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Who's your muser?

A muser is a user who, like a muse, inspires you to do great work. It’s hard to build great technology products without a muser. The muser not only adds emotional motivation to the developer’s work...

I’ve been thinking a lot about scale and my relationship to it. Over the past few years my focus has been on “how do you make something useful?” And I think I’ve played a big part in making something useful for myself and others. I’ve been thinking about new questions now. “How do you make something useful for all of humanity?”, “how do you solve a complete human problem in a comprehensive and anticipatory way?”

The problem with this is of course dilution. If you understand the muser principle, designing for everyone is designing for no one at all. So what is the relationship of scale in that process? Something captured my interest today. What if I applied the muser principle to everything around me? The streets, are these designed well for the muser? What about these clothes? What about how I’m getting water? What about the air and its quality? And on


I define an artist as someone with a heightened awareness that their skills or potential skills can be used to transform reality. The awareness of this is what makes them an artist not the skills themselves. It can happen at any age and at any level and once an individual realizes this, they become an artist instantaneously.

The more I try to curate my identity the unhappier I get. Everything is steady and interesting when I let the process shape my identity instead. Or in other words when I let form follow function

Excerpt from Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller:

Far different from the politicians’, corporate executives’, and religious leaders’ strategies was the new noncompetitive course I took in 1927 — i.e., that of reforming only the physical environment through artifacts, such as increasing safety and decreasing accidents by engineering improvements of motor vehicles while also providing overpasses and banked turns for the vehicles to drive on, instead of trying to reform the vehicle drivers’ behaviours.

I planned to employ the ever-increasing and improving scientific knowledge and technology to produce ever more effective human life improving results with ever less investment of weight of materials, ergs of energy, seconds of time per each measurable level of improved artifact performance. I was hopeful of finally doing so much with so little as to implement comprehensive and economically sustainable physical success for all humanity, thereby to eliminate the need for lethally biased politics and their ultimate recourse to hot or cold warring.

The big question remained: How do you obtain the money to live with and to acquire the materials and tools with which to work?

The answer was “precession”. What precession is, and why it was the answer, requires some explaining.

When we pull away from one another the opposite rigid-disc ends of a flexible, water-filled rubber cylinder, the middle part of the overall cylinder contracts in a concentric series of circular planes of diminishing radius perpendicular (at right angles) to the line of our pulling.

When we push toward one another one the two opposite ends of the same flexible, water filled, rubber, rigid-disk-ended cylinder, the center of the cylinder swells maximally outward in a circular plane perpendicular (at right angles) to the line of our pushing together.

When we drop a stone in the water, a circular wave is generate that moves outwardly in a plane of perpendicular (at right angles) to the line of stone-dropping — the outwardly expanding circular wave generates (at ninety degrees) a vertical wave that in turn generates an additional horizontally and outwardly expanding wave, and so on.

All these right-angle effects are processional effects. Precession is the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion. The sun and Earth are both in motion. Despite the 180-degree gravitational pull of the in-motion Sun upon the in-motion Earth, precession makes Earth orbit around the Sun to a direction that is at ninety degrees — i.e., at a right angle — to the direction of the Sun’s gravitational pull upon Earth.

The successful regeneration of life growth on our planet Earth is ecologically accomplished always and only as the precessional-right-angled “side effect” of the biological species’ chromosomically programmed individual-survival preoccupations — the honeybees are chromosomically programmed to enter the flower blossoms in search of honey. Seemingly inadvertently (but realistically-precessionally) this occasions the bees’ bumbling tail’s becoming dusted with pollen (at ninety degrees to each bees’ linear axis and flight path), whereafter the bees’ further bumbling entries into other flowers inadvertently dusts off, pollenizes, and cross fertilizes those flowers at the right angles (precessionally) to the bees’ operational axis — so, too do all the mobile creatures of Earth cross-fertilize all the different rooted botanicals in one or another precessional (right-angled), inadvertent way.

