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Removing this from my Daily for now. This should probably be a 'weekly' journal now.

Added a 'To think about' section that's connected to design.Futureland. It includes a bunch of important projects to consider as we're working through things. This area is getting a bit messy and I'll clean it all up as the weeks progress.

Seems this is most of what was done in February. A big month. I'll review this with @lucas later. It'll be neat to see what happens in March.

Adding a bunch more things that were shipped in February. I hope I didn't miss anything. Need to add the newsletters the outstanding newsletters. I'll prob do that tomorrow. 'Might' be worth writing a very simple review of the month. Not sure yet.

Need to do a full review of February via key journals and update this section before moving on to the next month. Hope we can start implementing new design ideas very soon for 'sidebar/home/daily' (?) and 'journals' and see what happens. <3

Tuning this in a bit more. I'll keep revisiting it but I imagine it'll stay like this for a week or two now.

Added 'performance.Futureland' as a subset of 'design.Futureland'.

Added last week's newsletter under 'February'.

Now I need a simple and regular way to document things that were done each month. Maybe that can be part of a weekly synthesis (for Futureland) that I added to my Daily. It's a private journal titled 'weekly.Futureland'.

Perhaps all of the desired attributes for Futureland that we are working towards break down into two categories of focus. 'Design' and 'Community'.

I renamed the payments.Futureland to economy.Futureland for now since payments is too one dimensional. Realizing any creative project requires resources and support. Futureland should be built with that in mind from ground up and in a way that 'artists' love.

Connecting payments[.]Futureland to Crypto research. Crypto research links to another Kinopio space in which I'm thinking through forming a deep understanding of Cryptocurrency.


Continuing to make some progress. There's a key set of attributes that Futureland aspires to achieve by the end of 2021. At the end of the year we can reflect together on them to see how close or far we are from obtaining those attributes.

Each one of the attributes links to work / projects in a specific journal. Each journal will link to months with cards that link to milestone entries. (we might not need the months). Just linking to milestone entries could be enough.

Everything links back to the attributes of Futureland we are trying to achieve. Ideally anyone can quickly see which attributes we are making a lot of progress on and which ones need more time / resources.

This will naturally become publicly accessible to our team and beyond as I continue working on it.

More experimentation. Linking to specific entries as a quick way to see what was shipped each month.

More experimentation with thinking through this roadmap in Kinopio. This tool is so well done it’s really inspiring. Using this with Futureland seems like it’s going to be a very powerful combination. There’s a lot of super thoughtful design elements that make it very easy to start using quickly and getting your ideas down. It’s really well done.


Slowly experimenting with putting more ‘thinking' through @pirijan’s Kinopio. Enjoying it so far. Depending on how this feels I might start pushing more of my process through this tool with specific Kinopio ‘cards' linking back to Futureland ‘journals’ and ‘entries’.

I’m usually skeptical with new tools because it’s easy to get distracted by them and I find in almost all cases a new tool does not solve ‘the problem’. But I think this tool might be the ‘missing element’ of my process right now. I find Futureland is very good for 'vertical work over long periods of time'. And I can use Kinopio for ‘horizontal perspective’ at various points in the process which is something I need a lot more as I continue to produce more creative output each year.

Just seeing what happens <3

Just starting to place some of the diff journals, very experimental with this right now more thinking than anything else. I think it might be useful to write this out as a ToC and see how that feels as well. Or perhaps using Kinopio to think this through.

Futureland is the most loved tool for ‘tuning your behaviours’

Futureland is the most loved tool for 'tuning in your day’

Futureland is the most loved tool for ‘tuning in flow’

It’s funny how once you say what something is, ‘it’s’ gone.

Adding higher level elements into this roadmap on suggestion from @pirijan. Can keep tuning this in over time. As always, things are mediocre before they are ‘good’.

I’m not thinking about spacing or anything right now just placing things on the art board for reference. I added meta.Futureland because I forgot that journal in this mix.

Top section has higher level aspirations:

Futureland is the most loved tool for learning new skills (for artists)

Futureland is the most loved tool for ‘self’ improvement (for artists)

Futureland is the most loved tool for ‘realizing' creative projects and experiments (for artists)


Starting to think about an adjusted approach with this ‘roadmap’. The roadmap can link to specific journals where you can see the real time development of key areas.

You will able to see how journals are building towards larger ideas and visions.

You will be able to see how many entries were made in each of these journals each day, each month and the total for the year so far.

This will be useful to readers but also useful to those working on Futureland. They can kind of see which areas have not been contributed to for awhile and just jump into those areas if they want. This allows to build to a general direction together as a family while also keeping things open for everyone to decide what they want to work on and ‘feel it out’ each day / week.

Hope that makes sense in some way. Just rolling w it

Starting to lay this out in some kind of interactive document that can be explored and also updated on a weekly / monthly basis.

Fluid quarters
Less fluid annual direction
Monthly review serves as real time population of a visual roadmap


November 2021

Futureland is the home for your creativity and wellbeing.

Futureland’s tools protect and cultivate your learning, your health and your creativity

Futureland is beautiful, fun and easy to use
Futureland scales with you from taking a vitamin to working on a complex project as an individual or as a team
Futureland is easy and fun to build on top of
Futureland is exciting and easy to understand for new users
Futureland is one of the first places you start selling stuff from your ‘experiments' on the Internet
Futureland loves its users. Its users love Futureland.

Extensive interface / design improvements
‘Webs’ / ’Nesting journals’ / ‘Connecting journals'
Beautiful, fun to use and stable iOS / WatchOS app
Public API
Fun and effective onboarding for new users
Documentation on how to use Futureland

Post-covid meet up (house2)
Video streaming
Audio streaming

Ideally no high pressure development requirements in Dec / Jan with primary focus on just hanging together as a community during those months. It’s fine to be working on stuff in those months but the plan should probably ‘cut off’ in Nov 2021 for optimal mental health (lol)


This is the first entry in this journal. It’s a journal about the continual development of Futureland’s roadmap. Like most things I work on by myself or with others, it will probably start off a mediocre thing and then incrementally improve over time.

Since Futureland now supports ‘private entries’ I might keep parts of the process to myself as I work through stuff but who knows. At this point, I’m pretty comfortable sharing things.

Let’s just see what happens.

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