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It's 10:14PM and I'm just wrapping for the day. Later than I'd like but just catching up on a few things. I didn't get that much 'design' time in today and felt out of in terms of 'flow' for this state. But I whipped up a quick (temporary) video asset for this next section of the home page I'm working on. If this works, I'll be able to finish this tomorrow and send something over to @lucas, but these assets definitely need to re-done. This specific one is associated with the sentence, 'Store your process with your friends or by yourself'. I'm not sure if this video asset specifically captures that well. But yeah in general I'll continue updating these. It would be tight if we could get a visual artists on these in the future.


Youโ€™ll notice new modes of publishing today as youโ€™re using Futureland. And itโ€™s really exciting. I think it represents a much stronger conceptual understanding of this project. Iโ€™ll share more soon but for now know that

- thereโ€™s a new โ€˜quick entryโ€™ component that you might trigger. Itโ€™s faster and less interruptive than the previous mode of publishing.
- and perhaps more importantly you can now type and add media directly on the surface of your journals. Thereโ€™s so many reasons this is a great thing. :)

Might make sense to put the โ€˜Write a commentโ€™ input on the bottom of full screen entries instead of the top.

Would be very useful if comments could include videos, images and especially audio. Sometimes someone might ask me about something on one of my entries itโ€™s much more fluid to be able to answer through speaking than having to draft a response. Through audio it feels like something I can do in process instead of breaking process - breaking flow.

I got up today at 6AM. My sleep time has been a bit later lately. But overall the quality of sleep and my 'up' times have improved immensely. There's less variability in them than there ever was before. I find sleeping before 10PM provides me with the highest chance of hitting heightened flow states the next day. The less sleep I have the more prone I am to making bad compromises and decisions through the day.

I made a note yesterday about how 'automatic' things felt. The alarm goes off and I am quickly out of bed which is new for me. I experienced something similar today. My alarm went off at 6AM, I automatically got up and walked to my espresso machine to turn it off and then began making an espresso. While making it I glanced at the time and couldn't believe it. It was still 6AM. That means that I had gotten out of bed, turned off my alarm and was mid way through an espresso in under a minute. This kind of optimization is really interesting and I'm getting more curious about what happens if I continue down this path.

I meditated this morning and found that my mind was a bit foggy and numb. I slowly worked through it, 'putting my mind in order'. I really like this expression. It seems like the right way to start my day. Once I'm up, I take a moment to sit down and put my internal state in order. I start by sitting with my legs crossed. My hands overlap each other. Then I stretch my spine out and close my eyes. My mind is always wandering when I do this. Little movies in my head that can capture all of my attention to the point. While watching them sometimes I forget I am meditating entirely. I focus on my breath and try to let go of all of these little movies. Each time my attention is taken by one, I bring my attention back to my breath. This seems to be the first stage of putting everything in order. The second stage is fading into the background and just observing this web of thoughts and visuals and accepting all of them. Fading into the background and becoming an observer. I was able to slow my mind down before ending the session. Not as much as yesterday though, but that doesn't necessarily matter.

Meditating has become a way of turning down the volume on 'thinking'. I'm trying to move through my day in a 'non-thinking' way. It's become a little fascination of mine. The type of 'thinking' I'm describing feels like a kind of 'hesitation'. Being 'hesitant' is a way of saying, being 'not ready'. I wonder how do I create without any hesitation? How can I enter a state of permanent readiness?

4 sets:

โ€” kettle bell swings
โ€” goblet squats
โ€” single arm kettle bell swings
โ€” 30 pushups

- Cut the noise, pace, breathe

- Conjure up things that frustrate you from the past

- Begin playback DMX - Intro, 33s

- No thinking, lift kettle bell

- Stop playback after set, listen to breathing, start it from the top

- what happens if you try to continually go deeper into this state?

3 sequences for posture

Iโ€™ll note the specifics of what I do soon, I work off a memorization of the sequence.


I logged my up time around 5:35AM today. My alarm went off at 5:30AM. A kind of cool thing was how automatic everything was. As someone who has always worked very late into the night I can't explain how crazy this is for me. Years of just grinding at night. It kind of surprised me. The alarm went off, I just instantly got up walked to the espresso machine (where I keep my phone) turned off the alarm and started making espresso. As soon as I take the first sip it kicks off my routine. That feeling of being 'in flow' or 'in the pocket' is everything to me now. Not thinking. Not worrying. Just creating for people I care about and just seeing what happens.

I wrote in an earlier entry that I was feeling tired in the afternoon~ the past couple of days. I decide to run some experiments to see what happens. I switched the order of some things in my daily moving, Yoga and Exercise earlier in the day. So now after I drink espresso, I meditate, then I do yoga then I exercise. I noticed a huge shift in how I feel and how much energy I have today. I think this might be the vibe. We'll see.

Thanks for everything

It's 8:16PM. I spent a lot of time catching up on community work today and then transitioned into design later in the day. I don't mind the switch. The main 'designing' I am doing right now is designing little video assets for this home page. I try to just make sure I get through one section each day and send it off to @lucas which I just did. The video asset I created today is a tight focus on the timeline component of journals. I'll need to re-do it because I want to cut between the comments and a clean timeline, I'll revisit that later though. It's not as important as just feeling out how this video works in a real interface. I'll work on the next section tomorrow and just stay at it.

It's worth noting that yesterday, I broke my streak on this journal. It was pretty late and I was behind on a bunch of stuff. So I optimized for sleep, which I have done one other time since surpassing 365 consecutive days on this journal. I obviously really don't like breaking my 'streak' on specific journals and this is one of them. There's a bunch of benefits to repetition in terms of heightened creative states and a bunch of annoying drop offs in creative states without it.

All good

I'll need to record this again now that I have a feel for it, but we might be able to use something like this for now.

I'm learning a ton while working on this project about myself about life, design, entrepreneurship, relationships, community, and so many other subjects (lol). What a crazy thing so far lol

I wonder if I can just crop this like this for this component since showing the whole journal here is not an option. So the video is a tight cut in on the timeline. I know ya mentioned this @ethan. Looks kind of cool with a bit of the safari window exposed.

Working on a new lil video for the home page that shows a journal's timeline. As a visual reference to storing process.

4 sets:

- kettle bell swings
- goblet squats
- single arm kettle bell swings
- 30 pushups

Could probably increase the weight

JAY-Z makes good music to swing kettle bells to

I play around w music and stuff while I work out sometimes write messages in between sets, maybe putting my phone somewhere else can keep me more in โ€˜the pocketโ€™ in โ€˜flowโ€™


3 sequences for posture

Feeling tight today

Iโ€™ll switch back to a standing desk set up today

Iโ€™ll note the contents of my sequences, I donโ€™t know the names of everything but I have it memorized. Itโ€™s all about building up to a strong downward dog which seems to be the inverse position of using a computer to make things all day.

I'm feeling very refreshed today. I'm not sure how long I meditated but I imagine it must've been around 30 mins. I started with the mechanics of my posture and my breathing and then slowly worked up from there trying to put my mind in order. Often my mind would drift away to immersive thoughts. Little movies in my mind. So immersive that I would forget I was meditating. And then I come back slowly and focus on the mechanics again, slowly building up trying to put my mind in order. Eventually I was able to get back into a state of nothing. And then some other thought would come up and again I would forget I was meditating. Entirely consumed by the thought. Then come back and focus on the mechanics of my posture and my breathing again. Slowly building back up, putting my mind back in order. Accepting everything around me and fading into the background. Back into an interconnected state of nothing-ness.

While in this state, everything is quiet. Thoughts still come up and I just observe them like I observe everything else. It's a state of acceptance. A state of observation. Just looking around. Sitting still among a never ending complex web of multi-dimensional concepts. Now nothing matters and everything is an experiment. How long can I stay in this state? If I keep practicing, could this be my default experience as I move through the world?

I slept much later than I wanted to last night around 11:30PM. I was on track for a really good down time but I got into an important discussion that needed the space and time. I don't like cutting into my 8 hours of sleep, so I got up today around 8AM. I felt very foggy in the morning and throughout the day until I worked out. I find if I sleep at past a certain time, there's a limit to the types of cognitive states I can achieve the next day even if I sleep for enough hours. Perhaps the only countering effect is exercise. A thought is if I feel foggy in the morning, it probably makes sense to adjust my routine to start with exercise instead of anything else. If meditation helps you put your mind in order then exercise helps you burn off excess energies.

I have a lot on my mind right now in terms of some experiments I want to run with FL. When I get open loops like this it can be hard for me to focus on something until these loops are resolved. The current loop is just how to handle FL Guided, which sometimes feels like it makes sense and other time feels like it is off. I made a bunch of progress thinking through it today so I feel a bit better about it. Almost ready to run an experiment to see what happens.

My routine is both on and off right now. There are days with lots of good output (like yesterday) and today where my routine is a bit slower and my mind is a bit foggier. I'm not sure the exact adjustments to make yet. I've been having a difficult time connecting with any specific location n my house to work. My ideal situation is having an external and transportable structure that I can work from, but that's not in the cards yet. Perhaps it's worth making some work space improvements and seeing how that changes things.


3 sets:

- kettle bell swings
- goblet squats
- single arm kettle bell swings
- 30 pushups

Since Iโ€™ve made this journal public now itโ€™s prob worth noting that I have been performing some kind of exercise for 182 consecutive days. Mainly kettle bell work.

Incremental exercise like this has created a significant difference in my strength and appearance. Cutting out all grains, beans, sugars, potatoes and corn (for about 5 months) also helped. Just doing a little each day and building up from there โ€˜to see what happensโ€™ has changed how I generally think about work out routines and programs.

Iโ€™ll share any insights as I continue

- 3 sequences for posture
- since Iโ€™ve made this journal publicly viewable now, itโ€™s probably worth noting that I have been doing some form of yoga for 135 consecutive days.
- Iโ€™ll start sharing more insights as they come to me


FL Guided - introverts (perhaps)

One of the challenges I have been having in navigating FL Guided is that I am personally not a user of 'workshops' or most forms of live learning. I prefer to study books and documentation. To meditate on the things I read and then run my own experiments 'to see what happens'. I learn by observing the results of my own experimentation and the experimentation of others. Not by listening to what someone says, but by observing what they do. These experimental values are at the root of what Futureland is. It is designed for people who value experimentation and celebrate it.

FL Guided needs to retain space for experimentation and deep thinking. It should not be about showing someone how to do something, but rather about taking a moment to enter a new state of collaborative deep thinking. FL Guided is something you should be able to control the pace of and control the ways in which way it goes deeper, or doesn't.

Perhaps instead of 'workshop', FL Guided is a month long multimedia discussion, which includes text audio and video. This could happen entirely through email or it could happen within a journal. Perhaps each day there is rich video audio or text shared that unpacks insights from extended experimentation in repeating things and storing process across various functional purposes. Process and discussion can be shared and developed using the journal for the entire month, 'to see what happens'.

My mind is a bit foggy today. I went to bed much later than usual last night and my sleep ultimately determines the types of states I can achieve the next day. I still sat in 'meditation' / 'zazen' today. I came across a video that articulated some of the fundamentals. It had a strong focus on the physical mechanics of meditation. About putting all of the movements in order one step at a time.

I have always given these postural elements less focus, writing them off as superficial. Of course putting your mind in order is the most difficult part of the practice and ultimately the purpose of it. But now am starting to believe that the postural elements are important as well. Just like everything else, it seems it is beneficial to try and understand the 'whole' practice. The 'whole' problem, the 'whole' system, the 'whole' earth. It's important and takes a lot of skill to be comprehensive and anticipatory.

