this project :)

Making some progress, trying to be less prescriptive in the text. I think you guys are right. I do not think we ever really need to say what Futureland is (because the truth is we don't know). We just need to show people how it's being used. Understanding what Futureland is, is something we are doing together.


I have been writing a welcome email that you receive from Futureland when you sign up. I keep writing each paragraph over and over again to try and get it right. Once I have a draft I'll publish it here as a text entry and hopefully I can get some feedback, if you have any thoughts now please share. I'm just taking a short break to let my mind loosen and then I'll start again.

Implemented the new worker that will send out weekly summaries in the future. Still a lot of work to do.


Maybe there's some personal stats included as well although I don't think everyone will be into it! Need to find the right simple insights here to make it actually useful instead of just noise.


Working on a little concept for a plain text weekly summary email you can get from FL about journals you shadow and more. Perhaps you'll be able to select between a daily or weekly cadence. This allows you to take a focused moment to quickly glance over all of the journals you're interested in and see how they are developing. :)

- Fixed a bug that would crash the browser when trying to play an audio entry in the fullscreen view.
- Pushed the global sidebar component to production. It can be toggled by pressing the S key.


Woke up this morning really well rested and had the idea to make the sidebar from home available globally in Futureland. This way it is easier to find journals and navigate through the list of shadowed ones.


- Fixed the markdown style of block quotes.
- Fixed visual glitches in the full screen entry view.
- Automatically closing the full screen entry view after navigation now.
- Fixed some validation bugs in the user settings.


I caught a cold so I've been laying low this weekend. Drinking lots of water lol. We'll send out Futureland's weekly newsletter tomorrow. I still need to finish writing it! Hope everyone's doing well :)

We created a little open journal experiment called, Futureland Meta. It's a place where anyone can share their insights, experiences and bugs while using Futureland.

A few of you have already joined. Others feel free. I'm curious how and if this journal will catch on!


ty so much for feedback yesterday! I spent some time processing all of it again today. It's cool to see some of the patterns in all of your great insights. Seems like there's some things we can integrate into the work we're doing right now:

- focus onboarding on how journals work and not on how to use them
- make it easier for someone new to explore existing journals so they can form their own understandings and meanings of them
- send out a thoughtful welcome email when someone new joins Futureland and include any finer details of onboarding in that email

As always, you'll see the process developing here. <3


While working through onboarding (and from chatting a lot with everyone here), it's becoming pretty clear that it might be useful to work through some 'documentation' about how to use Futureland. The idea is that we could distill insights from everyone's experiences using Futureland into interesting and detailed writing that can help new guests get started.

Some examples:

- How to use Futureland to learn new skills
- How to use Futureland to create new habits
- How to use Futureland to see through projects

What do you think about this? What subjects do you think need to be explored?

- Fixed a bug that would prevent users from dragging and dropping .mov files into chrome based browsers.
- Included @internetvin's new more obvious "Join" button for open journals.
- Minor bug fixes.


Experimenting with using some filmmaking techniques in how we first interact with new users. This would be an interpretation of the establishing shot. It establishes the location of the scene. A new guest might see something like this after first signing up for FL. Imagine the visual in the background moving (a video).


Also these days, I find the ideal thing to listen to while working on FL is the album Tropeau Bleu by Cortex (1975). I was constantly playing it at the house by Lake Huron. Still going now.


I'm not sure what it is, but often when I start working on FL in a focused state like this I get pretty emotional (lol) or at least much more sensitive to my feelings. I care about this project a lot and I feel a way about it that I have not felt about other things I've worked on. Been an interesting experience just seeing what happens with this.

Once you click 'Next' on the previous screen, this then would be the subsequent one. The point of this screen is to frame up what is about to be shown. I don't want to show one 'card' after another. I hate doing this in films too (even though I've done it often), but I'm not sure how to handle this yet because before diving into specific components of the journal I want to show it at first in its entirety. And I don't think I can have any text on the screen while I do that.

I just realized that the background here doesn't have to be in black. You can kind of treat this as an establishing shot like in a film. Hm.

I find using these Journals as you are working is a useful way of staying focused but also as a way of documenting your trail of thinking. I'm just starting to pick up some of the design work I left off while in deep week 1. I can use this journal as a way of remembering what I was thinking and what I was trying to solve. So let's try and pick this back up.

I'm sketching out a concept for an interactive tour. This is could be the first visual that a new guest sees if they decide to take it. I was working on this before but here I replaced the word "Welcome" with "OK." which I think is a better connection between the action the guest took on the previous screen (deciding to begin the tour).

In terms of obtaining useful context before using FL, I think there's two things worth knowing. (1) How the interface works (which will probably be the focus of this interactive tour) and (2) How working through something at a daily cadence can be a useful way of seeing through creative projects, learning new skills and just transforming any part of your life.

It's 1:01pm on Wednesday. Beautiful day. When I stepped outside to grab some lunch, it rain briefly but it was entirely sunny. It's always kind of cool when that happens.

I'm just preparing and sending this little package for @lucas to start playing with. I'm probably missing a bunch of things (and he'll tell me if I am lol). I'm just curious to see how some of this stuff might feel in a browser. This package includes a new home page and a registration experience. There's many events that we need to build on here and chain together and we will make those improvements as well in time.

Sending this little package of interfaces over to @lucas. A little update that adds a 'Join' button to all open journals. Currently you can find the Join button in each journal's expanded menu. I imagine taking the Join button out of that menu and putting it on the side bar will make open journals a bit easier to understand. :)

Looks like @lucas is making a bunch of progress on iOS and watchOS experiments. I haven't had a chance to try everything yet but if you want to start playing around with these tools, message me or him for links!


Futureland meta

We need a place on Futureland where we can talk about Futureland. Things like feedback, ideas, insights, complaints or whatever. Many of you share stuff with me via iMessage or email or dm on FL. There's tons of really high quality perspectives coming through.

Ideally for me, I want everything to be in the same place. Like say, Futureland's journal. I want to see discussions about FL on the same surface that I see the actual work happening.

What do you think? How do we handle this?

More sketches of this interactive tour. This could go nowhere, but I'll just keep sketching to see what I learn.

Just a quick additional note, we can probably show movement in the background (the journal) to make this more dynamic and to better communicate what this is. In this case, perhaps while you are reading this new entries are being added to the journal in the background.

I'm starting to sketch out an interactive tour of Futureland. Here's how you might be greeted when it begins. In the background you see one of Futureland's journals with 5% opacity. As the interactive tour begins, various parts of journal will light up. Perhaps we will also jump to other parts of Futureland and explain those too. Probably need to add some kind of progress indicator here and also some kind of next button.

Once a new guest is welcomed to Futureland, perhaps a prompt like this is better instead of creating more pronounced suggestions in how FL should be use (ie; I want to learn a new skill, I want to see through a creative project). Perhaps detailed material on specific use cases can be explored after the guest is already bouncing around Futureland.

Once a new guest fills out the form to enter Futureland, I'm experimenting with a two part greeting. The software acknowledges the user through something like, 'Hello internetvin' and then welcomes them to Futureland through something like, 'Welcome to Futureland'. This might be redundant. But something we can feel out later.

It's 8:31pm on Sunday night, I'm picking up just a bit of work on new onboarding sketches. This is a simple hover state for a screen where a new guest selects how they might want to use Futureland. After sleeping on this, I'm skeptical that this guided of an approach is the right thing to do but I'll just keep sketching this out to see if any interesting ideas or patterns come out of it.

I added another option, 'I just want to explore for now'. Perhaps this allows the guest to move through the experience in a loose way. In that type of experience, we can put helpful hints and suggestions in key points of the interface for just the right amount of early guidance.


Perhaps after you are greeted, the screen transitions into a kind of guided experience that shows you how you can use Futureland. This is going to take a lot of work and experimentation. I think we also need to let people explore the tool in an unguided way. Perhaps this is guided experience is something they can come back to later if they want. For now I'll just have to keep sketching and thinking to see where all of this is going. Or could go.

Sketching a confirmation state after you create your identity on FL. The screen returns back to black and greets you. It's likely that that perhaps we should transition from this to some kind of interactive documentation. I think at this point people will be wondering, what can I do with Futureland? How can it fit within my life? What are other people doing with Futureland? Where do I start? and so on. I think there's a lot of materials and experiences we will need to create to answer these questions. I think to do this well it's something that will take a bunch of time and something that we will never really stop working on. I'll keep sketching. Let's see how this goes.


With the form entirely filled out, the 'Create Identity' button brightens white and an arrow appears beside it. Similar motif to what the guest saw on the home page. Perhaps this arrow can move just a bit, pushing to the right to call just a bit of attention to itself. If all of the interactions here feel really tight and the transitions between the home page to this are done well, I think this could be super cool.

Alright. The idea here is that when you begin filling out the form by clicking on one of the fields, the background will transform from a flat black to videos from real entries on Futureland presented in a soothing way. The visual here is from @marco's journal, 'swimming'. There's a bunch of reasons why I think this is cool.

- The text on the left is describing the 'space' or the 'spaces'. For people who have not used Futureland, they might wonder what these spaces are like. By clicking the email field, it's a step towards those spaces. As those spaces are taken it should feel like the spaces are getting closer. Transforming the background is a way of doing. And by only doing it when you click the field, it makes the experience more dynamic, unexpected and fun.

- This interface on its own is flat. Filling out a form is usually a boring thing to do. You can improve the interactions and stuff and those are fun to look at it, but at the end of the day you're filling out a form. Presenting cool visuals from our friends as you fill out the form - if done right - could be like handing someone a glass of water with a slice of cucumber at a Spa while everything is getting set up.