Humans as hone-money-seeking bees, do many of nature’s required tasks only inadvertently. They initially produce swords with metal-forging-developed capability, which capability is later used to make steel into farm plows. Humans — in politically organized, group-fear-mandated acquisition of weaponry — have inadvertently developed so-much-more-performance-with-so-much-less-material, effort and time investment per each technological task accomplished as now inadvertently to have established a level of technological capability, which if applied exclusively to peaceful purposes can provide a sustainable high standard of living for all humanity, which accomplished fact makes war and all weaponry obsolete. Furthermore, all of this potential has happened only because of the at-ninety-degree-realized generalized technology and science “side effects” or “fall-out” inadvertently discovered as a special case manifest oft he scientifically generalized principle of precession.

At the 1927 outset of the project “Guinea Pig B” I assumed that humanity was designed to perform an important function in Universe, a function it would discover only after an initially innocent by trial-and-error-discovered phase of capability development. During the initial phase humans, always born naked, helpless, and ignorant but with hunger, thirst and curiosity to drive them have been chromosomically programmed to operate successfully only by means of the general biological inadvertences of bumbling “honey-seeking”. Therefore, what humans called the side effects of their conscious drives in fact produced the main ecological effects of generalized technological regeneration. I therefore assumed that what humanity rated as “side effects” are nature’s main effects. I adopted the precessional “side effects” as my prime objective.

So preoccupied with its honey-money bumbling has society been that the ninety-degree side effects of the century-old science of ecology remained long unnoticed by the populace. Ecology is the world-around complex intercomplementation of all biological species’ regenerative intercyclings with nature’s geological and meteorological transformation recyclings. Society discovered ecology only when its economically sidewise discards of unprofitable substances became so prodigious as to pollutingly frustrate nature’s regenerative mainstream intersupport. Society’s surprise “discovery” of ecology in the 1960s constituted its as-yet-realistically-unresponded-to discovery of nature’s main effects — ergo, of precession. It is a safe guess that not more than one human in 10 million is conceptually familiar with and sensorially comprehending of the principles of “precession”.

In 1927 I reasoned that if humans’ experiences gave them insight into what nature’s main objectives might be, and if humans committed themselves, their lifetimes, and even their dependents and all their assets towards direct, efficient, and expeditious realization of any of nature’s comprehensive evolutionary objectives, nature might realistically support such a main precessional commitment and all the ramifications of the individual’s developmental needs, provided that no one else was trying to do what the precessionally committed saw needed to be done. Precession cannot be accomplished competitively. Precession cannot respond to angularly redundant forces. It can, however, respond to several angularly non redundant forces at a given time.

Since nature was clearly intent on making humans successful in support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe, it seemed clear that if I undertook ever more humanly favourable physical-environment-producing artifact developments that in fact did improve the chances of all humanity’s successful development, it was quite possible that nature would support my efforts, provided I were choosing the successively most efficient technical mens of so doing. Nature was clearly supporting all her inter-complementary ecological regenerative tasks — ergo, I must so commit myself and must depend upon nature providing the physical means of realization of my invented environment-advantaging artifacts. I noted that nature did not required hydrogen to “earn a living” before allowing hydrogen to behave in the unique manner in which it does. Nature does not require that any of its inter-complementing members “earn a living”.

Because I could see that this precessional principle of self-employment was a reasonably realistic possibility (though to the best of my knowledge never before consciously adopted and tested by others), I resolved to adopt such a course formally, realizing that there would be no human who could authorize my doing so nor any authority able to validate my decision so to do. I saw that there would be no humans to evaluate my work as it proceeded — nor to tell me what to do next.

I went on to reason that since economic machinery and logistics consist of bodies in motion, since precession governs the inter-behaviours of all bodies in motion, and since human bodies are usually in motion, precession must govern all socioeconomic behaviours. Quite clearly humans do orbit at ninety degrees to the direction of their inter-attractions — orbiting elliptically around one another’s most attractively dominant neighbours, as do also galaxies within super galaxies and all the stars, moons, comets, asteroids, stardust particles, unattached molecules, atoms, and the electrons within the atoms. All orbit their respectively most inter-attractively dominant nuclei of the moment. I recognized that overall inter-proximities vary and that Newton’s law of system inter-attractiveness varies inversely at a second power rate of the mathematical distances intervening as well as in respect to the product of the masses of any two considered bodies. All of the foregoing evolutionary inter-transforming I observed would occasion frequently changing inter-dominances.