So I am starting to believe that things like your seated posture is worth focusing on as a means of putting your mind in order. Beginning by putting your body in order, crossing your legs, stretching your back out fully and straight, overlapping your hands, closing your eyes and then relaxing all components of breathing. Breathing in an organic and natural way and then working your way up from there.

Putting all of these mechanics in order is part of putting your mind in order. Your life in order.

1 set of kettle bell routine
- kettle bell swings
- goblet squats
- single arm kettle bell swings
- 2 sets of 30 push ups

3 sequences for posture
Switched from a standing to sitting set up while trying to find a new place to work. Feeling itโ€™s effects. Will slowly switch back.

It might be cool if journals showed you how many entries you've published in them today. Or perhaps on collaborative journals you could see how many total entries per user have been published into them.

I got up today around 7:32AM which is definitely sleeping in for me (lol). I've been letting myself sleep in a bit more to see how it affects the way I am feeling but in general my sleep definitely feels a bit all over the place right now and I can't exactly figure out why. It seems like I am getting to bed within a narrow band of time frames. Usually between 9PM and 10:30PM. I could tighten that up a lot but in general since starting this journal, my sleep time has been less variable than it has ever been.

The other thing I have been noticing is that around 1:30PM I feel tired and usually want to sleep. Yesterday and today I took a short nap around that time and then woke up feeling more refreshed. I'm not sure why I feel tired at that time but there's a lot of variables to play with to try and figure it out. It's kind of crazy to think about. There's so many different factors in determining how I feel or what happens in my body. Like could it have been something I ate? My caffeine intake? The way I slept? An adjustment in my work out time from the morning to the afternoon? A switch in what I'm doing during my work out program?

It's just interesting how many different variables and dimensions there are in a day. I have no idea how to use my body or my mind and I'm just trying to figure it out through this kind of experimentation. It's crazy to me that this isn't taught or something in a more formalized way.


It's 12:58PM and I'm just wrapping on interface design for the day to move into other 'states'. I have been creating the video assets for this new homepage and then expanding on the page vertically. I included a visual of Daily on iOS today for the section, 'Structure your day for flow states'. I think the visual here can be better but we can adjust later. The visuals every where can be better right now.

I've been in a pretty focused state today, just accepting what I need to do and doing it. There's a lot of rendering and exporting videos right now but that's fine I'm just moving through it, until each section is done. I packaged the latest work for @lucas so that he can implement and fill in the blanks. I'll do the same tomorrow with the next section, "Store your process in public or private over multiple years". I imagine the visual for this will be some kind of zoomed in visual where you see entries moving up the screen and then it cuts into the timeline where you can see the date shifting as the cursors hovers over it. Something like that I think.

Building this out vertically. The home page will be something I continually play with. Replace assets, change spacing and sentences as I learn more about how to design and about what Futureland is or is not. I wish we had better visuals to play with here but I think that's something we will figure out over time.

Quick little video for the new home page. These are all of the journals I publish to each day. I continually play with the order of them to see which order triggers more flow. I slowly have been designing my environment for the purpose of moving through these dailies as well. Where things are positioned in my house and how I move through the space is informed by my Daily. Where water is placed and stored, where my phone is charged. There's a lot of improvements that can be made from an environmental perspective but it's the next 'frontier' (lol) of this kind of experimentation. I want an isolated physical space where I can continue to alter the design of it based on how I am moving through Daily.

Adjusting the order and position of elements on this home page. The wide window here is not my ideal because of its width, it could perhaps be more narrow to balance things more visually but at the same time I think perhaps it looks more interesting this way. Each day I'm stripping down my work into packages and then sending them off to @lucas so he can implement and push to production (even if it is still in development).

I find myself wanting to move through the day in one continual motion. No thinking, just seamless transition from one activity to the next, trying to maintain flow. Anything in my environment that causes me to stop or think about the next step I find myself wanting to remove or redesign.

I continue to meditate on this koan, "the whole earth is medicine". The experience of doing this has a consistency to it. I fade into the background and connect with everything around me. The volume of self turns down and then there is 'nothing'. It seems we (or I) have programming related to 'states of nothing'. To be in a state of nothing is a negative thing. Something sad, a tragedy. But what I am experiencing is a state of not needing anything else.

The more I practice this, the more lasting the feeling becomes. I find myself wanting to be in and create from this state at all times. I look for it in the things around me. In a table or a garment. I see it often in plants, in the sky and in the interplays of light and shadow all around me.

Something that might be cool is letting users define custom sound fx for journals they add to their Daily. The sound can be played every time you publish to that journal. This in interesting to think about in terms of 'open' journals, perhaps the creators of those journals can define the sounds and it becomes part of how open journals are curated / customized.

Spent most of my time fumbling through some new video assets but I packaged this strip down version of the home page and sent it off to @lucas. I'm trying to get some momentum behind this new home page right now, so we're just going to start shipping in-development versions of it to production. There's a chance that when I wake up this might be the new home page.

The way this concept is structured is that it builds vertically. If you have followed the process a bit on Futureland, there's other sections to this and also an 'Examples' page. As I build out each of these sections and create all of the visual assets for them we will just keep adding them to this in-production home page.

In other words, the home page might be changing (hopefully improving) every day this week. <3

Other things worth noting are, I definitely felt out of flow today. I think it mostly has to do with some hiccups while rendering and exporting video assets for these interfaces, a common theme over the last few weeks. But I think I'm slowly figuring out how to work around it. In general, it might be worth studying how to 'kickstart' flow, it might be interesting to practice that specific part of my day in some way.

I got up today around 5:15AM, made an espresso and then jumped on a call with @lucas for 5:30AM. This was first day with this new schedule. Overall I was really off today in terms of flow states. I found it difficult was difficult to get into any kind of groove. I think this has to do with a bunch of fluctuations in my routine lately. My sleep times have been more variable over the past few days along with wake up times. I'm also finding it difficult to create the optimal space to work at home. I have thoughts on an ideal environment for flow states but I can't make it happen just yet.

The other thing that triggers me out of flow lately is just any hiccups related to video rendering and exporting. My MacBook Pro is starting to drag a bit when I'm working through video assets right now and I don't like when certain tools slow me down in any way like that. It's just something I'll need to work through.

I'll see if I can make some changes tomorrow to lean back into things.


Weekly newsletter is out! Something I forgot to mention was that last week was our best week ever in terms of new entries on Futureland. Thank you so much for everything <3

It's 8:25PM right now. Design time was super limited. In general my time on weekends for creative work is limited unless I'm up really early (5:30AM latest, which I'm trying to work out). I made some tweaks to these profile concepts and I'll pick up design work again tomorrow morning <3

Setting the Journals to black, setting the other spaces (user info and navigation) to grey. This seems like it feels better. I still don't like this text. Gonna ask some friends for ideas!

I got up today around 6:30AM and I had a bit of time to get some writing done before hanging with my family. I've been talking to some friends about this journal and about waking up early in general and I think in 'some' ways, the time that you wake up is kind of a quality indicator of your routine. For example, I would say the quality of my routine is about 5:15AM~ since I seem to be getting up between 5AM-5:30AM. Waking up at 4AM consistently is not as simple as just saying willing yourself to do it but there's a whole bunch of smart decisions you need to make throughout the day and you need to design your schedule, relationships, environment and tools to kind of eat into that time to get up earlier. And yeah for me anyways it's not enough to just be up at a certain time but then it's about how I feel during creative sessions and how easy it is to hit flow states. And then how I feel throughout the rest of the day and then how easy it is to transition into other disciplines.

Starting tomorrow my routine will require a bunch of redesigning. I'm planning on taking my daily call with @lucas at 5AM to make it easier for his schedule in Indonesia. It might be a thing where I take it at 5:30AM to start and then work up from there. To pull this off I'll need to re-order a bunch of things and it eats into my deep work time but it's worth it to have that available stuff to synchronize and share insights. It also incentivizes me to try and pull my wake up time closer to 4AM because then I can get some deep work in before I chat with him.

The hardest part about pulling that time into 4AM is essentially going to bed around 8PM. Having everything done by then and not lagging / procrastinating at key moments of the day can be difficult to remember but let's see how it goes.


Futureland Unguided/Guided

I've been talking to friends and thinking about this. What it could be developing into is: when a new user signs up for Futureland perhaps they are presented with two ways of exploring the tools, unguided and guided. In unguided we show users examples and suggest things to play with through highlighting Futureland's interfaces in specific ways. In guided (which costs money), a user gets a direct connection with our team for 1 month during which we have daily discussions, form an understanding of their process, share insights, reflect on usage together and advise on how to integrate our tools in ways that are specific to their process.

The hope is that something like Futureland Guided helps users get into flow states faster and helps us understand our users more + make some cash.

I've been continuing to focus on this Koan "the whole earth is medicine" because I find there's a lot of insight I'm gaining through meditating on it. This morning I found my mind was very scattered. A bit of anxiety coming up as well. These thoughts were useful though because while they came up, I would think "this is part of who I am" and when I Would think that they would kind of just go away some how, kind of just like fade into everything else. I would think things like, "since these thoughts exists they are part of the whole earth". There's this part in the Koan that says, "where is my true self?" or "what is my true self?" and when I ask myself that a consistent answer is "I am part of this harmoniously interconnected whole earth system". When I think this internally I feel as if I am connected to everyone around me as if I am a system and not an individual thing and I can feel the volume on my self turning down and it feels almost as if I am acting automatically. As if I'm like a tree swaying in the wind or something where it's like I just move but there are no thoughts. It's difficult to describe, but it's as if there is nothing 'wrong' I can do because I'm just part of this larger unified system. There's no noise. No such thing as an incorrect action.

Got up at 6:05AM today which is 1 min later than I got up yesterday (lol). It's the weekend today and Toronto areas are shutting down again due to increased COVID numbers so I had to take care of a bunch of things before everything closes again. This meant I had to shift a bunch of things around today. It ultimately meant less time for everything and now a tight timeline getting through my dailies but all good!


It's 10:15PM tonight. On a tight timeline! I had a few notes on these profiles so I sketched them out and stored process on Futureland. Basically I think it's important of us to make the profiles very customizable in terms of how things are positioned on the profile and the size of everything as well. Perhaps the user can change the colours of their profiles and other customizations. We can set some grid restrictions to make everything feel snappy and elegant while also giving the users the ability to do things like personal or exaggerate elements.


Not feeling it yet but what if Journals that are expanded to take up larger space on the profile have increased text size.

on a TIGHT timeline tonight :)

Just making slight adjustments to these profile information components and the little navigation component. Something I was thinking about was what if like we let users drag and resize their journals, their profile pic, the information and navigation any way they would like on a screen (while adhering to our grid system)?

It's 10:10PM. I started my design session a bit later in the morning today so it was a shorter session and I found myself transitioning into a lot of community work and writing for the rest of the day. Today I experimented with switching the visual display of FL to a wide screen window and then playing with unexpected positioning on this grid system just to see what happens. I'm curious if by using the grid systems you can make things feel surreal or unexpected while still feeling elegant and functional. I'm still a super amateur designer, but I learn a lot by just experimenting like this and thinking through things in my own way and seeing what happens.

One thing that we could do with this Interface is create it with static media first to see how it all feels, ship it to production and then slowly work on 1 video asset at time which should just be a moving version of the static media already in production. Something to think about for future interfaces that integrate videos into them.