A quick sketch of the form field in focus. The borders brighten and increase in width and so does the label text. We do stuff like this all over Futureland. The thing that's missing here right now (for me) is something more visually immersive. When you're entering a new space, it should feel like you're entering a space. I have an experimental idea of how we can handle this. I'll come back to that though. Time to grill some lunch :)

A few more quick positioning adjustments. I think this might feel better.

The other thing worth noting here is that I'm using the language 'Create Identity'. The idea here is that if someone shows up to use Futureland, they should be open to exploring something new with their identity. I think that's always been one of the cool things about the Internet. How it can be used as a way to evolve through experimentations with identity. Often in our existing interpersonal relationships we are limited in what we can be. This can cause you to narrow the the things that you think you can do or learn. I'm hoping we can create a space where identity is a more flexible thing. Where people are working through some things they are great at and many things they suck at. The focus is on being in process instead of trying to package and maintain some perfect identity for others to see. The focus here is on the continually changing process learning and experimentation at any stage.

Just trying to figure out the right spacing here. I'll need to finesse that through implementation and with guidance from @lucas. For now I think this is good enough to move on as a reference point. I don't particularly like the width here and some other positioning elements but I'm hitting the limit of my knowledge for now. When it comes to interface design, there's so much I do not know. I'm surprised you guys put up with me here lol (ty)


Working on the second step of onboarding. As I mentioned yesterday, the idea is that the home page is a single sentence and when you click it begins the first conversation with a new guest. Perhaps this is the first thing they see when they enter the space. We will need to continually work on this over time (maybe years). One of the big limitations I see with this is that it is not visual enough but we can fix that with some help. I would love to see some kind of immerse visual work here, illustrations or animations or something. I think I might have a cool idea of something unexpected we can do here. I'll share in a moment.

I have obviously split this layout into two components. If you look at entries from yesterday, I was progressing towards a longer vertical layout but after sleeping on it I started to wonder if there was too much text. It's a matter of deciding whether a new guest needs to know what Futureland is already being used for. I think that might matter. It's a way of saying, "when you walk through that door, you're not alone." So I thought maybe a way to make the text feel shorter is to split the layout in have horizontally. It also separates your attention in a functional way. On the left is the context on the right is the next step.

I wonder if it makes sense to add some kind of progress bar to this experience. I'm not sure yet that is definitely something I will need to revisit as this work progresses. I won't know the answer to that question right now.

Spent the morning hours to
- fix a couple of minor bugs
- slightly improve editing of entry notes
- updated a buggy dependency that would crash the server when an error occurred.


Sometimes I wish there was a way to use FL in offline mode. Where I could go through all of my dailies and each time I’m publishing them they are getting cued until the next time I connect my computer to the Internet. I’m just not sure if I need (or want) to work in a way where the computers I’m using are always connected to the internet.


In these current sketches, the first thing you see when you visit futureland.tv (if you aren't signed in) is a simple sentence that says, "A space to see through your visions." There's no sign up button or register button, just an arrow that suggests clicking something will progress the experience. You enter by clicking. So then what should happen next and why? In this moment, I imagine a person might be asking, "What kind of visions can I use this space to see through?" or perhaps "how do you realize a vision at all?" or "how do I know that this tool will actually help me realize a vision?" I think we need to answer these question in these first interactions with our new guests.

Once you click from the homepage, I imagine we can share some more context with our users about what Futureland is and then allow them to define their identity here. Although I'm worried this might not be visual enough. Hm.

Changing the position of the arrow to see how that feels. I'll leave this as is for now and come back to it as I build out more of this. So, if someone clicks that sentence what should they see next and why?

I've always felt words like 'Sign Up' or 'Register' feel so weird. They immediately make you feel like you are just being added to a list. I wonder why we started using them. I'm sure there is an interesting metaphor. I think another drawback of using words like that is it makes you feel like you need permission before doing something…

I wonder if a simple arrow is enough.


Thanks again for your notes on the entry here titled, FL is __________. I transcribed your replies and I'm writing notes on them to better understand them. I think understanding patterns between everyone's use of FL might help give new people better experiences when they first arrive here. I wonder as I read through if everyone is describing it in the same way or differently. For example, when Futureland is describe as a way "to document what I'm working on", is that the same as "Futureland is a great tool to stay on track with projects"?

A big part of what we'll be doing over the next few days is trying to improve FL's onboarding. Here I've mapped out the existing onboarding flow. It helps me understand how the conversation with everyone is currently structured and it's clear that there's a lot to be done (lol). This is a cool thing to work on because it is the first experience that someone has with Futureland. Working on this also kind of reminds of working on film. If you look at the visual here, one could say these are a bunch of frames and you're progressing through them in a kind of narrative. You visit the url and in a sense you enter a world. A party perhaps. You're making immediate judgements about this place. What's the vibe? Is this my vibe?

Something I was thinking about recently is that with projects like this, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every person who joins Futureland is a 'user'. You start thinking about things like conversion rates and other numbers like that which are useful but they can make it easy to lose sight of why you started the project in the first place. I think what feels more right is,
'everyone who joins Futureland is family'. I wonder how that might influence the way we do things.


Deep Week 1 Notes

Just getting set into my routine here for the next few days. At home my desk is always in the standing position. I do not have a chair. It felt weird sitting at a desk here so I had to adjust that to a standing set up. Feels much better now. I can walk around to think, if I need to sit down there's a couch behind me facing the water. I can unplug my MacBook Pro from this monitor and just type on the couch. I'll see how this develops but a thought I'm having is that when I isolate myself like this, the kinds of thoughts I can have are more divergent. It's been very emotional already. In my usual environment, I practice repetition a lot. There's so many benefits to that and it has made me so happy. It has made me think that anything is possible. But here by isolating myself from usual attachments, it creates open space in my routine. I still move through my routine but there's so much more space to think. In those moments, you remember why you are doing things. Why it's important to do things your way. You remember that your time here is finite. And it's OK to make mistakes. It's difficult to describe. When I get stuck in my thinking, I turn to see the water rolling on through the windows. The trees groove slightly as well. Each time I do that, I feel the energy inside me growing. I'm part of all of this. Futureland is too. :)

Used my first pomodoros of the day to
- fix a bug that would not show the streak modal when publishing entries to quickly
- improve the interaction when removing journals from daily
- improve the accuracy of the daily graph in stats

I spent most of today packing and travelling. I'll be staying at a house by the water as part of an experiment I'm calling a 'deep week'. The idea is to isolate myself from any distractions for multiple days and try to focus entirely on deep work. While I'm here, I'll be trying to improve Futureland's onboarding which needs a lot of work. I'll start on that tomorrow morning.

Decreasing the profile icon size. I might need to increase it by another 8px. The smaller profile pic allowed me to play with the position of the journals and the header a bit. I'll need to refine that tomorrow. I got some feedback from @lucas and there's a bunch of other things I need to fix and I'll get to those soon. I also added a message icon here in the form of an envelope on the top right of the profile.


Two things I would love to have on FL

- Live streaming in Journals while dropping specific artifacts from the process into the Journal. When I start a design session, there's times when I would love to go live and talk to others. But at the same time I still want to be able to drop various screenshots and thoughts for reference into the journal.

- Deep work mode. It would be cool if that was built into FL in some way. I could click an icon and it would start a 25min timer and also adjust the interfaces on FL for deep work.

Added 8px of vertical spacing between the heading '8 Entries' and the grid. 6:57am now. It's interesting once there is a bit of light in the sky, it rapidly brightens up. It's a really neat visual effect. The kind of weird thing is that, the reason the sky is starting to change is because our planet is spinning at an absurd speed and at this current point in time this massive thing we call Earth is turning to face the sun again. And of course it gets weirder the more you extrapolate. For example, the Sun is so large that you could fit 1 million Earths within it. And if you extrapolate out our solar system relative to other things like galaxies, eventually our Sun is as small as we are to the size of the Earth.

I'll take a few mins to watch the sun rise now :)

I'm just pulling in these text labels a bit on the left (Mon, Wed, Fri) to match the width of the rest of the profile. I think it feels better. I need to increase the spacing between the heading '8 Entries' and the grid. I want this to feel really well spaced out and easy to absorb on desktop.

Just adding in the days and the months in this grid. I'm not sure how I feel about it right now. The months on the top of the grid is off in terms of spacing. I'll have to play with that later. I'm also not sure about how the labels on the left side of the grid (Mon, Wed, Fri) fall outside of the width of the rest of the profile. I'll try and pull that in to see how it feels. I'm still a MAJOR amateur with Sketch, so doing some grid stuff and measurement stuff like this can be frustrating for me lol :)

I'm starting to work on this stats view again now that the journals element is a little bit more sorted. I might send @lucas a package with a bunch of new profile interfaces for the new journal components today.

I've changed 'Daily Average' here to Lifetime Daily Average which is more accurate to what it actually is. My Daily Average on FL is 8 Entries. This is calculated based on over 2 years of working like this on a daily cadence. But it's not accurate to my more recent experimentation. Over the past few months I average about 25 entries per day. And that's reflected in my 14 day average. So there needs to be some kind of separation there. A distinction between your recent usage and life time usage.


Giving the highlighted journals here a bit of positional separation. It's 48px above the rest of the journals which are vertically spaced at 16px. When I looked at this, I wondered if in this view there wasn't enough separation in visual elements. If everything kind of felt jumbled together. In this view it might be tough to get a quick understanding through the visual information.