I assumed that nature would “evaluate” my work as I went along. If I was doing what nature wanted done, and if I was doing it in promising ways, permitted by nature’s principles, I would find my work being economically sustained — and vice versa, in which latter negative case I must quickly cease doing what I had been doing and seek logically alternative courses until I found the new course that nature signified her approval of by providing for its physical support.

Wherefore, I concluded that I would be informed by nature if I proceeded in the following manner:

(A) committed myself, my wife, and our infant daughter direction to the design, production, and demonstration of artifact accommodation of the most evident but as-yet-unattended-to human environment-advantaging physical evolution tasks, and

(B) paid no attention to “earning a living” in humanity’s established economic systems, yet

© found my family’s and my own life’s needs being unsolicitedly provided for by seemingly pure happenstance and always only “in the nick of time,” and

(D) being provided for “only coincidentally,” yet found

(E) that this only “coincidentally”, unbudgetable, yet realistic support persisted, and did so

(F) only so long as I continued spontaneously to commit myself unreservedly to the task of developing relevant artifacts, and if I

(G) never tried to persuade humanity to alter its customers and viewpoints and never asked anyone to listen to me and spoke informatively to others only when they asked me so to do, and if I

(H) never undertook competitively to produce artifacts others were developing, and attended only to that which no others attended.

then I could tentatively conclude that my two assumptions were valid: (1) that nature might economically sustain human activity that served directly in the “mainstream” realization of essential cosmic regeneration, which had hitherto been accomplished only through seeming “right angled” side effects of the chromosomically focused biological creatures; and (2) that the generalized physical law of precessional behaviours does govern socioeconomic behaviours as do also the generalized laws of acceleration and ephemeralization.

The 1927 precessional assumptions became ever-more-convincingly substantiated by experiences — only the “impossible” continued to happen. I became ever more convinced that I must go on developing artifacts that would make possible humanity’s successful accomplishment of survival activities so much more logically and efficiently as to render the older, less efficient ways to be spontaneously abandoned by humanity. I resolved never to attack or oppose undesirable socioeconomic phenomena, but instead committed myself to evolving and cultivating tools what would accomplish humanity’s necessitous tasks in so much easier, more pleasant, and more efficient ways tat, without thinking about it, the undesirable ways would be abandoned by society. (I liked the popular 1944 song, “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.”)

All the foregoing was then, the precessional course I deliberately adopted in 1927. I had only the remaining days of my life to invest. It involved swift sorting out of the complex of design, production, testing, and demonstration tasks to be performed. What was the order of inherent priorities and successively overlapping inter-dependencies?

Socioeconomic precession by environment-controlling artifacts was a strategic course that obviously could be steered only by maximum reliance on our intuitive sensibilities, frequent position determination and course correcting, plus constant attendance upon thoughts evolvingly generated by our commitment and its moment-to-moment, experienced-produced new insights into the relative significance of the whole family of evolving events. It involved swift recognition and correction of all errors of judgement. It required being always “comprehensively considerate”.

An individual’s process is always more variable than their desired outcomes. All outcomes are products of process. And it is so easy to wander away from your process. It is so difficult to be entirely consumed by it.


I have been thinking about starting another learning project in January. I've done 3 so far. One in Music, Code and Interface Design. I was thinking about doing another in 2021 in electronics.

Perhaps the moon landing was similar to this shift to remote work in a way. In that, one day everyone’s perception of what is possible instantly changed. An instant realization that the future will be much different than our present.

Something I think about a lot now is making my own hardware devices. I’m becoming more curious about things like electronics and solar energy and physics.

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