Got up at 6:04AM today. I let myself sleep in a bit longer to catch up on missed sleep from the past few days. My schedule opened up a bit today so I know I'd have some additional time to make things up as the day went on but I'm still feeling the hit from it mainly because of the 'states' I go through as my day goes on. In the morning it's the best time for me to be in the 'state' of deep work. As the day goes on my mind naturally drifts into combination based thinking. I read a lot of different things, write a lot and talk to Futureland's users as a way of generating new ideas and insights about whatever I am working on. I'm not sure if these states always existed or if I'm becoming this way to repeating things a specific way. It seems like I'm in good shape for a strong down time tonight. Hopefully the additional sleep and later up time, resets me back into higher morning output.


Program 01

An idea that has been bouncing around is constructing some kind of experimental work shop or program designed specifically for artists. I have no idea how to handle something like this or if there would be any interest from you.

I'll share a few notes and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

This thing:

- would be an accelerated way to (1) increase your ability to repeat things and (2) redesign your daily life for continual flow states. Futureland helps with both of those things already but whatever this program is would be much more comprehensive in its approach.

- could include a direct and daily connection with our team for 1 month as we study your process, make recommendations and work through problem sets together

- could include group sessions where everyone discusses and shares process (not sure how I feel about this but probably worth running an experiment)

- could be experienced through a new piece of software that we incrementally create

- could deliver a lot of its media through audio so that you can move around and see your own environment as you are listening to insights and discussions

- and onโ€ฆ


Who's your muser?

A muser is a user who, like a muse, inspires you to do great work. Itโ€™s hard to build great technology products without a muser. The muser not only adds emotional motivation to the developerโ€™s work...

Iโ€™ve been thinking a lot about scale and my relationship to it. Over the past few years my focus has been on โ€œhow do you make something useful?โ€ And I think Iโ€™ve played a big part in making something useful for myself and others. Iโ€™ve been thinking about new questions now. โ€œHow do you make something useful for all of humanity?โ€, โ€œhow do you solve a complete human problem in a comprehensive and anticipatory way?โ€

The problem with this is of course dilution. If you understand the muser principle, designing for everyone is designing for no one at all. So what is the relationship of scale in that process? Something captured my interest today. What if I applied the muser principle to everything around me? The streets, are these designed well for the muser? What about these clothes? What about how Iโ€™m getting water? What about the air and its quality? And on

Just experimenting with in-line entries right now on a developer version of Futureland. This is such a huge improvement in the experience and the conceptual thinking around this wow.

Just a slight adjustment to the visual. I used a terminal command to kill drop shadows when I take screenshots on my Mac


One thing that I really like using that not a lot of people know about is on private journals you can generate temporary public links to any specific entry. If you share this link with someone they will be taken to a presentation of only that entry with no indication of anything else including what journal the entry is from. I use this a lot when I want to collect feedback on something I have written in a private journal or if I just want to share a personal moment with a friend.


In general I think I like to keep comments off the timeline (C on your keyboard to hide / show them). I prefer the clean look of the empty timeline with just bookmarks and being able to see the date clearly as I use it.


One of the challenges with this home page is that the Journal requires a larger visual to really communicate what it is and can do. In other words it requires larger dimensions to communicate meaning. I'm playing with the positioning here to allow for a larger wide screen display of the Journal. perhaps it can be pushed up vertically a bit. In general, for Futureland I find myself resonating when things feel 'unexpected yet balanced'.

This was one of the most powerful meditation sessions I have had since I started this journal. There's something about this concept of 'the whole earth' or 'the whole earth is medicine' that really resonates with me. So I returned to this Koan today. I was letting my mind follow the natural progression of this Koan. "medicine and disease are correlated", "the whole earth is medicine", "so what am I?". This time when I asked my self that question, something more powerful happened than in the past. There was like this experiential data that came through me that felt like, "I am the whole earth" and then I felt entirely interconnected and harmonious with everything around me. This is very difficult to describe. Each time something frustrating or painful came up, it would just easily be accepted into this harmonious whole since it is part of it. I am all of 'this'. A pretty cool moment that seems lasting and more formative than anything else I have experienced so far. I wonder what'll happen next.

aside: since meditation can be very personal, I have my own private journal that I write in every day and then I pick select entries to share in this open journal <3

Another idea, (maybe) it would be cool if on tracker based journals where we are using emojis, FL automatically bundled them as you publish entries. So for water I could just drop a ๐ŸŒŠ and if itโ€™s my second glass (entry) to that journal today FL will automatically publish ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ.

This could be a cool little tracker template or tracker feature or something.


Link previews need to be tightened up. It would be cool if there was a way to disable them when I do not want them to be displayed. I wonder if we need link previews at all? Perhaps allowing for disabling is enough?

It's 9:54PM. I need to get to bed immediately (lol). Design wise, I spent most of my time today fiddling with video stuff. It's a slow day working through this stuff trying to figure out the best way to handle video assets on the new home page. The biggest insight has been to use some kind of accurate reference point for 'media' when you are designing layouts.

In a layout a 360 x 360 pixels box that says media looks just fine. It seems like more than enough space. But what I was planning on displaying in that box was a safari window displaying various journals. Those dimensions are not big enough to display the journal in a meaningful way. Whether it's an image or video it never has the effect. The dimensions are more than fine for other things say, displaying a mobile interface. But there's a lot of little details on the Journals so it seems like it takes a larger richer visual to really capture all of it. It's something I'm going to have to think about.

The cool thing though is now I have an Apple script now (ty @lucas) that allows me to set any window to a pre-defined set of dimensions, so I can see how our interfaces look at various window dimensions, take screenshots and then build the interfaces around those screenshots to get a sense of how it might feel. It's been a tedious few pomodoros working through this stuff but it is what it is.

Just storing another note so I don't forget. Something that might be useful for the first Chapter of my day is having a clear sense of the journals in my daily that must be done before the end of that chapter. Having a sense of that will give me a way to measure the quality of the first chapter each day.

internetvin - Early rising


I got up today at 5:30AM and felt a bit more rested due to an earlier but still late down time. I'm going to try and get to bed as early as I can tonight so a brief entry.

A note I think is worth storing is that I am starting to call the 'chunks' of a day, 'Chapters'. Each day is broken into Chapters with specific themes. The idea is to get good at each Chapter before moving on to the next one. So the first chapter of my day is 4AM. The focus of it is designing my life in a way where I start very early, make an espresso, meditate and get into extended hours of deep work until the next chapter. We're very far from Chapter 2, but I'm enjoying thinking about it his way.


Creating the video assets for this page has been a good little learning lessonโ€ฆ (lol). Always design stuff while actually using something that resembles the video assets as closely as possible. The problem set here is that for the kind of Interface selection I want to display at the top, a box of 360px just never feels sufficient on a larger screen. I think Futureland's journal interface is really hard to articulate in small dimensions like this. There's a lot of elements so I'm going to have to create another variant of this home page that supports larger media dimensions and then scales down. But to show the journal in a meaningful way I think we need to use larger dimensions.

Making some progress with the dimension and quality of these videos, but the video is still not clear enough. Not sure what to do yet.


An idea that comes up often for @lucas and I is enabling the publishing of one entry to multiple journals. Thereโ€™s lots of conceptual things to think through before we could make that happen. But itโ€™s definitely something that comes up every few weeks in between sprints.

- 1 sequence for posture (rushed)
- physical stuff took a hit today because of a lack of sleep

I went to bed later last night than I usually do and ultimately woke up later too. I got less sleep than I usually do. That sleep schedule matched what I was doing before I started this journal. I couldn't believe the difference this morning. So much more tired, so much less focus. It's just shocking actually and I can't believe that's what I was doing to my body for years. It's crazy how important sleep is and if I want to to consistently hit flow states, I just don't see that happening without enough sleep.

It's 10:01PM right now and I could have wrapped earlier but I hit a flow state or something and could not figure out how to walk away from my computer and stop using Sketch. Most moments away from my computer I was thinking about @ethan and @christian's notes on these designs. But I need to wrap cause I haven't cracked this by any means yet but I'm getting some ideas just moving things around and thinking about it. I definitely hit flow states today.

Something I'm kind of enjoying / experimenting with right now is understanding the underlying principles of something and then trying to work as fast as I can with my computer to stop my brain from thinking. I notice that I do this with other disciplines as well. I'll try to work faster as a means to stop thinking and then just see what happens.

It becomes kind of hypnotic, just working super fast and continuously dragging things to Futureland and writing about what I am doing as I am doing. The writing process serves as a sort of thinking time. It's like I'm moving things in the application, then writing about the decisions I just made then moving things in the application, then again writing about the decisions I just made but I'm doing this at a high frequency and this process does something very positive to my mind. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what it is but when I work this way it definitely seems to kind of conjure up flow or something.

I was supposed to stop awhile ago, but I can't stop moving stuff around in this little sketch file ah man lol, I'm gonna try and wrap now :)

Just trying stuff, I don't like how much vertical space this is taking up in the top part of the interface, I'll try something where I'll try to tuck everything in super tight.

Experimenting with small journal units and big ones. Increasing the width of the navigational space to see what happens.

Still very experimental, but imagining a world where you can resize the Journals on your profiles. Perhaps this makes a lot of sense if people are using their profiles as tools. It's kind of the like home screen on an iPhone. I'm starting to understand what @ethan and @christian were saying now. The thing I'm still torn on is, I do not personally use my profile to navigate to any journal. But perhaps if I could arrange them in a specific way I would care more about their groupings. Giving certain Journals a lot of real estate on my profile and other journals for smaller experiments get less real estate on the screen. From an identity projection perspective, it gives the user a way to highlight something specific or demonstrate what their current focus is. I always worry about the unexpected effects of any experiment related to projection. I'm hoping we can keep this place authentic and I think that means keeping the focus on storing process and not much else.


Just referencing @ethan's note here:

- We need to be able to archive / hide journals.

- Collaborative journals need to be displayed differently. Definitely makes sense that users would not want Futureland Meta on their journals but would definitely want the ability to participate in shaping the tool through the journal

- Potentially killing new journal button

- custom positioning of journals on profile

- in line posting on the Stream (this is a really good idea. We really need to nail the inline publishing mechanics over time. I think it's one of the most important parts of Futureland).


Very experimental and perhaps over kill for now but I'm not sure yet. Longer descriptions could take up two vertical slots to show the full description and keep the interface more dynamic. Just sketching. With something like this, perhaps the total number of entries needs to be displayed differently, like at the top of one of these journal units so you never have to scroll down to get that info.

Just getting a bit more experimental with this stuff. If you have been following my interface design work lately, you know that I have been trying to understand grid systems and spacing more. I am essentially thinking about various mathematical patterns in visual things. One of the things I am curious about right now is if we can exaggerate certain aspects of the interface, giving it a surreal feeling, while still making everything follow design principles and feel elegant through exact and consistent mathematical spacing.

Perhaps description based info can go on the triangle on the top right and some interesting 'process stats' based info can go on the top left in an interesting visual format that changes in real time.

Just making my way through this set of things to do. Opening up this file on profiles again :) It'll be interesting to review this with a slightly heightened understanding of grids and systems


Would be cool if there was a keyboard shortcut to hide/show bookmarks/comments on the timeline. For those that don't know you can do that via the 'โ€ฆ' menu on the side bar of every journal.


I define an artist as someone with a heightened awareness that their skills or potential skills can be used to transform reality. The awareness of this is what makes them an artist not the skills themselves. It can happen at any age and at any level and once an individual realizes this, they become an artist instantaneously.


I got up today at 5:30AM~, which is becoming a standard time for me. I find that it's much easier to wake up now. Sometimes my eyes just open and then shortly after the alarm goes off. I'm curious what will happen in terms of the experience of waking up and falling asleep if I keep experimenting with this on a long time scale.