Highlighting journals in the list view. Perhaps when you are viewing highlighted journals in the list view like this, there's an increased separation between the ones that are highlighted and the ones that are not highlighted. I've worked out something similar to this in the grid view.


Built a first prototype that enables users to upload multiple entries at once. I tried to focus on functionality over UI today. The prototype works but still needs a lot of work design wise. Will improve this soon.

The video shows that the files were last modified in May and July this year. Futureland automatically derives the order of entries by their last modification date. I want to make this optional and include a setting that toggles this behavior later.

I also thought about giving the user an option to create entry notes before the files get uploaded. Don't know if this is useful as every entry can be edited after it was uploaded.

Added a little grid icon before the Journals label. It's at 40% opacity. I applied this same opacity to the list icon that is displayed on the grid view.

Sketching how long descriptions could work with this longer rectangles in the list view. I add '…' at a specific point in the description. So in this version of the list view of journals, it's a way of seeing a lot of journals at any given time and not necessarily for expanded information about a specific journal which the grid view provides. The journals in the list view can be displayed in the way that they are ordered by the user. With highlighted ones at the top. It might work.

Experimenting with showing private journals with this same kind of visual treatment. Dotted border with opacity. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet as a way of indicating private journals. It might be too subtle. It feels like one those things you need to keep playing with until something feels right.

Starting to sketch out a list view of journals for profiles. The size of these profile pictures still seem off. I think I notice it more now without my eyes drawn towards the grid of rectangles.


Started to work on a new way for users to publish multiple entries at once. The goal is that a user can drag and drop multiples files into Futureland and upload them in the correct order of their creation. The browser file API unfortunately does not provide the creation time of a file. Instead it offers a timestamp of the last modification of a file. As the time of last modification and creation is mostly the same for images, videos and audio files I will use this data to provide a simple way to quickly import existing files to Futureland.

One use-case for this could be importing @internetvin's 365 days of music project to Futureland by dropping all of his mp3s into our UI.

I'm experimenting with putting the 'list icon' besides the Journals label. I felt like the previous location cluttered the interface and demanded too much attention. This seems like a better location. It will only appear when you are viewing Journals. If you click over to Stats, you will not see it.

I'm experimenting with adding opacity to private journals to differentiate them from the other ones. Private journals are only viewable when you are viewing your own profile.

Making this list icon to the left of the grid a little bigger to see how that feels. Maybe it should be on the right side.

We sent an email out to all of our subscribers last Monday. It was an interesting experience. There were a bunch of replies and for some it lead to renewed interest in Futureland. The plan is to send another one this Monday. Hopefully we can figure out a day and time that makes sense to repeat every week. We're torn between Sunday and Monday right now. And we definitely don't want to waste your time and attention. So these will take focus, hard work and of course mistakes.

This early experimentation with email is essentially the potential birth of a periodical publication (a newsletter?). It's interesting to think about how we should communicate periodically and why. I'm enjoying studying email right now as a mechanism of distribution. Over the past decade, I have been so hyped on tools like Twitter that I've kind of forgotten how many great things existing tools already do (lol). Email seems like such a great form of distributing messages to a lot of people while retaining the ability to have a direct and private conversation with any single recipient. I think I really like this format. We're all very busy, but maybe email allows for a 'bit' of slower more focused consumption. Email clients are not as focused as social networks on diverting your attention to different things.

I also did not realize that newsletters were the origin of newspapers.


I have a lot of thoughts swirling right now. I'll share more soon.

- Futureland needs a meta, a place on Futureland for all of us to talk about Futureland

- If you build an audience on Futureland, you should be able to take it with you if you ever leave here. This probably means 'Shadows' should also mean 'emails'. Building an audience somewhere and then being locked in is trash.

- I think we need to support the creation of periodicals (newsletters). There should be a respectful and cool way that you can package together selected entries of all media types and share them with those who shadow you (in a way that makes everyone happy).

- Thank you so much for using Futureland. For real, all of you. Just talking to everyone and learning from you. I can't put into words how lucky we are. Thank you thank you thank you!

Adding a quick list button on this profile view. This likely needs to be a lot bigger. The idea here is that anyone can click that button and it will show you all of a user's public journals in a list instead of a grid like this. In that list view you'll be able to more quickly scan through the journals and get some more information on them as well. Let's see how that feels as I start working on it.

Optimized the mobile navigation for really tiny screens (iPhone SE).
Started to show the current streak at all times.

Thanks to everyone who wrote us emails this week. I've been making my way through them and setting up times to hang with everyone. It's really neat hearing perspectives on Futureland and also directly sharing how I am using it. I really enjoy the insights that come out of that too. :)

Experimenting with a dotted border to note private journals when a user is viewing her own profile. Not sure how I feel about this yet.

Like this. Any time a Journal is highlighted, it remains at the top and takes up the entire row. So if only a single Journal is highlighted, it will isolate itself on the top row. Perhaps then we set a limit on the number of journals that can be highlighted at any given time to 4.

If a user highlights a Journal, perhaps they can always be displayed in the first row. If there are multiple journals highlighted, perhaps the user can drag them around to order them in a specific way. If a journal is highlighted it will always take up the first row. Even if only a single Journal is highlighted. I'll show you what I mean.

I moved the entire profile up by 16px to match the vertical position of the menu in the top right to see how that feels. Not sure yet. It seems like one of those things we will have to feel out while implementing things. It makes sense to do it, something seems just a bit off. Perhaps the size of the profile pic or something.

I'm just starting to add more real information into this sketch. I've also started to adjust the position of the title, description and entries. Moving the title up by 8px balances the rectangle more I find. Moving the entries to 16px from the bottom border opens a lot more space for Journals with longer descriptions.

Added a Journals and Stats toggle to the Profiles here. A simple way of toggling between viewing all of a user's public journals and their stats on FL.

Just starting to get a sense of how this feels. I also need to figure out a way for users to highlight specific journals. Hm. And I wonder if a list view could be useful. When a user is viewing their own profile they would need to be able to clearly see which of their journals is private and so on. A lot more to think about. But taking some steps forward.

Just laying out these Journals in their normal state to see how it feels. To see if it feels too flat. I'll populate this with more dynamic information soon.


Trying another approach that builds on the variants from yesterday and considers @ethan's suggestion. This seems like it might make sense. In its normal state the Journal displays its title, description and the number of entries. When you hover over it, the entire rectangle will slowly cycle through recent contents. A way of peaking inside.

Now the worry is whether the Journals look too flat or not in the normal state. I'll lay them out on the profile to see how that feels. We might be able to incorporate Journal icons on the normal state as well when the user has selected one.

Working on an option to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Not really happy with the interaction. But currently not worth it to spend more time on it.

I need to think a bit more about those journal units on the profiles. Sometimes I find things make more sense if I walk away from my MacBook or work on something else for a bit. Started sketching a bit of 'stats' on these user profiles. I'm super excited about this. I think it will be fun to see someone's work and then poke around their stats. :)

I think the squares on the grid here might be a bit too small for a profile like this. Not sure, I'll need to check this out on a bigger display. I find my sense of dimensions are a mess when I'm designing on my MBP.


Processing @ethan's feedback on these profile sketches I'm doing. Here I'm sketching out more variants of how journals could be displayed on FL profiles. In this concept journals are displayed as simple rectangles with a title, description and the number of entries. When you hover over the journal, it displays various media in the background. I'll need to figure out how to handle text here. Hm. Or maybe that's something we do not include in the effect, not sure yet.

Office hours (?)

We sent out an email yesterday to everyone asking if they would be interested in having an audio or video chat about Futureland. I mentioned that I could share how I am using FL in my own life and I thought it would be cool to hear perspectives on that and FL generally.

The feedback on this email has been really positive with a lot of interest. I'm slowly replying to everyone who wrote back to me. It's got me thinking that it might be interesting to do some kind of regular office hours here. Perhaps a weekly time for us to come together and chat about our experiments and FL as a tool.

What do you think?

Pushed a new Futureland app version to TestFlight. It includes support for iPad and the stats view.


Perhaps users can highlight specific journals on their profiles and drag them around in a specific order to kind of suggest how their profiles are explored by visitors.


Futureland has developed and expanded a lot in 2020. It's not always the easiest thing to understand and I think making that easier is a community effort. I'm planning on emailing everyone who's signed up for FL to see who's open to give us another shot and who's open to just chat about stuff in general. I've also been getting interested in this concept of office hours. I wonder about it a bunch and how something like that might work here.


FL is __________

We're trying to learn more about what Futureland is and we're curious about what you think about it. So here's a prompt for you. Fill in the blank in the title above and share with us in the comments!

Credit goes to @tmm for this idea. He's becoming a good friend of mine. Just like others here, he's always sending me ways to improve FL and new things to think about.

When you've joined an open journal, the button adjusts to its active state and says 'Joined'. I wonder if that word sounds off - might be another thing that just works for now.

Adjusted the 'Join In' button to 'Join' feels more simple. This is the hover state at 100% opacity. I wonder about stacking two buttons on top of each other like this, but maybe it just works for now.


Almost finished with the weekly review email. This would have been mine if I got this email today. I am not satisfied with this yet so I will take it slow to not rush things.


Experimenting with adding a 'Join in' button on open journals. There's an opacity on this button. It will brighten on hover. I'm wondering whether we title the button 'Join' or 'Join in'.

Working on active state. When you start typing the text area becomes white instead of grey and the send button is highlighted in white as well. This might need some more work still but it's a good start I think.

Adjusted the comment text to a grey instead of white in this full screen entry interface. I still need to fix the arrows to be an overlay to allow for full screen width.


