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First: Jan 29, 2021
Always a good reminder. Super grateful t...
lol incredible! thanks for being so quic...
Added a temporary fix, where you only se...
Thanks for the feedback! Kinda hesitant...
!!!! This is dope
Good catch. Idk why this is happening, b...
Not yet. This is definitely a bottle nec...
Dropmark stuff is pretty cool. It'll be ...
I'm going to rework the journal dropdown...
@tmm 🙏🏽 this tool is making it so much...
I'm on 10.14.6 :) Thanks @tmm
Typo 🤦‍♂️
@tarun [Download](https://github.com/tmm...
I saw your earlier journals on Horizon a...

Just a heads up. Seems like the shortcuts stop correctly working after you have more than 9 journals. Great work though!

I wonder why the journals are ordered this way. Am I missing something? I would expect them to be order alphabetically.

Thanks for using the same shortcut like the Futureland journal picker.


Here is my first feedback;

I think;
x. login page needs a "forgot password?" button.
x. after a successful login, a quick tutorial or a "open horizon" button could really help out.
x. I didn't understand what "lock" button do.
x. There needs to be an option to for "always on top" or "normal" mode.

Everything worked :) I published a post though it (with Turkish characters and an emoji). Good, fast and simple. Thank you.

Eline sağlık

Finally added a shortcut for the journal dropdown. This should be a quality of life improvement for everyone, but I probably need to add a search field for those that have many journals to take it to the next level.

The journal shortcut, drag and drop, the emoji picker, and a few other things will drop very soon when I have time to create a new release :)


Seeing if you’ve already published to a journal (i.e Daily) would be nice. I was on a journal and I wasn’t sure if I’d written to it yet so I ended up looking at Daily on my phone.

Just installed the update for Horizon.

@tmm I realized that I also remembered the shortcut to open Horizon not only from your older journal but at the time of logging in - it mentions the keyboard short cut here.

Just added support for private entries and a couple other improvements. These are the last feature updates I'm going to add until I finish the following:

- A11y support
- Write basic tests and run them during CI
- Look into supporting older versions of macOS

After those are complete, I want to make it faster to switch journals (keyboard shortcuts) and attach media (drag and drop, paste from clipboard, context menu share extension).

I also love that it's write-only. I can be in a focused state and essentially share a note or something from the process publicly, without having to think about the readers at all in the moment that I'm sharing it. This seems really important. That I can switch out of a 'focused state' and into a more 'interactive state' on my own terms.

Yeah the biggest benefit so far to me of using 'Horizon' is just being able to publish entries or note things without having to leave the local application I'm in. It's great knowing I have access to all of my journals like this without worrying about being 'out of flow'. It's a seemingly simple thing that actually makes a huge difference in my day-to-day work flow.


I was trying to download Horizon on my older Mac without the latest update (I can't update it because of my storage) and it didn't let me download because of my current macOS version.

Earlier this morning I downloaded it on my new MacBook with the M1 chip and the latest update

Is there any way this can be compatible with older versions of the macOS?


First time uploading to my daily using Horizon.

Initial impressions
- really smooth
- fast
- shortcut is super cool

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