Stuff that seems to be working right now:

- Put my phone by my espresso machine
- When the alarm goes off I get up to turn it off now I am standing at my espresso machine
- I make espresso + 200mg L-Theanine, I find this increases my focus level in the morning
- I meditate
- Then I get into deep work starting at the top of my Daily and working my day down. I keep Futureland / Design work always at the top.

I think something that might be an improvement is after meditation, taking a brief moment to look at my Daily, think about my day and then assign time slots for a pre-determined number of pomodoros on each journal which gives me a better sense of how I am working through Daily from a time perspective. It has a similar effect to working through my Daily from top to bottom but I can kind of see it as the day progresses.

It's an interesting thing to think about in terms of potential improvements to Daily. If it's something we should integrate with the calendar in some way. I'm not sure yet but I'll run some experiments to see if adding this mechanic makes an improvement on my output and if I get into flow states faster.

On journals like Water or Pomodoros, it is way more fun collecting emojis as time goes on vs. just dropping a single one. For example at 1 glass of water it's ๐ŸŒŠ and at 2 glasses it's ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ. It's cool to see them growing as the day goes on. It feels like you are collecting stuff lol. And then the next day it resets again.

It's 1:39PM right now. I spent some time designing some video assets for the new home page but playing with the dimensions is a tedious process. Every time I want to experiment with new dimensions I have to export a new video and I'm also definitely not quick enough (or skilled enough) at navigating front end development changes on this version of the tool. So to make it through those videos I think I'll need to jump on a back and forth session with @lucas, which I'm hoping I can do tomorrow if he's around 5:30AM EST (lol).

I moved on to the next thing I need to which is making some adjustments to the 'Join' interface. This is what a viewer will see after they click 'Join' from the home page. We will probably need to re-work this thing a bit when we move over to an invite only system but the fundamentals could probably stay the same as long as this is performant enough. It's a simple form to create your identity on Futureland. While you are creating it the background oscillates between different video entries from Futureland. As we discover new ones that we like we will add them to the 'playlist', so new viewers will see them while creating identities.

Adjusting the vertical spacing and positioning of elements here. I like the effect created by putting the logo on the top left and the credit on the borrow right. I wonder how it might look on smaller vertical dimensions so that's something we'll need to play with. :)

Making some adjustments to this interface to create a new identity on Futureland. This will be part of the new home page and the background will oscillate between video entries made on Futureland. The entries will be linked to at the bottom of the interface, if you click the link it will take you to the entry in a new tab. It probably makes sense to center this content vertically. Once I'm done that, I'll probably package this for @lucas and move on to the next thing.

3 sets of kettle bell routine
To increase gains Iโ€™ll need to add in cardio
And increase discipline within workouts

Changed this text from "Store your process in public or private" to "Store your process in public or private over multiple years". On a conceptual level it always seemed interesting to have a place where you could store the process of any kind of project or experiment over multiple years. I thought perhaps if I saw something like that it would be really inspiring. To see something I really love developing in real time but then to also be able to jump back to the process 5 years ago and see how it all started and why. Seeing this happen on our Futureland journal is a bit surreal. Over time I have become someone who loves projects that exist on long time scales the most. I just find it really fascinating to see how things develop over time, it's just so cool to see how much a person or thing can blossom.

Each day, I find myself wanting to disconnect from my phone more. The only thing that keeps me from getting rid of it is Futureland for iOS. This tool is such a big (and useful) part of my life and creative process now. It would be great if there was some way to use Futureland offline, to publish to all of my journals throughout the day and then have it synchronize later once the device had an internet connection.

It would also be great if Futureland was available on a different limited device. Something with only a phone, text and Futureland. I'm not sure how sms updates would work but that could be interesting too, if I could publish to a journal via sms on a dumb phone.

The thing I think about a lot is just being able to oscillate from hyper connected general computers to minimally connected narrow computers. I want the ability to be able to disconnect from these devices without losing access to my journals.

I got up around 5AM today. My alarm goes off and I have to walk to my espresso machine to turn it off. Once I'm standing at my espresso machine, I just start making espresso and the routine just kicks in from there. I had a longer meditation session this morning and it was useful because I really need it. I find if days go by where I kind of rush my meditation sessions, it adds over time into mental knots that I need to work through. If I don't work through this stuff, I make lower quality decisions and find it more difficult to connect to the present moment. I'm usually keen to dive right into work when I wake up in the morning, so starting with meditation instead is difficult for me but it's the right thing to do. I'll try it again tomorrow.

I mentioned this already but the next organic step in really taking my morning sessions to the next level is finding a way to work from a different space. This is easy pre-covid because I can just have office space or whatever but right now I'm working from home. Perhaps early next year this will change if I can make some adjustments to my workspace. Whenever it happens, I think it will have a huge effect on my overall creative output. :)

It's 9:12PM and I'm just watching 'Last and First Men' by Johann Johannsson in the background while I get through a couple of things before I sleep. I'll probably need to finish the film tomorrow afternoon. It's pretty awesome so far :)

My design session was a shorter one today but I think I got the essential done. Tomorrow's session will be a longer one. I spent the time I had today putting together a quick little interface that helps users easily upgrade to Futureland+ if they would like to. I sent this interface over to @lucas tonight and he will fill in the blanks and implement this.

Tomorrow my focus will be on designing the video assets I need to close out the new home page.

Just adding the price into this simple upgrade page. Some feedback I got was that some people prefer to pay yearly so they don't have to worry about a recurring monthly fee. That's something we can work out. Another thing that has come up a few times is users offering to pay more than $5 / month. This is super neat, I'm thinking that it makes sense to just stick to $5 and perhaps we increase the price over time only for new users as the value and quality of the tool expands over time.

We've already had a few people ask us how they can start paying for Futureland+ under the new price of $5 / month, which is pretty neat! :)

I'm starting to design a very quick little page that allows anyone to easily upgrade / support this project by purchasing Futureland+. Once you upgrade you will have access to unlimited public and private use of this tool. An aside, I use Futureland a lot in public but even more in private.

This week's newsletter (weird name for it) is out!

An idea that was suggested to me by @pugson was perhaps including a way to consume the email in an audio format. In a lot of ways, the first part of the email "Updates from the week" are my real time thoughts while reflecting on the previous week. It's when I take a moment to think about where we are at and what that may or may not mean. This type of reflection might be richer in fidelity through audio so I'll try and include something like that in the next one. I wonder what'll happen.

It's 9:07PM right now. I spent most of the day with family and my design time was limited today but I still got just a bit of interface design work in. I need to be more disciplined about protecting and nurturing my morning design sessions when I move into a different environment. It's something I'll need to think more about whenever I see my parents again, but that might not be for awhile now. The COVID numbers are rising here in Canada and it's likely that we will moved into a heightened lock down with increased restrictions.

I started reading a bit about Wabi-sabi today and it's something that resonates with me. I'm not sure what to call all of this stuff yet, but I find myself really connecting with Japanese philosophy (if you will). Zen Buddhism, Wabi-sabi, just anything that helps me keep my focus on the process and not the outcomes. It's probably super obvious but I am very focused on designing my life in a way that is entirely focused on process and just "seeing what happens" in terms of outcomes.

With the time that I did have to design today, I started reworking this Examples page to match the grid system and spacing of the new home page we are working on. I might create just a couple of quick variants here but I'll finish this part up quickly so we can get it into production and move on to the other things we need to finish.

Experimenting with an adjusted layout for the Examples page that matches the spacing and grid system of the new home page we are working on. I'm hoping for a very clean transition between these two pages. I have a lot to learn but it's cool to have that aspiration and then see what works and what doesn't work through trial and error. I'm lucky @lucas is patient with me lol :)

I got up much later than usual today, around 8:30PM. A product of being in a new environment for the weekend. I'm hanging at my parent's place. So no morning session, but I have been able to get away for a bit to get through some writing for the last couple of hours. I'll need to be more prepared when I go into new environments to find a way to still protect this creative session in the morning. It will take a bit of time since I'm still working it out in my own environment (which is more optimized).

The other thing that I have been thinking about a bunch, which is a consistent theme across most of my journals right now is how do I entirely isolate all chance of interruptions during the first 4 hour chunk of my day. I wonder about working from a different space (not home) in the mornings, but this will be tough without some $. I think my creative output would be far higher if I could make this happen though. It definitely seems like the natural next step of this experiment. I definitely do not like working from home. The ideal situation would be some kind of small studio set up walking distance from where I live. I would love to get there super early in the morning and then spend a few hours going through all of my work knowing there is absolutely no chance of being interrupted in any way. A closed door and a place entirely designed to perform my creative work of making software, films, music, writing, whatever.

That's the dream lol. I'll keep at it.

Sometimes I find when I make the subject of a journal very specific, like a narrow activity I want to do regularly and reflect on, it ends up yielding more value or transformation than I expect from journals with a wider focus.

Sometimes if I am not making enough progress in a specific journal it could be because the focus of the journal is too broad and it might be worth running an experiment to create a new one that brings the whole thing down into a very specific and narrow thing that I start doing a lot and just seeing what happens.

It's currently 9:55PM right now, so I need to get to bed soon (lol) if I am going to wake up early enough to get a decent creative session in. I had very limited time for design today mostly because it was an important day for my family. I spent the morning catching up on some community stuff on Futureland. Let's see what happens tomorrow morning. It might be a session that's more focused on writing and I can pick up design work in a deeper way on Monday.

The work here focuses on adjusting the Examples page to match the grid and spacing of this new home page concept. In general my understanding of grid systems and spacing has increased but I am still very much an amateur (lol). It'll take me a bunch of studying and practice to learn more about this stuff and try different things. I wouldn't feel comfortable right now, say, giving recommendations on the grid systems we should be using Futureland wide, but maybe one day if I keep practicing that's something I'll be able to weigh in on in my own way. <3

Spending a bit of time applying the same spacing and grid system that we are using on this new home page concept to 'Examples'.

I got up today around 5:30AM again today, which is cool that an earlier time is becoming a consistent one for me. I was on super limited time this morning (Saturday morning) because I needed to leave my place pretty early to go and see my parents. On weekends, it becomes more important to be up early and know exactly what I want to make of the time I have because it's usually the only creative time I have on those days. Tomorrow I'll get up as early as I can and finish Futureland's weekly newsletter.

1 set of kettle bell routine. I got interrupted today and I was planning on making it up but I can't because I need to get to bed. Overall I'd say I am not consistent enough with these work outs right now but I think I will get there by having a stronger cut off from my morning work sessions. Once I get the first 4 hour chunk of my day right, I think this will be the next thing to start working on and expand on over time.

I got up today around 5:30am. Both last night and the night before I went to bed later than I wanted too and forced myself to wake up with 7 hours of sleep instead of 8 hours. So I'll need to get to bed earlier tonight. It is currently 8:48pm. A little thing, was that my coffee beans weren't ground correctly so the Espresso I made this morning was a circus (lol). Otherwise, putting my phone beside my espresso machine is working really well. It's a little thing that I am super proud of. It's something that is entirely born out of practicing a routine over and over again. I turn off my alarm, and I am standing in front of the espresso machine. I make the espresso and that kicks in the rest of the routine. It's getting there.