Deleting Twitter

I deleted Twitter last night. It's a funny thing to write about and even think about really. It's just an account on a social network. I used it for 11 years though (lol). I think what happens with these social networks is we project parts of our identity on to them. So deleting the account becomes a killing of that identity. Deleting Twitter was not a quick decision. I ran lots of different experiments over multiple years. Tweeting about different subjects and at different frequencies. I followed people, curated my list of followers and then eventually I stopped following everyone. That last thing - unfollowing everyone - was a useful way of focusing my Twiter only on publishing. But there's always some content that shows up in explore or trending that ends up distracting me. My Twitter use wasn't super high. I was able to slowly use it less and less over time. I did not have the app on my phone and I would only use it on my Mac. The one thing I could not get rid of though, was the need for recognition. Whenever I would tweet something, I would often check to see if it had any likes. I needed to know. Is this something people liked or not? Am I a winner or am I a loser? Twitter became a way for my brain to turn thoughts into dopamine. On a subconscious level, I feel I would automatically imagine ideas that would do well within the format of Twitter. After 11 years of use, my brain had the circuitry to make that type of ideation happen whether I liked it or not. I've become very curious about how my brain might work without something like Twitter as an outlet. Deleting this account also means I am no longer on any social network except Futureland.

I've always imagined Futureland as a place where anyone feels comfortable sharing things in process, where it's easier to stick to things, and ultimately sustain ourselves. Maybe the best way to create that place for others is to try to create it for ourselves.


Today on Futureland #11

- Getting a bunch done on full screen entries. Should be ready for you soon but still things to work out.

- Some of you are using the early iOS app now which is great. If you want a link let me know. We’re slowly adding more components to it.

- Making good progress on a weekly email experiment that shares some insights about individual and community wide activity. We’ll try and send the first one on Sunday morning!

- Our onboarding is not good yet, mostly because it’s hard to tell people what FL is when we are figuring it out for ourselves! But this is something we are working on now and will build on each day :)

Good night!

Weekly emails from FL

We're going to start experimenting with a weekly email that you can opt-in or opt-out of. It will include both individual and community wide stats. It will take practice and experimentation to find the right mix of useful information, but here's some things we can start with:

- Total entries this week
- Your most active journal this week
- Your average publish time this week
- The day with your highest entries this week

- Total entries this week
- The most active journal on Futureland this week
- The most active entry on Futureland this week
- Some recent users who have joined

We can definitely expand on this over time. What do you think?

Today on Futureland #10

(1) New use case developing where groups use FL for real time public discussion

(2) Opt-in weekly individual & community wide stats

(3) In addition to the stats every user can access on any journal which can be very powerful


Idea: weekly insights

We’re thinking about putting together a simple email for you (that you can opt-out) that includes interesting insights on your individual activity on FL. It can also include general platform statistics so you can see how things are developing. I share more thoughts in this audio clip.

What do you think?

Thought it would be cool if the URL and window position changes while navigating through a journal when using the detail view.


Today on Futureland #9

(1) We're trying to improve how conversations happen on FL through new full screen entries

(2) We made a little iOS app that improves publishing to FL from your phone. It supports text, photos, video and audio


Help us test our early iOS apps

We have a little test iOS app that we can share with a few friends. Its focus is entirely on publishing for now, so functionality is limited to 'Daily' and adding Futureland to your share sheet. You can use the app to quickly publish to journals from your phone - photos, videos, text, audio. This is interesting experimentation because @lucas has been using FL to teach himself iOS development to build this app. He uses a journal titled, Native Software to document his process.

If you have iOS 14 and you are interested in testing out the app, drop a comment!


Today on Futureland #8

(1) You can now Shadow Journals on Futureland :)
(2) We added the ability to download original media on public journal entries.

Today on Futureland #7 - A daily video update on our work with Futureland.


(1) There's new interface improvements to 'Daily' on desktop, a tool to help you revisit things that are important to you ever day. New skills, side projects and anything else you find interesting.

(2) Shadowing is almost ready for public testing. A way to opt-in to updates on a creator's work without notifying the creator.


Thoughts on audio in general and on Futureland

Replying to @ethan’s comment which shares some thoughts on audio vs video as a means of quick communication about things.


Today on Futureland #6 - A daily video update on our work with Futureland.


(1) Making some good progress on Shadowing, a way to opt-in to updates on a creators work without notifying the creator.

(2) Early challenges, questions, and wondering about how people will end up using Shadowing

Pushed a tiny update that makes shortcuts in the hints section clickable. Additionally added a new global shortcut J to create new Journals.

Another version of that clip ↓, I added a zoom so it's easier for the viewer to connect with the components being highlighted. A useful suggestion from @pugson.

Here's another clip from a video I am working on about Futureland. In this one I describe how comments work on every Journal's timeline.

A clip from a video I am working on about Futureland. In this clip, I am beginning to describe the 'timeline' that's on every Journal on Futureland.

This is current state of a video I am working on that describes recent improvements to Futureland. I'm letting myself be open while I think and work through this - so as you will see the video is long right now. It might end up becoming something that we break into components. I'll continue on it today :)

Improved the new Daily view with more information about entries and an enhanced Journal picker.


I spent a bunch of time today thinking and writing about different components of Futureland. Thanks to everyone who is always messaging me and sharing feedback on using this thing. I'm starting to sketch out an improved version of the Activity view, in this concept there's something called 'Shadowing'. Users would be able to Shadow journals, which means they can opt-in to updates on them but the creators will not be notified of it. This would be a careful step in understanding how concepts like 'Following' or 'Subscribing' should or should not work on Futureland.

We have a working version of 'Hints' in the developer version of Futureland. It will likely be in production very soon. While I am hovering over objects on this Interface, you will see 'Hints' displaying more context about everything I am hovering over on the bottom right of the screen. I am very proud of the work we are doing here because it's been a fun collaboration between @lucas and I and also because I believe this is rooted in good design principles.

Today I worked on some internal optimizations, refactoring and several bug fixes concerning the Journal Sidebar.

Pushed a small update that caches the state of Daily on the client. This makes the most important journals instantly available without loading times.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that would prevent audio covers from being stored correctly. No data was lost. If you notice that one of your entries is missing a cover, please contact me.
- Fixed tiny UI glitches that appeared after the big update from Thursday.
- Our worker service that processes/converts all incoming media like images and videos and sends out email notifications was offline for several hours. The problem is now resolved.


Pushed a bigger update with the following changes:

- Added a global Toolbar at the bottom that displays useful keyboard shortcuts
- Added a global search component that can be toggled with CMD + /
- Improved Journal Sidebar design
- Improved Timeline design
- Improved text editors across Futureland.

Permission Changes
- Only the creator of a Journal is allowed to change its settings or delete it.
- Only the creator of an Entry is allowed to edit it or delete it.


Having a lot of fun while playing around with the new quick search. Added a simple solution to search users and navigate to their profiles. Can't wait to ship this feature.

Starting to add hints to our new Journals Interface. As I hover over buttons in the menu here, you can see hints are being displayed in the bottom bar. Here the bottom bar is displaying the purpose of each button in the menu. We will add these kinds of hints across all of our Interfaces over time. I'm really excited this! :)


Started to work on a quick search/commander/spotlight component. For now it is possible to quickly navigate to journals and all other Futureland areas. In this session I focused on the functionality rather than the design. Feels really great. Will improve the design later.

Spent this morning tweaking the design of the upcoming journal changes. Played around with only showing a few comments on the timeline because it starts to look cluttered on journals with a lot of comments.

Playing around with hints that we want to show in the toolbar when hovering over various UI-elements.


Added a toolbar to the bottom of the web version of Futureland. It shows all available keyboard shortcuts on a page. Later we want to display little hints on the left side of the toolbar to make it easier to use Futureland.

Pushed several bug fixes and small style tweaks to our dev version. I think we can push this to production soon.

- Pushed an update that optimizes loading times for journals with a high number of entries.
- Fixed a bug that displayed wrong colors in the stats view and changed the order of the charts.

Used this morning to make some changes to the journal according to @internetvin's latest package. Overall everything feels way cleaner and more balanced on the screen. I am not sure about the new menu position though.

Spent the last two days optimizing loading times for journals with a high number of entries. Experimented with removing useless CSS transitions and executing JavaScript code only when needed. Additionally I removed tons of anonymous JavaScript functions that were slowing down the main thread.

I am not 100% happy with the result yet but the improvements are already noticeable. Will probably ship a new optimized version to production tomorrow.

Pushed a new update with the following changes:
- Futureland+ is now available.
- Made the sidebar state persistent when browsing Futureland.
- Unified look and functionality of several view components.
- Moved the buttons for shop, grid and video chat into the sidebar.
- "Collaborators" are now called "Contributors".
- Several smaller design tweaks and bug fixes.


Chinenual is Steve Tynor. He's a software engineer who dabbles in composition and sound synthesis, but can't quite figure out what genres he works in. In fact he's not really sure what many of the genre titles mean -- ambient? post-ambient? retro-electronica? chilly-tribal? acid-ambient? space music? Doing his best to fuse the right and left sides of his brain and make music.

I hopped on a video chat with @stevet today, who I find to be a very interesting fella. He has a diverse set of interests and has been using Futureland since it was just this little I was trying to code. It's still a little thing but I like to think it has improved a bunch since then :). He's always been super supportive and he has over 365 music entries on Futureland. You can listen to snippets from his process here: https://futureland.tv/stevet/music

@stevet also has two albums on Bandcamp. 'Feed Forward' and 'Laminar Flow'. I just picked up 'Feed Forward' and it's great!

Put the Grid and other buttons into the journal sidebar yesterday. Today I tried to improve the spacing and transition.

Working through the purchasing components of Futureland+ today with @lucas. Just sent this package over to him and he's implementing so we can get a sense of how stuff feels.

- Fixed a bug that would prevent users on mobile to create new journals.
- Fixed a bug that would render the notes input in the push view way too small in some cases.

Spent a lot of time playing around with the Stripe API this morning. Found out how customers can give themselves full refunds and how to set up subscription based payments.
The basic implementation is almost done.


On Sustainability

Futureland is a tiny team. There's just two of us and we really care about this project. Here are a few of our developing thoughts on the Sustainability of Futureland.

Grow at a Natural Rate

Futureland should only ever grow at a natural rate. We do not want to create the biggest company in the world, we just want to be the best for our activities and our users (artists). Even if that means we are always small! We believe that if we make things people love, those people will support us. And if we don't, they won't! It is our challenge and responsibility to put in the work to figure out how to make the kinds of tools that artists love.

Free for Public Use

Futureland can be used publicly or privately. The public use of Futureland will be free. When you use Futureland publicly, anyone can learn from and interact with your process. So sharing publicly becomes a way of contributing to the lives and the work of everyone else using Futureland. You will be able to create unlimited public Entries and unlimited public Journals on Futureland.

Annual Pricing

The tools we make are for people who understand that some things can only ever be finished on longer time scales. That's what makes those things special! Learning a new skill requires practice. Tending to a garden is a slow and joyous process. Writing a book or making a film requires continuous attention for months and years. Our tools are designed for exploring and sharing these types of experiences.

Active Refunds and Pure Revenue

We want all of our revenue to come from users who actually use Futureland. We call this 'Pure Revenue'. There's a pattern in subscription based businesses where a lot of revenue comes from users who forget to cancel their subscriptions or from users who do not use the tool. We do not want any of this revenue. We will actively seek out users who are not using Futureland and ask them if they want their money back. If you purchase a paid version of Futureland and do not see value in the tool, you can get a full refund. We see it as our responsibility to create tools that our users love. If people try our tools and do not love them, they will always be able to get their money back.

Priced for Sustainability

We do not want to create the biggest tools, we want to create the best ones for our users. The best tools are ones that can last over many years of use. This means we need a sustainable way to continually put time and money into the research, experiments, design and development of these tools.

Futureland will not create the cheapest tools, but we hope that our users feel the higher quality and deeper thinking warrants the higher price. A higher price also means we can achieve a sustainable project with fewer users. This allows us to spend less time trying to chase new users and spend more time focusing on improving tools for the users we already have.

Here's a few early thoughts on pricing:

- Free: Unlimited Public Entries, 50 Private Entries
- Plus(+) $240/year: Unlimited Public and Private Entries, API access (coming)

Spent some time this morning to work more on the new detail component. In this session I tried to focus on improving the display and composing of comments. I can say that it already feels way better than the old comment component I built in one morning when we were still together in house one.


Projects and Outputs to Journals and Entries

If you have been using Futureland, you know that two important terms are Projects and Outputs. Today we are changing those terms to Journals and Entries. These terms better reflect the expanding use cases of Futureland and the work we have been putting in to improve the tool.

A Project was a skill you were learning. An Output was a daily unit of progress towards the completion of your Project. The hope was getting to 365 Outputs in a Project. This would mean you had worked on learning a new skill by creating something for 365 consecutive days. Quite a few users have completed these Projects in a range of disciplines like computer programming, visual art, 3d modeling, yoga. It is a life changing experience to go through.

As we continue working on Futureland and improving its functionality, it is becoming clear that this tool is expanding beyond just learning skills through a daily Output. Futureland is becoming a way to continually bring your attention back to anything that is important or interesting to you. This still includes learning new skills, but it has expanded to include other things like your observations, relationships, research, experiments and more. Projects on Futureland are starting to feel more like unique digital Journals.

I created an open Journal where anyone can share photos of the Sky. By adding it to my Daily, it encourages me to look up and appreciate the sky each day. Since it is an open Journal, anyone can add an Entry and it currently has 146 Entries. I have Journals for research themes I am working through like, 'Sustainability' and 'Self-reliance'. I have a private Journal titled, 'Kaito' that I use to cultivate a healthy relationship with my son. I have one for Meditation, Yoga and the various books I am reading. Whenever a Journal is important I add it to my Daily until it is time to remove it. Others use Futureland in similarly expanding ways, Disconnecting by @tmm, Native Garden by @ethan and @sloane, making art by @marco, organization by @justin, etc.

This might seem like a simple change of terms, but it's an important step for us. It took a lot of work and experimentation to get to this point. It's really cool to be a part of Futureland and to observe how this little experiment continues to develop.

Started to work on a simple detail view for all kinds of entries. This does not look like much yet and needs a lot of work. I want to use this as an opportunity to improve the comment experience as well.

Pushed a new update with the following changes:
- Added descriptions to the "New Journal" and "New Entry" buttons on hover
- Show the "New Journal" tile as first one in the profile view
- Replaced all occurrences of "Project" with "Journal" and "Output" with "Entry"
- Fix position of the comment component when it would partially be displayed outside of the window
- Updated the homepage
- Removed the video banner


I am experimenting with adding new sections to this home page concept. So you can explore various components of what Futureland is and believes in a focused way. In this little Sketch, the current sections are 'A Network of Digital Journals', 'How to Learn with Futureland' and 'On Sustainability'. I am not sure what the final sections will be. They will be added as they are completed.

Pushed a new update with the following changes:
- Tweaked the overall design of the current push view
- Added a word count on the push view
- Added a simple "Focus Mode" that helps to focus on the notes of an output
- Moved the collaborator settings to project settings
- Included the new sidebar in the grid view

I am working on a new modular home page concept for Futureland. As I have mentioned in earlier writing in this Journal, I see a 'home page' as kind of a table of contents for an interactive experience. It is a way of holding the entire concept of something in your head. There's a bunch of stuff we need to work on for Futureland to have a great home page (table of contents), but we're slowly starting to work on components of it. As each component starts to make a bit of sense we will update the home page with it.

Futureland allows you to create a network of public or private digital journals for anything important or interesting to you. These digital journals have very unique abilities. You can instantly jump to any point in time. Seeing a Journal's progression from a day ago, a month ago or even years ago. You can use a feature called 'Daily' to stick to Journals that need your attention every day. Maybe ones that you are using to learn a new skill or ones that you are using to get healthy. You can share Journals with your friends or share just a single entry. When you're working with others, you can add them to a Journal as collaborators so they can share progress and insights as well.

Using Futureland is a different experience. We find it is difficult to overstate the power of continually bringing your attention back to the things you care about most.

Added a "Collaborators" section to the project settings to invite other users to collaborate on projects. Additionally this lets users invite people to projects that are not on Futureland yet.

Learning a new skill is the inevitable byproduct of repeating the right behaviours. If you write some kind of code every day, you will learn how to code. If you make some kind of music every day you will learn how to make music. This pattern applies to every skill that you want to learn. Animation, filmmaking, meditation, yoga, gardening, writing, Jiu Jitsu, anything. In a world where we have access to unlimited information, the only thing standing in the way of continuous learning is practice. Futureland helps you repeat the activities that lead to the acquisition of new skills and it visually documents your progress through public or private digital journals.


Futureland is designed for you to transform anything. To transform something is to change its nature, function or condition. You might want to transform one of your abilities like becoming someone who can make music or write software. Perhaps you want to transform the state of an idea into something tangible. Maybe you want to transform the environment around you. Or maybe you want to transform your relationship with someone or something. Futureland is designed for these kinds of transformations.

To transform something, you need to repeat specific behaviours, widen your identity, take in high quality inputs and reflect often. Futureland integrates all of these activities into a single, simple and powerful experience. There is no other tool like this and it is the product of our own research and experiments.

To help users focus more on writing I added a button to the push view that makes the media preview smaller.

I am starting to make some small improvement to the settings Interface for our Journals. No major changes, just widening it, including a space to add collaborators and improving the usability a bit if I can.

I'm moving around our navigation menu to see if it feels better in any other position. It's funny we have tried so many different things with this. Last week I spent a bunch of time designing an icon based menu and @lucas put a bunch of time in trying to get it to feel sharp from an interaction perspective. At the end of that work, it still never felt as good and simple as just having a text based menu at the top right of the screen. It requires the least thinking and allows for an immediate and direction understanding of what everything does. It's funny how that works. Kind of cool. I hope as we move through designing more of this tool we can stay focused on letting function and simplicity drive the decisions we make.

Pushed a new update to production including:
- New project sidebar
- Project icons that get displayed in the project sidebar. Users can upload them in the project settings
- Added /stats to the desktop menu
- Several small bugfixes

Sending @lucas another package of Interfaces that attempts to improve the publishing interface on Futureland. These interfaces accommodate every type of media (except audio) which I will dive into soon. It would be super tight if our experimentations in native software eventually take us to a point where we can quickly drop audio into any Journal.

I have been making some design improvements to publishing on Futureland. There's A LOT of continual work that needs to be done on this but these are small steps in a positive direction. This is a little package of interfaces I am sending over to @lucas for some early feedback.

Also it's likely that we will be pushing a new side bar to all Journals soon. And a new menu too. There's ways we can refine both of those things and I'm sure you will tell us how once you start playing with those things.