The part that I still suck at is making time to figure out what I should do during the morning session the night before so I don't need to think about it in the morning. But maybe this synthesis will help tomorrow morning. Overall I'm moving in a positive direction on this. I used to be terrible at waking up early and just with sleep in general. And now if I wake up at 6am it means I slept in. It's just another thing that demonstrates the power of bringing your attention back to something that you want to transform and just seeing what happens. There's so much coming out of this that I could have never conceived even a few weeks ago. Trying to optimize for 4 hour chunks before moving on to the next one. The type of preparation the night before that leads to a heightened chance of flow state in the morning. Seeing how procrastination does and does not show up in the early hours of the day. It's super fascinating man. There's a lot of work to do here, but I'm happy with where this is going. I'm starting to have consistent time for myself and my work each morning. And since it seems no one else will get up this early, for a few moments it feels like the world is entirely mine to explore.

It's 2:45pm and I'm trying to cut off design for the day and pick it up again tomorrow morning. Today I spent time experimenting with and testing various video materials and export settings. Just getting a sense of the type of visuals that might work in an Interface like this. I'll try to keep working through this in my session tomorrow morning. This journal is currently called Interfaces but over time if I keep documenting my work here perhaps 'Design' is a more fitting name. The more I study Design the more it informs how I think about everything I make. I'm curious what will happen when I get a chance to make a film again. I wonder if there's a difference to me between filmmaking and film designing. Hope you're having a great day!


Just synthesizing some stuff here before I wrap for the day on FL. I'm trying to make it through this onboarding sprint, which has been going for a bit. Once I'm through a bunch of things I'll be able to revisit Daily on mobile which I'm pretty stoked about! :)

Before I can do that there's some stuff we need to do:

- Finish the new home page and create all of the video assets for it
- Officially adjust Futureland+
- Make necessary improvements to the form a visitor sees when they click 'Join'
- Source content and finish the Examples page
- Add a link to 'Examples' into the bottom right menu, this should be highlighted in some way for new users
- Complete redesign of new profiles and push to production
- Make a video that explains the functional components of Futureland (at least just Journals), things like the timeline, an entry, comments and bookmarks
- Design a simple video library to house our 'video documentation', this can be mediocre at first and improve over time
- Add a link to the video library in the bottom right menu, this should also be highlighted in some way for new users
- Make a video that explains how to use Daily and the Journal as a unified system, put it in the video library. I might have to revisit this video after we sprint on Daily because I think there will be a lot of improvements.

yeah, I think that's it lol

There's a bunch of things that need to be reworked here but just getting a sense of video stuff right now. I think I know how to handle it now and we should be able to build out all of the sections.


Adjusting Futureland+

We are planning on adjusting Futureland+ pricing (a continual experiment) and I wanted to share why. Transparency and feedback are obvious reasons for sharing, but we also like sharing in case the information is useful to other individuals and teams potentially working through similar problem sets.

The first price point that we set for Futureland was $240 / year for unlimited use. We would only ask users with over 50 private entries to pay. This is a high price, especially for a tool that is still developing. Some of you told us the price was too high and others supported the price. My thinking here was that in the same way @lucas and I are sacrificing to realize this project, early visionary users should do the same. By setting a higher price it would allows us to reach sustainability with a smaller set of users and sustainability would mean we could continue working on this through to ultimate realization. I was wrong in my thinking here.

Early visionary users should not pay more, but pay less for seeing the potential early. Many of you provide tons of value in your guidance and have become great friends! The way you support Futureland is something later users will never understand.

We are thinking about switching Futureland+ to $5 / month for unlimited public and private use and asking users who have surpassed 100 entries to support us.

Let us know what you think! And thanks for hanging in there with us. :)

Need your help with something. Once a user signs up for Futureland, what is the first thing we should show them or take them through?

3 sets of kettle bell routine with 30lbs

Feeling a bit stronger today. My body feels tighter when lifting the heavier weight in a good way. I need to cut out dark chocolate and nuts to reduce body fat I think Iโ€™ve gained a bit back.

The more I try to curate my identity the unhappier I get. Everything is steady and interesting when I let the process shape my identity instead. Or in other words when I let form follow function

I got up around 5:30am today. Putting my phone beside my espresso machine is a good idea lol. It's kind of a weird thing to say but it gets me into my routine about 20mins faster than if I don't do it. If I put my phone somewhere close to where I sleep, when the alarm goes off I will turn off the alarm and then kind of lay in bed for some time looking at the messages that came through while I was sleeping. Sometimes I'll reply to some of them - a waste of time. The cool thing about putting my phone beside the espresso machine is when I get to my phone to turn off the alarm I don't want to walk all the way back to where I'm sleeping. I'll just make the espresso and once that happens the routine kicks in.

The thing that I still totally suck at is getting good at the entire first 4 hour chunk of the day. I'm not good making the most of it yet by any means. There's a bunch of reasons why but something that I think could be really useful is writing down the things I want to focus on the night before the next morning's design session. This way I don't have to review or think as much about what to do I can just wake up make espresso, meditate and then start designing whatever I already decided I would design. It's going to take some more time to dial those kinds of things in. For now I'm pretty proud of where I charge my phone lol

It's 3:46pm and I am trying to wrap up early today like I did yesterday. I still suck at cutting off design time. I kind of walk around my place thinking all day then I sit in front of my computer again to design more then I step away to think and come back. It's good to be really into whatever it is that you are doing but the down side is that if you don't cut off on a specific portion of your day then the other areas of focus suffer. It's something I really need to work on. It's all about optimizing for that first 4 hour chunk of the day and cutting design time once that chunk is completed. I'll keep experimenting.

I spent a bunch of time working on video assets today for this new home page design and videos take me longer to create than other things. I mocked up a version of this new home page design with less videos. Perhaps this can be used as a temporary page that more accurately communicates Futureland and we can integrate the videos as we finish them.

Decreased the font size of the secondary sections from 24px to 20px. I could probably reduce the line height as well but I won't worry about that yet.

Just working on a temporary page if the media that we need to create takes longer than anticipated. This obviously does not look as good but might be a version that we can build on as we continue working on stuff. It seems like the font of the little sections is too big right now so I will tighten that up. Perhaps this is something we can ship while working on the other elements.

I'm working through some new video assets for this new homepage concept. The square that the media is supposed to be placed in will be 360 x 360 pixels. I have no idea how to handle this yet in terms of what to show and how to best export the video. I sent a little package over to @lucas to start implementing some stuff so I can see how the design and various videos feel in the browser.

Excerpt from Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller:

Far different from the politiciansโ€™, corporate executivesโ€™, and religious leadersโ€™ strategies was the new noncompetitive course I took in 1927 โ€” i.e., that of reforming only the physical environment through artifacts, such as increasing safety and decreasing accidents by engineering improvements of motor vehicles while also providing overpasses and banked turns for the vehicles to drive on, instead of trying to reform the vehicle driversโ€™ behaviours.

I planned to employ the ever-increasing and improving scientific knowledge and technology to produce ever more effective human life improving results with ever less investment of weight of materials, ergs of energy, seconds of time per each measurable level of improved artifact performance. I was hopeful of finally doing so much with so little as to implement comprehensive and economically sustainable physical success for all humanity, thereby to eliminate the need for lethally biased politics and their ultimate recourse to hot or cold warring.

The big question remained: How do you obtain the money to live with and to acquire the materials and tools with which to work?

The answer was โ€œprecessionโ€. What precession is, and why it was the answer, requires some explaining.

When we pull away from one another the opposite rigid-disc ends of a flexible, water-filled rubber cylinder, the middle part of the overall cylinder contracts in a concentric series of circular planes of diminishing radius perpendicular (at right angles) to the line of our pulling.

When we push toward one another one the two opposite ends of the same flexible, water filled, rubber, rigid-disk-ended cylinder, the center of the cylinder swells maximally outward in a circular plane perpendicular (at right angles) to the line of our pushing together.

When we drop a stone in the water, a circular wave is generate that moves outwardly in a plane of perpendicular (at right angles) to the line of stone-dropping โ€” the outwardly expanding circular wave generates (at ninety degrees) a vertical wave that in turn generates an additional horizontally and outwardly expanding wave, and so on.

All these right-angle effects are processional effects. Precession is the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion. The sun and Earth are both in motion. Despite the 180-degree gravitational pull of the in-motion Sun upon the in-motion Earth, precession makes Earth orbit around the Sun to a direction that is at ninety degrees โ€” i.e., at a right angle โ€” to the direction of the Sunโ€™s gravitational pull upon Earth.

The successful regeneration of life growth on our planet Earth is ecologically accomplished always and only as the precessional-right-angled โ€œside effectโ€ of the biological speciesโ€™ chromosomically programmed individual-survival preoccupations โ€” the honeybees are chromosomically programmed to enter the flower blossoms in search of honey. Seemingly inadvertently (but realistically-precessionally) this occasions the beesโ€™ bumbling tailโ€™s becoming dusted with pollen (at ninety degrees to each beesโ€™ linear axis and flight path), whereafter the beesโ€™ further bumbling entries into other flowers inadvertently dusts off, pollenizes, and cross fertilizes those flowers at the right angles (precessionally) to the beesโ€™ operational axis โ€” so, too do all the mobile creatures of Earth cross-fertilize all the different rooted botanicals in one or another precessional (right-angled), inadvertent way.

Humans as hone-money-seeking bees, do many of natureโ€™s required tasks only inadvertently. They initially produce swords with metal-forging-developed capability, which capability is later used to make steel into farm plows. Humans โ€” in politically organized, group-fear-mandated acquisition of weaponry โ€” have inadvertently developed so-much-more-performance-with-so-much-less-material, effort and time investment per each technological task accomplished as now inadvertently to have established a level of technological capability, which if applied exclusively to peaceful purposes can provide a sustainable high standard of living for all humanity, which accomplished fact makes war and all weaponry obsolete. Furthermore, all of this potential has happened only because of the at-ninety-degree-realized generalized technology and science โ€œside effectsโ€ or โ€œfall-outโ€ inadvertently discovered as a special case manifest oft he scientifically generalized principle of precession.

At the 1927 outset of the project โ€œGuinea Pig Bโ€ I assumed that humanity was designed to perform an important function in Universe, a function it would discover only after an initially innocent by trial-and-error-discovered phase of capability development. During the initial phase humans, always born naked, helpless, and ignorant but with hunger, thirst and curiosity to drive them have been chromosomically programmed to operate successfully only by means of the general biological inadvertences of bumbling โ€œhoney-seekingโ€. Therefore, what humans called the side effects of their conscious drives in fact produced the main ecological effects of generalized technological regeneration. I therefore assumed that what humanity rated as โ€œside effectsโ€ are natureโ€™s main effects. I adopted the precessional โ€œside effectsโ€ as my prime objective.

So preoccupied with its honey-money bumbling has society been that the ninety-degree side effects of the century-old science of ecology remained long unnoticed by the populace. Ecology is the world-around complex intercomplementation of all biological speciesโ€™ regenerative intercyclings with natureโ€™s geological and meteorological transformation recyclings. Society discovered ecology only when its economically sidewise discards of unprofitable substances became so prodigious as to pollutingly frustrate natureโ€™s regenerative mainstream intersupport. Societyโ€™s surprise โ€œdiscoveryโ€ of ecology in the 1960s constituted its as-yet-realistically-unresponded-to discovery of natureโ€™s main effects โ€” ergo, of precession. It is a safe guess that not more than one human in 10 million is conceptually familiar with and sensorially comprehending of the principles of โ€œprecessionโ€.

In 1927 I reasoned that if humansโ€™ experiences gave them insight into what natureโ€™s main objectives might be, and if humans committed themselves, their lifetimes, and even their dependents and all their assets towards direct, efficient, and expeditious realization of any of natureโ€™s comprehensive evolutionary objectives, nature might realistically support such a main precessional commitment and all the ramifications of the individualโ€™s developmental needs, provided that no one else was trying to do what the precessionally committed saw needed to be done. Precession cannot be accomplished competitively. Precession cannot respond to angularly redundant forces. It can, however, respond to several angularly non redundant forces at a given time.

Since nature was clearly intent on making humans successful in support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe, it seemed clear that if I undertook ever more humanly favourable physical-environment-producing artifact developments that in fact did improve the chances of all humanityโ€™s successful development, it was quite possible that nature would support my efforts, provided I were choosing the successively most efficient technical mens of so doing. Nature was clearly supporting all her inter-complementary ecological regenerative tasks โ€” ergo, I must so commit myself and must depend upon nature providing the physical means of realization of my invented environment-advantaging artifacts. I noted that nature did not required hydrogen to โ€œearn a livingโ€ before allowing hydrogen to behave in the unique manner in which it does. Nature does not require that any of its inter-complementing members โ€œearn a livingโ€.

Because I could see that this precessional principle of self-employment was a reasonably realistic possibility (though to the best of my knowledge never before consciously adopted and tested by others), I resolved to adopt such a course formally, realizing that there would be no human who could authorize my doing so nor any authority able to validate my decision so to do. I saw that there would be no humans to evaluate my work as it proceeded โ€” nor to tell me what to do next.

I went on to reason that since economic machinery and logistics consist of bodies in motion, since precession governs the inter-behaviours of all bodies in motion, and since human bodies are usually in motion, precession must govern all socioeconomic behaviours. Quite clearly humans do orbit at ninety degrees to the direction of their inter-attractions โ€” orbiting elliptically around one anotherโ€™s most attractively dominant neighbours, as do also galaxies within super galaxies and all the stars, moons, comets, asteroids, stardust particles, unattached molecules, atoms, and the electrons within the atoms. All orbit their respectively most inter-attractively dominant nuclei of the moment. I recognized that overall inter-proximities vary and that Newtonโ€™s law of system inter-attractiveness varies inversely at a second power rate of the mathematical distances intervening as well as in respect to the product of the masses of any two considered bodies. All of the foregoing evolutionary inter-transforming I observed would occasion frequently changing inter-dominances.

I assumed that nature would โ€œevaluateโ€ my work as I went along. If I was doing what nature wanted done, and if I was doing it in promising ways, permitted by natureโ€™s principles, I would find my work being economically sustained โ€” and vice versa, in which latter negative case I must quickly cease doing what I had been doing and seek logically alternative courses until I found the new course that nature signified her approval of by providing for its physical support.

Wherefore, I concluded that I would be informed by nature if I proceeded in the following manner:

(A) committed myself, my wife, and our infant daughter direction to the design, production, and demonstration of artifact accommodation of the most evident but as-yet-unattended-to human environment-advantaging physical evolution tasks, and

(B) paid no attention to โ€œearning a livingโ€ in humanityโ€™s established economic systems, yet

ยฉ found my familyโ€™s and my own lifeโ€™s needs being unsolicitedly provided for by seemingly pure happenstance and always only โ€œin the nick of time,โ€ and

(D) being provided for โ€œonly coincidentally,โ€ yet found

(E) that this only โ€œcoincidentallyโ€, unbudgetable, yet realistic support persisted, and did so

(F) only so long as I continued spontaneously to commit myself unreservedly to the task of developing relevant artifacts, and if I

(G) never tried to persuade humanity to alter its customers and viewpoints and never asked anyone to listen to me and spoke informatively to others only when they asked me so to do, and if I

(H) never undertook competitively to produce artifacts others were developing, and attended only to that which no others attended.

then I could tentatively conclude that my two assumptions were valid: (1) that nature might economically sustain human activity that served directly in the โ€œmainstreamโ€ realization of essential cosmic regeneration, which had hitherto been accomplished only through seeming โ€œright angledโ€ side effects of the chromosomically focused biological creatures; and (2) that the generalized physical law of precessional behaviours does govern socioeconomic behaviours as do also the generalized laws of acceleration and ephemeralization.

The 1927 precessional assumptions became ever-more-convincingly substantiated by experiences โ€” only the โ€œimpossibleโ€ continued to happen. I became ever more convinced that I must go on developing artifacts that would make possible humanityโ€™s successful accomplishment of survival activities so much more logically and efficiently as to render the older, less efficient ways to be spontaneously abandoned by humanity. I resolved never to attack or oppose undesirable socioeconomic phenomena, but instead committed myself to evolving and cultivating tools what would accomplish humanityโ€™s necessitous tasks in so much easier, more pleasant, and more efficient ways tat, without thinking about it, the undesirable ways would be abandoned by society. (I liked the popular 1944 song, โ€œAccentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.โ€)

All the foregoing was then, the precessional course I deliberately adopted in 1927. I had only the remaining days of my life to invest. It involved swift sorting out of the complex of design, production, testing, and demonstration tasks to be performed. What was the order of inherent priorities and successively overlapping inter-dependencies?

Socioeconomic precession by environment-controlling artifacts was a strategic course that obviously could be steered only by maximum reliance on our intuitive sensibilities, frequent position determination and course correcting, plus constant attendance upon thoughts evolvingly generated by our commitment and its moment-to-moment, experienced-produced new insights into the relative significance of the whole family of evolving events. It involved swift recognition and correction of all errors of judgement. It required being always โ€œcomprehensively considerateโ€.

Trying out this little hack, plugging in my phone and setting the alarm right beside the Espresso machine so I need to get out of bed and go to the espresso machine to turn it off lol


I got up around 6:15AM today so design time was limited. The later start time was mostly a result of going to bed later, which was a result of catching up on some work before bed. I need to get better at having an earlier cut off time with all of my journals and that's what I will be focusing on today. Right now I am trying to focus entirely on getting the first 4 hour chunk of my day correct. There's a long way to go still but I'm doing the best I can each day. It might be worth thinking about which journals I should be adding to during that 4 hour chunk and which journals can be done with the time I have in the rest of the day.

I currently have 17 journals on Futureland that I update almost every day. I use FL in private a lot. Perhaps the journals I should focus on in the first 4 hour chunk of the day are Meditation, anything Futureland/Design related and anything writing related. And other journals like exercise, water, yoga, finance can be worked at variable times as the day goes on.

I'll re-order everything now based on that.

It's 1:34PM and I am just trying to wrap up earlier today to have an earlier down time. It's also part of trying to force myself to hard cut on specific elements of my day. I mentioned this in a previous entry but I let my design time kind of linger because I want to keep working through stuff and I have a difficult time stepping away from specific problem sets when I feel like I almost got something (lol). I added a bunch of new elements to this daily focused home page, which seems to be becoming just a home page concept for Futureland itself. The design right now features a bunch of squares that say, "media" and I will need to fill those in with videos that really capture the essence of this tool and its potential. That's something that I will start working on tomorrow morning.

It seems like it makes more sense to say, "Store your process" than "Document your process". Little break throughs like this seem trivial but I find they are actually difficult and powerful units of progression. Words are tools and speaking about something in a specific way is design.

Changing little things like this means our understanding of the thing we are making is growing. Changing little things like this also means we are refining the "concept" so that it is easier to understand and throw around to other creative minds.

"Store process with your friends or by yourself" instead of "Document process with your friends or by yourself".

"Hey man, where are we storing process for this project?" instead of "Where are we documenting process for this project?".

"yeah, I use Futureland to store process."

Added 'Examples' and 'Join' to the top of this page. I'm not a fan of words like 'Join' or 'Sign up' or 'Register' for the purpose of trying something out. I hope as we continue on we can break away from some of that stuff and use a different kind of analogy. I've always preferred words like download and upload but of course that is obviously not what is happening in this instance. It's hard to describe. But when you register for something it feels like you are filling out a form at some store or place and when you download something it's like someone is handing you something and saying, "hey try this thing out". It would be cool if getting started with Futureland felt like you were handed something to experiment with instead of just filling out a form. But yeah it will be something we have to continually think about and experiment with.

It's 9:56pm and I need to get to bed. Some notes are I need to be more strict with my design time and cut off time. I can kind of let design time linger and keep working on stuff all day. I want a hard cut off so I can transition to other activities. I kind of keep open problem sets in my head and work through them as the day goes on and then other stuff I want to work on ends up getting done later in the day and that way of working ends up pushing my down time later. good night!

It's 9:47pm right now which means I am running behind schedule. I got a decent design session in this morning. I could have increased the number of pomodoros in this morning's session but my mind got tripped up during meditation with some frustrations so it took longer to transition right into design work. There was probably a lag time of 30 mins (1 pomodoro). I had what feels like a bit of a break through in this morning's design session. A few days ago, I was in the shower and I was thinking about Futureland (which is almost the only thing I think about), and a sentence just popped into my head. "Tools to repeat things and store process". I kept that tucked away and experimented with it today in the design session and it seems to feel really good. @lucas has a bunch of packages so there might be some cool stuff popping up from him soon to play with and build on.

4 / 5 sets of kettle bell routine with increased weight (30lbs)

- kettle bell swings
- goblet squats
- single arm kettle bell swings
- pushups

Slight adjustment to the text size of the heading (4px) and also adjusted what it says a bit. Edited "Tools that" to "Tools to".

Just getting more of a sense of vertical spacing here. I think maybe the second part needs to move up a bit but I'm not sure yet.

Building vertically to see how that feels. There's an increased vertical space that separates the top of the page from the rest in a way. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it's something to play with and it seems little breaks in patterns like this can make everything feel less flat.

Working on a page entirely focused on communicating what 'Daily' is. For now I'm experimenting with just calling it 'Futureland' as well to see how that feels. Ideally we can send people to this page every time they ask us about Daily and it gives them a high level understanding of the tool and how they might be able to use it in their own process.

2 sets of 30 pushups
- running through things quick to get to sleep. I noted this in my journal on Yoga but itโ€™s important to do this stuff earlier in the day.

1 sequence for posture
- getting through things quick to prioritize sleep
- better to do this during the day during OFF time

It's 8:29pm. I got up around 5:30am today and got some design time in this morning. I sent a few packages over to @lucas and that's something I'm trying to bring into a regular cadence. It might be useful to try doing that daily, even if that means sharing only small components of works in progress.

The other thing I have been thinking about is (1) separating my day into 4 hour chunks and getting good at one chunk before moving on to the next and (2) switching between ON and OFF states during the day.

The primary creative activity within an ON state would be designing and the primary activities within OFF states would be things like researching, exercising or anything that gets me to relax. My design time is currently in the morning and I imagine it will stay that way for a long time. So something I have been thinking about is structuring my days in a way where I 'perform' at the highest level I can while designing in the mornings and then use the rest of the day to kind of rest and prepare for the next design session. I do not know for sure (I am studying) but I imagine this is akin to how an athlete lives during their regular season. I have been reading through various scientific papers to form a better understanding of the use of rest in expert performance. Haven't found anything yet, but I'll share when I do.

I got up around 5:30am and I cut my total sleep by an hour to make that happen, which I don't like to do. I also caught a bit of a cold today so I've been steadily working through things to make sure I have an early down time tonight.

Other notes. I have worked out that it probably makes sense to start my day with meditation instead of just jumping right into creative work. This is mostly because everything I do is an expression of my internal state and starting the day with meditation allows me to have higher impulse control and a higher acceptance of reality and the process. The challenge is figuring out where to slot the rest of the stuff in my day. There's a lot running through my mind these days. I'm reading a lot about systems thinking right now and studying interface design a lot as well. I have a growing desire to kind of pair down and focus my routine right now and I haven't figure out how to do that yet. An idea I had was bringing down the total length of how I define my day to see if I could get that right first before just assuming I could optimally manage the entire day. For example, what if I only tried to get 4am-8am right first before I move on to say 8am-12pm. Getting a 4 hour chunk sorted out before moving to another 4 hour chunk.