There have been a bunch of us here recently who have completed experiments in continuous creative output for 365 consecutive days. This output ranges from disciplines like violin, software, water color, pixel art and 3d modelling (soon). This is straight up incredible and I am still processing all of it. I cannot believe it. I'll be writing more about these users and these projects very soon. I have been quiet about this because I am just at a loss for words observing all of this.

A massive congratulations to everyone who some how managed to see through these experiments. Life brings so many ups and downs. To see this is just crazy inspiring.


Started to implement @internetvin's new navigation idea. Liking it so far. I am on limited time today and not happy with any of this yet. Will play with this more tomorrow morning.

If you are viewing one of your own Journals or a Journal that you are a collaborator on and you click the New entry button, Futureland will infer that you want to add a new entry to that Journal. In the Where field, the Journals name will already be displayed in a dimmer text and a blinking cursor beside it suggesting that it is editable. This allows you to quickly backspace if you want to publish somewhere else.

In this updated publishing view as the user is typing the name of a Journal, Futureland will infer and show you various Journals you might be trying to select. This mechanic assumes that users always start with a blank 'Where' field. We need to figure out how to infer where you want to publish sometimes so you do not have to go through this step every time. I just had an idea while writing this.

I'm working on a little update to our publish view on Futureland. This could be the empty state. There's a field titled 'Where:' that is where you input the name of the Journal you are publishing to. I also added text at the top of the interfaces that says 'Esc to exit' The 'exit' text is underlined because it is a clickable link that will close the publishing view. This text also shows the user how to exit out of this view with their keyboard. Push the esc key. Other subtle details are that the 'New entry' button on the top right is faded. This is to indicate that you have already triggered this activity and cannot trigger it again. I'll share a couple of other little developments in a moment.

I am starting to experiment with a little design update to Futureland's existing publishing interface. I think we need a more prominent display of the Journal you are publishing to. Quick Journal switching would be useful and an immersive feeling when writing. I would also be cool if you could publish to multiple Journals at the same time. :)

I am starting to experiment with an icon based menu on the right side of Futureland. The labels will be triggered on a hover state. The hope is that an adjustment like this opens up more space on the interfaces and takes Futureland towards more desktop tool patterns.


I started working on an inline entry component for new entries. This means when you click the + button or drag a file onto the Journal, you will be able to compose your entry right on the surface of the Journal you are publishing to.

Adding a new persistent Header to Journals on mobile so that you don’t have to click away to get into new information (a feature of my previous mock up). I still need to add a Way to access settings and sharing. Of course the icon at the top of these journals will always be yours.

I'm sending sketches of these new interfaces to @lucas for feedback and implementation. They include updates to a new side bar component of Journals we are working on and mobile sketches that reflect the same behaviours on smaller screens. As always, we will have to keep tweaking and working through these.


Pushed a small update:
- Output timestamps are now clickable links.
- Users can now move, edit or delete an output directly from the activity feed and publicly shared outputs.

I'm starting to sketch out new Journal interfaces for mobile that reflect some of the things we are experimenting with on desktop so there's a shared language between larger and smaller screens.

Started to implement the first version of the new sidebar that @internetvin designed. This still needs a lot of work, but I am confident that we can make this feel really good. Can't wait to keep working on this tomorrow.

I had a good conversation with @lucas about this new side bar on Journals and he's started implementing it so that we get more of a tactile feel for it.

I'm adding some more detail to this collapsed state. Right now I can't see a way in which we could include the name of the Journal in the collapsed view. I have included the total number of entries, which is helpful to see to understand the size of a Journal but in a way perhaps the wrong thing to do. Humans have this thing with numbers where when they see them they think the only thing that matters is increasing them. A journal with 10 entries could be just as useful as a journal with 15,000. So something to think about there.

The collaborators icons shrink in the collapsed state and can enlarge in the expanded view. Lucas showed me a cool transition effect that he thinks could really bring this to life in a compelling way. There's still a lot to think about here.

I'm sending this package of Interfaces over to @lucas now. It's a step towards experimenting with this new side bar concept. Clicking the journal's icon will expand and collapse the side bar.

Right now we don't have Journal icons, so I think something that would be interesting is a slow fade between entries like we do on Profiles but slower. Let's see what Lucas thinks. Hopefully we can start playing with this our developer version.

Working on a collapsed state of this side bar concept. It really opens up the interface. I'm separating this work into two projects. Let's call them 'Sidebar' and 'Timeline2'.

Sidebar is about moving key information to the left of the Interface in a way that can be expanded and collapsed to result in a cleaner and more focused interface.

Timeline2 is about moving the timeline closer to the entries so that it's easier to associate the entries with the timeline. Ideally this improves the experience of interacting with Journals on Futureland. This might be a good time to make some other little improvements to it as well.

Pushed an update that lets users join open projects like Sky.
After a user joined the project it will be displayed on their profile and can be added to Daily.


Added a new button in the output menu that enables users to move outputs to different projects. This is especially useful for outputs that were accidentally pushed to the wrong project.

I'm thinking through a bunch of improvements to how we view Journals on Futureland. Not ready yet but I think we might be getting closer to running some experiments. I'm SUPER stoked to be working on these desktop improvements right now

Thought it would be cool if users would be able to join open projects on their own. This would enable them to display projects they contributed to in their profile and gives them the option to add them to daily. Came up with this working prototype for now.

Pushed a bigger update to production. It includes the following changes:

- A redesigned output menu.
- Option to create public links for private projects.
- Option to create public links for single outputs in private projects.
- A new daily output graph in the stats view.
- Several bug fixes and design tweaks.

A quick update to how comment numbers are displayed on entries to build on some of the improvements we are making to these components. I'll send this over to @lucas now.

I have been using these new expanded menus we have added in the developer version of Futureland. They are a blast to use! I find it makes Futureland feel a lot more stable or something and also makes it super easy to grab quick links of your entries and share them with your friends. And also to just jump into things like editing and deleting entries. I think we did them well!

Hopefully you can try them out soon!


Last night @tania brought to my attention that outputs that include markdown can look weird when posted to Twitter. As of now we strip away any markdown that was used when creating outputs.

That means outputs that use markdown like this:

### Visual Hierarchy in UX Design 

#### Sizing 
• use sizing and scale to draw more attention to elements more than others - need to be care...

will now get tweeted like

Visual Hierarchy in UX Design 

• use sizing and scale to draw more attention to elements more than others - need to be care...

Text variant of single output display. I think this will be useful for writers and those who want to encourage a longer form discourse related to something on their projects / journals.

I have started working on a concept for a single entry display. You might use this when you have a private project and only want to share a single entry with someone. Or if you want to show an entry in an isolated view for whatever reason.

Looking at this it's making me think I need to get to a new commenting interface soon.

Tried to add a minimal display of the expiration time of a sharing link. Not 100% happy with this yet.


Playing around with this minimal interface to publicly share single outputs that were pushed to a private project.


Started to create a new color palette for the daily graph. @internetvin was completely right by pointing out that it should be green like the other stats, instead of purple.

Started to share some new thoughts with @internetvin today.
- Connecting outputs to multiple projects.
- Referencing outputs inside other outputs.
- Sharing private projects via unique links.
- Sharing outputs inside of private projects via unique links.

Pushed a new Futureland version to production with the following changes:
- Moved the push button on desktop under the main menu.
- Improved the interaction of the push button on desktop and mobile.
- Fixed a bug that would not allow users in an open project to delete or edit their own outputs.

Tried out the output menu concept that @internetvin sent me last night. I like this idea a lot, although I have to figure out how it could work on mobile. It could be problematic that not all of the desired user actions are always visible on the output surface. I really like that this approach is extendable. As I look into the future there will be a couple of additional options for our users, like downloading the original or creating a public link for one output only. So it could be good to already have a place like this. Additionally it could be a place to display more meta data about the output.

During implementation I noticed the following problems:
- As the screen gets smaller this starts to overlap with the main menu. Showing the output menu on the left instead of right could be a solution for situations where there is not enough space to show the menu on the right side.
- I was worried that I have to loose the little interaction I built into the "Copy link" button. I solved it by creating a 300ms delay before closing the menu if that button was clicked before. I hope that still makes it obvious enough for the user that the action was executed successfully.
- Users might not know that it is possible to quickly share on twitter or copy the link to the output.
- We have to adjust this a little bit to fit into the activity view concept.

Sent another package off to @lucas. The headers of the entries here have been adjusted. There's now a comment icon and then another icon that triggers an expanded menu that includes a bunch of ways to manipulate the entries. This will allow us to add more options as we learn more about how users want to manipulate these entries.

I am based out of Toronto and he is based out of Germany so he's sleeping now! Let's what he thinks of this when he wakes up and what he learns after experimenting with implementation. We played with implementing my side bar concept today and there's a bunch of quirks with it. It does not look ideal with short text based outputs. I like the immediacy of having all of the controls available with a single click but it clutters up the interface a bunch and you might not always need all of the controls available. So let's see what we learn from this approach.

This is the current state of a new video I'm working on for Futureland. Would be cool to be able to render stuff faster! lol

Started to experiment with showing a daily graph view for outputs. Not 100% happy with the design of it yet but it works. I hope this will help users to find out more about their personal behavior and output patterns.

I'm experimenting with an updated Profile view for Futureland on desktop. There's still a bunch of stuff to do but I'm really liking how this is starting to feel. I think it's super cool to see a person as a 'Stream' like this.

- Optimized rendering of the push button on desktop.
- Fixed a bug that could accidentally push outputs to the users stream in some cases.

Working on a way to switch between 'Stream' and 'Projects' in these new profiles. The more challenging part will be trying to figure out how someone might want to structure a Project (or a Journal) relative to their identity. At times you identify with certain projects more than others.