Likely need to bring down the size of this font in the heading. Logo placement is still not entirely worked out yet, especially because it is different on the Examples page but it's something I will work through as I continue figuring out this grid, layout and spacing stuff.

Sending this over to @lucas to review. I removed the part of the interface that allows you to switch between 'Journals' and 'People' because I want to redesign the journal units before working on the Journal section of this page. If this is all good for implementation, we'll start selecting users to highlight and then hopefully have this live soon. I'll switch over to working on the home page now and the rest of the onboarding experience. Hopefully the time I spent studying grids, layouts and spacing helps out!

Meditation was noisy today, but it is always beneficial. Mostly because it slows me down and lets me parse through my thoughts in a healthier way. Creatively, the more I meditate the more my attention stays on the 'process'. This can be difficult to describe. Sometimes 'process' is defined as 'attention to detail'. To have attention to detail your mind cannot wander to other things and outcomes. Instead, you are entirely committed to each step you are taking and nothing else.

In a way meditation itself is a simulation. Your mind is darting around to so many different thoughts or visuals and you are trying to focus on just your breath and nothing else. Focusing on just the process of breathing. I find this is deceivingly simple and takes so much practice. And extrapolating this out further, it seems to apply to larger disciplines. Keeping your attention only on something you are designing or writing or making and on nothing else with no attachments to outcomes seems deceivingly simple but in reality is very difficult. If I miss a day of meditation, I find this type of activity becomes even more difficult. It's a continual state that I try to stay in through practice.

- Did a bunch of landscape stuff at Matt's house that involved pushing a wheel barrel, lifting wood and shovelling pretty much all day.
- I usually would still get a work out in but prioritizing sleep.

It's 9:48pm, I spent most of my time today helping family move a lot of wood (lol). No creative session this morning but I had some time to write a few notes down about various systems in my life and how they are interrelated. The foundation of everything I do is sleep, meditation, healthy eating and exercise. Everything else is an extension of that. So when systems fail or I fall behind, those 4 things should always be the priority and everything should build up from there. It's interesting though because until recently my life never really worked this way. And in many cases it still does not work this way now. It's often these 4 things that are sacrificed for something else. Sleep is put off, meditation is put off, my eating slips up and I rush my exercises. I would normally get a session in on interface design before bed to maintain my streak, but tonight I'm going to try something new and let that slip to get to sleep earlier.

An individualโ€™s process is always more variable than their desired outcomes. All outcomes are products of process. And it is so easy to wander away from your process. It is so difficult to be entirely consumed by it.

Itโ€™s 11:12pm tonight and I didnโ€™t get a morning creative session in today. My down time last night was too late to make it happen. I donโ€™t want to compromise on getting enough sleep so I always try to start wake up 8 hours from my sleep time. I want to get to progressively earlier starts in a sustainable way. I spent most of the day with family today so pomodoros were limited but I found pockets of time to think through things. Iโ€™ll need to be more strict with my down time on weekends so I donโ€™t damage my routine too much before the weekdays pick up again. Good night!

I spent just a bit of time designing today. Mostly I was reading through this book. I read through it digitally but I find with stuff like this itโ€™s much better to process the visuals through physical copies where I can validate measurements myself and make notes right on the paper. This has been a good pick up and thinking a lot about the measurement and proportion of things has changed how I perceive the world around me. I think my understanding might grow once I start drawing more of these layouts on paper with a ruler and seeing not just the intuitive visual patterns but some of the mathematical patterns behind certain things.


Running really behind schedule tonight which will throw my routine off for the tomorrow morning. Itโ€™s 12:10am! Iโ€™ll need to find a way to make up for this later. Today was a slower day for me, while still being productive. I was up around 6am and got 3~ pomodoros in. I had to run some errands today that required a lot of driving so that cut into the amount of time I had available today. It also didnโ€™t help that I started at 6am instead of earlier which means I lost out on a few pomodoros.

Tomorrowโ€™s Saturday and on the weekend the early morning is usually the only time I can get stuff done so Iโ€™ll need to see how things go tomorrow. It might be a low pomodoro count and then I make up for it in an early session on Sunday.

It's 11:16pm, so I am up a lot later than I usually am. I spent time with family tonight and that's one of the only situations I let myself go to bed later. My routine will suffer tomorrow morning for it! I spent some time designing today and make some tiny break throughs in my understanding of spacing and layout. I was feeling a bit down about not being able to understand and apply some of this theory. Today felt like a bit of a step forward, which was motivating! Still a lot to learn man! :)


It would be cool if you could trigger quick search even if you are viewing a full screen entry. Right now it kind of gets triggered behind it. So when you exit out of a full screen entry, you see quick search. A bug.

It's 9:41pm and I'm running behind schedule so this will be a quick entry. I clocked in 7 pomodoros today, which is about the same number that I clocked in yesterday. There's moments where I am writing in my notebook and working through things in a focused state and I do not count it. Still 6 pomodoros is a good approximation of how much deep work I got into today. A thin that is difficult to remember is that each hour is 2 pomodoros. It's easy to think that it's just an hour or it's just a half an hour but it all cuts into that total pomodoro count for the day. A way to think about this is perhaps trying to work through a number of pomodoros before wrapping for the day.

Other improvements are having my phone in a different room while meditating, and then instead of looking at my phone after meditation, making written notes instead. I think in general it makes sense to not have my phone around while I am working, I deleted 'messages' off of my Mac today so it's something that I am less distracted by.

Alright, good night!

It's 8:14pm today and I got my design time in. No major break throughs yet in my understanding but layout, spacing and proportions are definitely things I am starting to think about a lot more. I'm trying to form my own fundamental understanding of these things and it's process. Sometimes it takes me a bit to drive concepts into my head. I'm basically trying to figure out fundamentally how things should be positioned, why they should be positioned that way and what are the effects of positioning in those ways vs. other ways. I'm stumbling through this stuff right now but slowly making progress.

Driving to understand how this placement stuff works. Driving me nuts still lol. I'm going to start keeping my notebook open beside so I can write down every fundamental question I have as I am working. I just want to go through the process off making something exactly mathematically spaced to figure out how to do that lol

Let's see what happens if I incorporate this into the mix. I'm still lacking knowledge so I have no idea if what I am doing is correct or not yet but it's fun to try and take your understanding of something and apply it and then see if you can notice where it breaks and then use those breaks to fill in the gaps in your understandingโ€ฆ and on and onโ€ฆ

I have been spending a bunch of time studying grids, reading about some older more fundamental insights to form my own understanding of what all of this stuff means. The mathematical proportions of visuals and how spacing and placement of things has an effect on the user's perception and mind. I'm still a major amateur and it's going to take me awhile to really understand some of these things but I'm trying. Here I'm just trying to understand some layout mechanics in general and within Sketch specifically. I'm going to revisit the Examples page I was working on with some of my new knowledge and see how it improves the end result.

I woke up at 5:03AM today. And it's 8:44pm~ right now. The big improvement today was making Pomodoros the primary focus of my day. In a way my pomodoro count gives me a kind of proxy into the quality of my deep work for that day and overall. Keeping pomodoros in mind also helps understand the trade off of taking a meeting or doing something else (anything that takes an hour is 2 pomodoros).

Some areas for improvement are I have been feeling a bit tired today. I have not been consistent enough with the routine yet to really have heightened energy levels through out the day. So I was more distracted during meditation and much more sluggish during yoga and my work out. A lot of that has to do with the time I'm sleeping. I mentioned this in an earlier entry but I notice a big difference between sleeping at 8pm and sleeping at 9:30pm.

I think I banged out about 5 pomodoros today and I think I could have recorded an extra 1-2. For example I don't have a pomodoro running right now but I am definitely working in a hyper focus state trying to finish anything I have left before bed. So let's chalk it up to 6. I wonder about how I might get to 10 pomodoros. It'll be interesting to take this seriously over a month or something (if I can) and get a sense of where I level out and drop off. I love journals that share process and learning from them but I also love these simple log based journals, like Water. The ones where you try to make entries in them at a high frequency. It's really interesting to see what you learn about yourself, your life and the activity.



I started getting into some deep work around 5:30AM today. Throughout the day there was a heavy focus on Pomodoros and I spent all of the studying design. Specifically trying to form a better understanding of grid systems. There's a bunch of things in my subconscious right now and even more things I do not understand. But I can tell when I need to study the fundamentals of something because I ask myself the same kinds of questions while I am working. I essentially do not understand why I am doing something or why something isn't working. Usually when I go through a process like this it leads to a few fundamental insights about the discipline I am working within. But who knows (lol).

The other thing I did was I ordered a few supplies to start drawing interfaces on paper instead of just digitally. I want a more tactile understanding of layout and I think working with pen and paper will help me achieve that. I want to really practice the skill of quickly understanding the information and media I am working with then imagining all of these elements in various grids. I also want to get better at building a component based design system but I'm not there yet. I think a lot of this studying will help me understand why those systems are even created in the first place and what separates a good one from a not so good one.

I'll continue reading and studying for a bit and then slowly start applying the things I am learning or thinking about into these interfaces.

Good night! <3

- 2 sets of 30 pushups
- Feeling tired today prob due to variable sleep schedule
- drinking a lot of coffee today

We don't need to show keyboard shortcuts related to 'Show Home' or 'New Journal' when a new entry is being composed as they cannot be trigged unless you click out of the text area.

internetvin - Early rising


I got up around 5:30AM today. I went to bed a bit later last night around 9:40PM, so my start time was later. I was a bit thrown off with the later start, I felt more distracted in the morning worrying that I'd be interrupted soon so it was difficult to commit to the flow state. Around 4:30AM I feel more confident that I won't be interrupted for a long time. It's easier for me to get right into the work without thinking about anything else.

At night, it feels like time moves so fast. I experience a huge difference between sleeping at 8:30PM and 9:30PM and it's so easy to let it slip and then your sleep time just gets later and later. 9:30PM can very quickly become 9:45PM or 10PM.

An improvement today was the order of my yoga and exercise. I completed it around lunch and that was better than doing it in the evening. I think I'll try and do it earlier tomorrow. But it seems like the optimal thing to do after the morning's creative session. Normally if I get a good creative session done in the morning, I need to kind of relax for a bit before beginning again. Yoga and Exercise provides space to walk away and do something different before returning to the work. I moved slow through the afternoon reading and thinking, which is my ideal. I have been more intently reading Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path trying to understand the book in its entirety which is difficult. There's a lot of elements I do not understand and need to study.

It's 8:21PM and I'm trying to wrap up for the night. I still have a few little things to do before I can entirely shut down. I got up around 5:30AM and I was able to spend a decent part of the morning working through this Examples page. I ran into some issues with spacing and positioning while working on this today. It wasn't really anything specific to the design of these Interfaces, but it just felt like I was asking fundamental questions about how things are spaced / placed and why and I didn't have the answer to these questions. I asked some friends for advice and @jchangsta recommended a book. I picked it up. I'll start studying these fundamental concepts a bit more. Forming a higher understanding of them seems like something I'll need to do to push these designs further.


Seeing how this feels with Journal units, spacing is still off but I'm working through itโ€ฆ also hitting some limitations in my knowledge as a designer here. There's a lot I need to study still to understand what spacing and placement is in my own way.

Adjusting the size and position of the faded logo and the height of the content in the middle. Starting to feel a bit better. If I stick with this new logo size and position I'll need to adjust it in other areas.