- Fixed wrong project links in email notifications for comments that were created in open projects.
- Started to send email notifications to output creators in open projects that are not collaborators of the project.

- Started to experiment with a better push button placement on desktop.
- Added new CMD + D (Mac) and CTRL + D (Windows) shortcut to quickly open the daily view.

- Optimized the order of navigation items on mobile.
- We are now hiding the push button on the mobile stats view.
- Added a subtle animation when pressing the push button on mobile.

Sketching out concepts for new Profiles on Futureland desktop. What I am trying to do here is turn down the volume on a profile being a finite projection of your identity and turn up the volume on a profile being a dynamic stream of consciousness.

Prepared the current output streak calculation for the upcoming change that allows to push outputs to multiple projects at the same time.

- Fixed some bugs that arose through the architectural changes I made this morning.
- Removed the ability to push outputs to the "Stream" project.

Pushed an update that will allow to push outputs to multiple projects at the same time. This is a major architectural change that fundamentally changes how we handle outputs on Futureland. I tried to test everything as thorough as possible before pushing to production. If something seems broken please don't hesitate to contact me.

We will release an update that actually allows our users to push to multiple projects soon.

I think there’s a lot of tools that are great for slower velocities. When you want to stop and think about stuff, there’s a bunch of software for that. But when you want to speed things up, when you want to share at a very high velocity with no filtering it seems harder to find tools for that. I published 26 times to FL yesterday and it still feels too slow relative to how fast I want to share!

Finished fixing a bug that would prevent some users from connecting their Twitter accounts to Futureland.

@zsmith and his violin

@zsmith hit 365 outputs on his violin project today! That's a lot of days to sit down and make something with your violin! I still find it hard to process this kind of stuff when I see it happen. It's just so cool to see someone experiment like this!

I liked watching the video he made on his first day. You can see him kind of just figuring out how to hold the violin correctly. He really just dove in! @zsmith is one of the earliest users here and he's supported this project a bunch! Thanks for everything man!

Here's his first video :)


Starting to work on that video (https://futureland.tv/internetvin/futureland/16819) again for Futureland. I took a break from it to work on some necessary improvements first with @lucas. There's a lot to cover and we're excited to share our thinking with everyone. Some of you have already noticed the changes (especially if you use FL on mobile).

Here I'm just starting to write a script for the video. I write sections and then perform the audio to see how it feels. My writing is almost always verbose. If you ever want to clean up your writing, force yourself to make a video of what you've written! It's as if everything we right is always too long!

I made some improvements to the Public Activity interface. In this variant, there's more focus on the conversations that are happening on Futureland. A new comment button is more prominent and well placed so it is easier to share your thoughts on anything you see. All of the text has been made larger and the events are more well spaced to improve readability.

I'm sending this little package over to @lucas now so we can start to see how this things feels!

I designed over 30 variants of this Public Activity interface for Futureland on mobile. This variant tries to increase focus on the conversations that are happening on Futureland. The comments are displayed in context of an output / entry. Telegram was a big influence here. Outputs / Entries are still large on the screen. You can easily comment on anything by clicking the prominent arrow icon. For now it will trigger our existing comments interface.

I am sending this little package over to @lucas now to see what I can learn from his feedback and from a higher fidelity implementation. Once this is done, it seems like we're pretty close to shipping a mobile update for all of our users. I'll make some videos about that and I'm excited to see how people use this stuff!

Then I'll return to working on Futureland desktop and there's a lot to do there!


Finally got this animation on iOS Safari to work. It seems like Mobile Safari prevents JavaScript to focus elements asynchronously. It makes sense actually. Without that limitation the web would be pretty annoying on iPhones because the keyboard would pop up all the time. Although this limitation is bad for what I had in mind, I was able to build around it for this project picker thing. iOS allows to focus input elements after the user clicks a button. So I added a listener that would focus the input after the user clicks the "Add Project" button. I still don't know why, but this resulted in the weird glitches I was showing in the videos before. Good thing I found out that iOS indeed lets you focus input elements asynchronously if another input element is already focused.

The final solution now is to have a fake input element that is not visible and gets focused right after the user clicks the "Add Project" button. After the animation is finished the actual input element gets focused.


Follow on Futureland

Usually on social networks, when you 'Follow' someone you subscribe to see everything they publish on the Internet. I don't like doing this because there's never an instance where I would need to see 'everything' someone publishes to the Internet. It is kind of absurd that this has become the default way of subscribing to something. In general, I expect my tools to keep me focused on my own creative process over anything else. Of course, there is tons of value in observing someone else's work and ideas. I want to be able to do that too! I just believe my tools should have extreme restraint in diverting my attention elsewhere without my permission.

I have been thinking about how 'Follow' might work on FL. I am not entirely clear on it yet, maybe you have some perspectives for me. I already have mixed feelings on our Activity feed. I think it's important to have for now because our community is still small and we are learning what FL is together.

Here's some thoughts I have been having:

- Maybe on FL you can follow a person (all of their projects) or just one of their projects.

- Maybe Following something should not default to getting updates on 'everything'. Perhaps you can select different types of Following. Perhaps the default is Intermittent Following, where you get an update across all of the projects you Follow in a clean summary once a week or once a month. And if you want to subscribe to 'everything' in the traditional sense, maybe you can do that too. But it is not the default.

- If FL has a feed, maybe it should consist of your own projects and the projects you're working on with collaborators. Again trying to keep the focus on your own creative process.

In summary, I think we need to make some important choices about how things will work on Futureland. I personally think FL should be something that takes you deeper into your own work and experiments. It should never divert your attention from you own process without your permission. If we do that right, maybe over time it will allow you to observe your own work and the work of others at a higher and more insightful fidelity.

What do you think?

Just sent a new interface with adjusted colours to @lucas. The adjustments here are intended to improve aesthetics and make it easier to quickly glance at highlight data.

Built new UI to add projects to the log. I think it is a little bit overpowered for what we need here but we will see.
Once again super fed up with Mobile Safari because it ruins the transitions that feel way better during development. Also had struggles to automatically focus the search input field at the top of the project selector. Now it focuses the correct element but somewhere in the middle of the screen instead on the top of the page where the input element actually is.

Rewrote a bunch of code for the upcoming update that enables users to connect a single output to multiple projects. Looks like I am almost finished.
Additionally I tweaked a lot of tiny animations in the developer version of the log.

Experimenting with a new modal to let users decide if an output should get removed from the current project or all projects. Not happy with how this looks yet.


Started improving the modal interaction in case the user performs an action that causes loading times.

There's a bunch of interesting things we are working on right now and it seems like each day we're learning more about what Futureland is. As @lucas mentioned in the entry before this, we're thinking about some architectural changes to how Futureland works. To start, we want to enable users to connect a single output to multiple projects. This change requires us to rework a lot of our codebase. And by we, I mean @lucas! lol

He started working on this today and a bunch of questions came up while he was doing it. How will comments work? How will deletion work? And other things like that. We jumped on a video chat to catch up and ask, "now that we know a bit more, does it still make sense to allow an output to be connected to multiple projects?". The answer is still yes!

Started to work on some fundamental architectural changes to support pushing outputs to multiple projects at the same time.

Updated the log according to @Internetvin’s sketches.
Added some smooth transitions to make completing tasks more gratifying. Thought it is a good idea to redirect the user to the log directly after pushing.
Not happy with how this looks in mobile Safari yet. The transitions look way better in my dev environment. Will keep tinkering.


Pushed a new mobile web version that includes these improvements:
- "Average Publish Time" now works reliably across different timezones
- Added statistics for every project within the stats view
- Redesigned the mobile navigation
- Added a new global publish button to quickly add new outputs from anywhere


I think this is a big step forward from the previous version of the Log. Reading about Zen and chatting with @pugson and @lucas gave me some clarity. Thank you!

A few notes:

The purpose of this Log is to observe the state of your day as one unit in your creative process. Repetition is very important but it is not the goal. So we do not always show your streak count. We will show it only after you’ve published to the project.

Once you publish to a project, it will drop to the bottom of the interface and turn green. As you publish to more projects a little chain is formed that moves up the list as you complete more of your daily outputs.

Each circle on this interface will trigger the publishing view for that project. So you can easily publish to the projects that are most important to you right now.

A heightened focus on the present day is retained through a large date at the top and a large display of your total outputs for the day.

Sending this over to @lucas now. Good night!

Sending this over to @lucas tonight. It's an updated design of the Log. It reflects a bunch of the insights I've had while using the current version extensively. It will be interesting to see what Lucas does with this thing.

I wrote about the functional purpose of these adjustments on my Interfaces project. But I'll share here as well for documentation purposes.

In this version of the Log, I am trying to increase focus on the present day and on your own creative process.

Increased focus on the present day

You will notice a large heading at the top which tells you what day of the week it is. Also, your total outputs for the day have increased in size so you can quickly glance at it and see where you're at.

Increased focus on your own process

I have tried to make it easier for the user to focus on her own creative process by bringing images of recent outputs into the interface. As the user publishes through the day, the interface will fill up with recent images from that day's work.

Also the green I am using in this interface is from @tmm's website: http://meagher.co. I like it a bunch!


Used a native <select> element to enable quick project switching in the new mobile stats view that @internetvin sent me last night. Liking this way more than yesterdays solution. This feels more natural and native. The instant switching and transition of the charts make this almost feel like a real app.

Bottom menu

I designed a new bottom menu for the mobile web app yesterday and after carrying around the interface for a day, some parts of it kind of suck! So I'm trying to make some improvements to it. I adjusted the size of the icons and the text and played with case sensitivity. I think it looks a lot better than when the labels were entirely upper case. I also added a separate icon for Stats and used a different icon for Activity.

Stats as its own space

In the developer version of Futureland, we've added the ability to see stats on every one of your projects. But switching between your projects was kind of annoying! You had to scroll to the bottom of the interface and then select a project. So I was trying to figure out a way to make it easy to quickly jump between your projects and see data on each of them to compare.

Adding project selectors to the previous Stats interface just cluttered the whole thing up. After a few variants it became pretty clear that it makes a lot more sense to separate this into its own thing. And that's what this is about!

The two interfaces on the right are a separate section in Futureland that show you stats on all of your projects. You tap All projects at the top and it will trigger a selector for you to quickly see data on another project.

I'm sending this little package over to @lucas now. I wonder what he'll do with it.

good night!

Fixed a bug that would prevent the upload of JPGs that use a CMYK color model instead of an RGB one.

Implemented @internetvin's latest package into the developer version of Futureland. It features the display of stats for specific projects, labels for the mobile navigation and a global push button that makes uploading outputs more seamless.

Not 100% happy with this yet, but I can feel how things slowly come together.

I sent this package of interfaces over to @lucas today. It will be interesting to see how he brings these to life. We're steadily chipping away at this stuff. There's a lot more to do!

- Started to calculate the average publish time of users by respecting the timezone in which the output was created in.
- Automatically refresh projects when the window gets focused again.


I made some more progress on this video that shows how I use Futureland in my own creative process. There's still a lot to do. The audio balances might still be off!

- Improved automatic detection of the user timezone.
- Created a test suite for correct project slug creation.
- Corrected the creation date and time of roughly 6000 outputs.

- Fixed a bug that would not allow creating projects.
- Fixed a bug that occurs when renaming projects.
- Save the users current timezone for every output.

Starting to work on a section in the Stats interfaces to show you your Most Active Projects. I have been observing an interesting correlation when using Futureland. I get happier and more focused as my outputs grow. Why this happens is kind of obvious. There's a bunch of stuff I want to do in my life and I use Futureland to work on that stuff. If my outputs are high, it means I am doing more stuff that I want to do.

However, within each of these projects there's 'priority'. Some things are more important at a specific time than others. It is great to be able to see my outputs increase generally but are the most important projects also the most active ones?

Sending this to @Lucas to experiment with implementing. This Finder view now includes a 'New Project' icon in the top right as well as an icon for an expanded menu. We will improve over time, but should add something like this now because it is a bit difficult to quickly create a new project on mobile interfaces.


Sharing private projects and outputs with your friends

Sometimes when I am working on something in private, there is a point in the process where I want to share it with others. This might not be sharing with everyone in public, but just sharing with a few of my closest friends. I might want to share an entire project or just a singular output.

It would be cool if there was a way to generate some kind of private link to a project or private link to an output that expires within a few hours (or something) of being generated.


This is still a rough sketch of the Stats view in Futureland's log but I'm going to send it over to @Lucas now anyways so we learn more about how it feels and how it should work.

I think all of this is a cool first step towards getting more insight into your own creative process and life.


I'm working on a new video about how I am using Futureland in my work and life. I just finished some work on the beginning of it and the audio of this thing still needs to be balanced a bunch. I think I've destroyed my ears from years of listening to music all the time.

Sending this over to @Lucas to implement tomorrow. It's a view we call Finder (like on your Mac). It's a quick away to jump around all of your projects on Futureland including sub-projects (soon).

We have been experimenting with a lot of new updates and I have already been using the tools as we work on them. I'll make a video showing how I am using this stuff!


Pushed a bigger update with the following changes:
- completely redesigned mobile navigation
- added a new header component on mobile
- fixed several message related bugs
- multiple wording changes
- started to lazy load elements on the activity feed
- added simplified stats in the log
- made desktop navigation sticky
- added esc to cancel editing output notes and CMD + enter to save them.

more to come soon.


Worked on adding some basic stats to the log. Not really happy with it yet. Will keep improving.

I'm sending a new package of Interfaces to @Lucas. I think things continue to get better each day. I'm really excited about it!

I am never entirely happy with these Interfaces. I am always noticing things that need to be improved. I am getting a bit addicted to going over it again and again until I understand how this discipline of interface design works. Still a long way to go!

- Fixed some bugs in the upcoming redesign.
- Improved our new mobile prototype.
- Fixed a bug that could occur when trying to invite someone without an Futureland account to a project.
- Removed video chats from projects. (If you want one for your project hit me up)

I am starting work on some kind of a profile tray / overlay. This one will integrate finder like elements. The ideas is that when you click on your profile image on the mobile interface, it will trigger an overlay like this. This overlay allows you to quickly see information like your total number of outputs, marathons and projects. It also serves as a way for you to quickly jump to any of your projects (and eventually sub projects).

- Fixed several messenger related bugs.
- Added a new header component for the upcoming mobile overhaul.
- Tweaked the mobile navigation.
- Refactored multiple components.
- Rebuild the activity view for mobile with the help of the sketches from @internetvin.


Linking to projects and outputs

I am using Futureland for many different public and private projects now. It's become an even more integral part of my life and creative process. I currently use Futureland to work on Futureland. I am using it to teach myself interface design. I use it to stick to and reflect on my meditation and exercise practice. I use it for writing and I also use it for reading and making notes. I do all of these things daily through the Log.

One of the things I think about often is how we might link to outputs and projects. It would be cool to be able to use a # to quickly reference another project. Or a # and a number (or something) to quickly reference an output. Say #interfaces and #interfaces-28 or something.

However, there's a bunch of conceptual holes with this. My proposition only works if all of the hashtags are local to my user and my project network. So if you're viewing one of my projects and see #interfaces, it would point to my interfaces project.

But what about if I wanted to point to someone else's output or project? You can always use links. There's a handy link icon that copies the link of any output to your clipboard. But I find myself wanting to reference things a lot faster. As I'm typing even.

This is a mock up of Futureland's Activity view on Mobile. The font here is small, but I like the general direction of this. I mean, I think I like it enough for us to try for now. In this design I've added some ideas on how to handle comments and adjusted the placement of comment, twitter and link icons.

I am realizing I need to make a bunch of output block variants to understand what makes the most sense in our Interfaces. It'll take some research and experimentation. I'll probably think of that as a separate project and work on it next week.

Started implementing more of the improvements @internetvin sketched out for mobile in an internal branch and added some subtle transitions where I saw fit. Fixed some bugs along the way and refactored some code in preparation of more changes that will be made tomorrow.


I have started syncing with @Lucas a bunch on these new Interfaces and he's already started implementing components of it to a developer version of Futureland and it's super neat so far!

I surprisingly use Futureland a lot on my iPhone. I added futureland.tv to my home screen and the experience is pretty good. You won't see these interfaces there yet, but if you end up trying it out let us know.

I'm super stoked on the next batch of improvements we're working on.


- Fixed a bug where uploaded GIFs would only be displayed as a static preview.
- All users in a comment thread will now get notified via email. Even if they are not mentioned.

Starting to work out how this public Activity feed might work on mobile. This will probably take a bit because I want to sketch out a bunch of different updated variants of the output component.

- Tweaked the log design to look more like the latest sketches from @internetvin.
- Worked on the architecture behind sub-projects.
- Tested and improved some core functionality related to streaks.
- Fixed a bug in the log that would prevent users from adding projects without outputs to their log.

Still a lot to do here. I don't like the publish button on the bottom in purple yet, but it works better than other options. Can always change it later.

I'm experimenting with a slightly elevated persistent profile picture. It will trigger a project picker (finder) view that allows you to quickly jump between your projects.


Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with @internetvin about a new idea I had. Will call it sub-projects for now. I want users to be able to build a proper "project network" where every project can have an infinite number of child-projects and parent-projects. These sub-projects inherit all features of a normal project and can be used to organize outputs within a project. They might also have their own sub-projects, collaborators, microstores, notifications and URLs. Parent-projects should have a summarizing timeline of all outputs from itself and all of its sub-projects. My goals is to make categorizing and navigating through all of this as easy as working with a local filesystem.

The idea is still pretty raw, so today I started to design an architecture that could support all of this.


Removed all JavaScript code that calculates the dimensions of an output and replaced it with CSS. Before, the height of each output was manually calculated on initial render and each time the window dimensions changed.


Played around with browser drag and drop today and implemented simple project reordering for the log.

I am working on how different components of FL will look on mobile. This is the Log and the interface is kind of getting there. I will keep tweaking it and then start working on other components of FL as well.

The Log on FL has become a central part of my daily process. I wake up each morning and work through my projects until everything in my Log is green. If there's a new project I need to focus on, I add it to my Log. I do not work on other tasks or random things until everything in my Log is green.

This has been working super well for me. I find myself wanting push more of my work through this tool.

I'll make a video showing how I use this soon.


Fixed automatically replying to a Twitter thread if the user deleted the last tweet. Futureland will now automatically reply to the last tweet in the thread.

Starting to sketch out concepts for a bunch of key tools at the bottom of FL’s interface when you’re using it on mobile.

Trying to make improvements to the Log. Each rectangle is smaller on the screen. Two new buttons. One adjusts the projects in your Log. The other shows you analytics on your creative process (soon). Menu button might be too prominent, but I kind of dig it right now. And a bunch of other things have been refined like the how completed work is highlighted.

Streaks might not be prominent enough yet.

Added a modal that will ask users if their current output should count for the day before if the corresponding project is in the user's log and an output for that day is missing to fulfill the user's ongoing streak.