The spacing here is an absolute mess, but it's a start. I'll probably need to scrap this layout and start again. That first sentence will need to be something else too.

Just experimenting with placing a slightly modified version of the Journal unit from our Profiles on this page. This unit gives me a lot of trouble and it's one of the things that I would love to collaborate with another designer on. Working through different variants and discussing it. This is probably a naive thing to say but these units feel like one of the most difficult things for me to work on.

It's 8:58AM here in Toronto. I spent a lot of my morning so far reviewing community feedback on onboarding and and writing about how this page should be designed and why in my notebook. I think something that might make sense is to give the user the option to explore this Examples area through Journals or People. I'm paraphrasing but @christian made some interesting points on an earlier entry that there's many things on the Internet that focus on the 'development and maintenance of individual identities' and not as many things that focus on the 'development and maintenance of a particular project or effort'. The latter is one of the main reasons why the whole experiment of Futureland started in the first place. So focusing on Journals as a means of exploring and navigating through Futureland is probably an important thing to remember to do. At the very least because no one else is doing it right now and it could be fun to 'see what happens'.

Another thing that's kind of important though is that on a lot of other platforms we define our identities in kind of fixed ways. I have always found this difficult to fit myself into. Nothing I do is fixed. I don't even really know who I am. I am kind of learning more about myself each day. If anything I am just a set of questions and experiments. In that sense I have always thought that it's more interesting to learn about who someone is and what they are 'all about' by seeing what they are working on and experimenting with in real time. An individual can be streaming process across multiple divergent disciplines and does not need to be fixed by any one thing or preconceived structure of identities and perception. I think all of that is an important part of Futureland too. Perhaps on Futureland an individual is a kind of hub of creative streams. And perhaps toggling between the two is part of how you jump around this place.

It would be useful to be able to toggle comments or bookmarks on and off on a journal's timeline so that you can interact with it in different ways. Sometimes I want to turn off all of the comments to just use the timeline to navigate across time.

I got up around 4:26am today and got a good little design session in for a few hours. It's nice to be designing again and it's something I really missed doing. Making interfaces is currently my primary form of creative output (outside of writing) so I find it really balances me out. I always like to be outputting daily in some kind of media format, whether that's audio, video, design, code or something else. I don't know why but something about making things with my computer really calms me and gives me a sense of purpose.

I also looked up the definition of design recently and it was, "to conceive or fashion in the mind". I found this interesting. In a way that's like saying to design is to think. And perhaps that's also a way of saying to design well is to think deeply. It's something I find very interesting because every time it felt like I was 'designing' I was never actually in front of the screen moving things around. It's when I walked away from the screen to think or write about how something should be done that felt more like design. But I would always think that part was just 'writing'.

In that sense if:

to design is to think
and to write is to think
then to write is to design.

Yeah I don't know. Just stuff that is floating in my brain. lol

good night :)


I have been thinking about starting another learning project in January. I've done 3 so far. One in Music, Code and Interface Design. I was thinking about doing another in 2021 in electronics.

A thought I had was putting a button in my kitchen that's connected to a Raspberry Pi. And every time I drink a glass of water I can just push the button and it publishes to the Water journal for me.

- 2 sets of 30 pushups
- I need to change the work out time because thereโ€™s no reason I donโ€™t have time to get a full work out in. I should probably work out in the morning while kaito is eating breakfast. This is a consistent time that I can workout even on weekends so it probably makes sense to do this.

Perhaps the moon landing was similar to this shift to remote work in a way. In that, one day everyoneโ€™s perception of what is possible instantly changed. An instant realization that the future will be much different than our present.

Something I think about a lot now is making my own hardware devices. Iโ€™m becoming more curious about things like electronics and solar energy and physics.


Seeing if I can get by with two across here, still very much just sketching. It's funny, there's no way for me to nail anything on the first go lol. Everything takes continual work and tweaking and thinking. It never ends. You just have to keep coming back to it for thousands of days in a row

Taking the profile pic outside of the journal title and description to see how that feels but the whole thing might feel less uniform with this approach.

I added in links to view Examples and to Join (sign up). The former is a common user suggestion and it seems like users best like to form their own understanding of how to use Futureland. Perhaps clicking into Examples takes you to a full screen page of different journals to check out. Activity and Login links are still on the bottom right, which I find is a great place to put links of secondary importance.

Adding a line under the individual type here so that perhaps when it oscillates to words like artists or musicians or designers which are shorter, it still feels natural. Have to play with it. I removed the arrow for something I'm about to experiment with next.

I don't particularly like the idea of not naming the kinds of people we hope will share process especially in the early stages of a project like this when we are all figuring out what this thing is, but here's a cleaner and broader articulation in case there's some weird quirks with the other approach that I can't think of right now. :)


I'm working on adjustments to this new home page concept I was working on based on community feedback. You'll notice the word 'researchers' here, this word will oscillate. It will say things like artists, musicians, designers, developers, etc. I feel it might be worth noting the specific kinds of early users might need to build a high integrity community. The spacing here will probably need some editing and I might need to adjust the little mechanics of this design depending on how this thing feels as we oscillate through those words.

Up at 4:26am today, finally some momentum to build off of today. There's a bunch of important little decisions to make about how I start my day. Things like should I meditate or exercise before getting into creative work? I haven't consistently had a 4am~ start time to build on those kinds of nuances yet. I normally do meditate before I get into creative work if there's enough time though. But thinking about these little things is a major waste of cognitive space. It's much better to be in a state where you have worked out all of these details and decided how you feel about when they should be done and then you can just move through the routine and focus using your mind for higher order problem sets.

Even other little things like every morning I make myself an expresso and drink it with 200mg of L-Theanine. But afterwards it probably makes sense to drink a glass of water. It's something I still think about vs. doing automatically. So I'll drink the espresso while walking to my desk and then I'll start writing. Then I'll think, "I should probably drink a glass of water" and then I walk back to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It's funny to think about but little things like this drive me crazy. I see it all as things in the way of just doing the creative work.

Itโ€™s 7:10pm on Sunday night. Today should be one of the earliest times I get to bed since starting this experiment. I just finished preparing everything for tomorrow morning:

- grinded coffee in advance
- took some melatonin
- prepared my work station for the morning
- set an alarm for 4:30am
- plugged in phone (alarm)

I find myself liking my iPhone less each day. I just want to use it as a secondary device. I want a phone that can only make calls, receive texts, has long battery life and supports FL in single player.

Slowly building back up, water intake rising again. If I can cut into an earlier down time, today is an improvement. Itโ€™s interesting waking up early isnโ€™t a thing I do, but rather something that happens as a byproduct of a whole bunch of other things going right in my routine.

Wrapping up. Slowly making small moves back into the routine. I had good few texts with @lucas. Some interesting insights. The more dialed you get with your routine, the harder youโ€™ll fall when it drops off because of the flow states you achieve when hitting routines at optimal points. You can still maintain high output but itโ€™s tough to stay in โ€˜super flowโ€™ if you will, cause thereโ€™s always some quirk that can knock you out of it. So gotta build back up and enjoy it while it lasts. Good night.

I'm just transitioning back into my routine and life after some crazy shit happened and I needed to help a friend. Also @lucas left Germany for Indonesia and he'll be there for at least 6 months so he's transitioning into his new life too. I am based out of Toronto and when he was in Germany the time difference was 6 hours, now the time difference will be 12 hours (I think). We usually get on the phone with each other once a day and have a bunch of other techniques for collaborating on Futureland remotely. We'll work through and sink into a new process as he gets settle in his new home. :)

This personal situation I was going through to help a friend is over now and that opens up time and mental space to get back into my routine. I took today slow just processing the past week and a bit. Every something takes me away from my routine, my family and my creative work it makes me appreciate it so much more. I find I always return to it with more energy and conviction. Itโ€™ll take me a few days to build the routine back up. But weโ€™ll start tomorrow. Good night :)

Giving myself time to unwind from the crazy week Iโ€™ve had. It looks like itโ€™s all coming to an end and I can focus on my own life again. Iโ€™ll be going to bed soon and diving back into my regular routine.

This morning was interesting. Yesterdayโ€™s down time was good but of course my phone was not correctly plugged in so it died while I was sleeping and no alarm went off. lol

Itโ€™s 10:57pm right now so my wake up time will need to be laterโ€ฆ

Itโ€™s 9:37pm. Iโ€™m almost ready to wrap, which is an improvement. My friend is dealing with a mental health crisis right now and Iโ€™m a key person in helping out. Itโ€™s forced me to rejig a lot of things in my routine slips causing an overall decrease in quality.

At first I was processing higher degrees of stress so I was moving slower through the day. My mind would daze in and out of the moment. Thereโ€™s calls with doctors, nurses and my friend which take hours. Thereโ€™s an emotional toll to this and cognitively switching into to another task is hard. So to kind of protect myself against stress Iโ€™ve increased the amount of time I meditate, do yoga and work out. I get a full and complete session in on each of those activities right now and Iโ€™ve had to turn down the volume on everything else until things stabilize. I use Daily as a kind of EQ for my life. All of my key behaviours filter through it. So as things change in my life I adjust my Daily. Itโ€™s completely transformed my life.

Another kind of cool realization (to me) is that any time stress or chaos increases I always default to the same solution and I think thatโ€™s a good sign. Wake up earlier. Working out how to consistently get that undisturbed time in the morning makes me more adaptable and present for the rest of the day. Since waking up early is ultimately dependent and a product of my routine thereโ€™s always going to be things I need to shift and adjust as life changes. Itโ€™s a practice.

Anyways. Going to bed. <3

Late night grilling dinner for myself. Burgers peppers zucchini. I find this process super calming.


I wish I wrote these notes immediately after meditating but my life has been a bit absurd lately with some personal stuff and so Iโ€™ve been trying to figure out adjustments to my routine to handle it.

The thing I am working through right now in a personal sense is very high stress. A mental health crisis with a friend. So to process and handle it I have been increasing the duration of my meditation time as well as my work outs. With each meditation session now my mind kind really needs the time to relax and calm down so itโ€™s something I really need to make space for. Iโ€™m working on that.

Todayโ€™s session was really good and I found points of heightened calmness. I mediate until my mind is still because to do everything Iโ€™m doing right now, I need a calm mind.

As mind calmed today, an interesting realization occurred, โ€œWhat if I just never worried?โ€. As this question popped up I could feel myself widening. Itโ€™s hard to describe. Like connecting to something else.

I came across something in a book or in a course or something on relationships and basically it was this idea that you can put a limit on the amount of anger you are willing to experience in your life. And if any situation causes you to surpass that limit you can just disconnect from it until you cool off. The interesting thing about this to me was that you could make a philosophical decision about something like anger. Like you could just decide youโ€™re not a person whoโ€™s down to get significantly angry (and thatโ€™s what I did). Sometimes I forget. :)

But I think you can do the same thing with worrying. Like you can just decide that youโ€™re just not down to worry about stuff. Like โ€œworrying is just not my vibeโ€. And then itโ€™s a process to achieve that. It takes practice and studying but why canโ€™t you build your life around something like that? Itโ€™s kind of like that expression, โ€œI fear no manโ€ or โ€œthe only thing I fear is godโ€.

Thereโ€™s a lot of nuance here. But essentially, Iโ€™m curious like can I just become a person who doesnโ€™t worry or fear things? How would I do that?

4 sets
- kettle bell swings
- goblet squats
- single arm kettle bell swings
- kettle bell pushups

2 sets
30 pushups


The ultimate benefit of an experimental approach is that it reveals truths. What Iโ€™m learning now is that the hard part about adjusting your life to start very early in the morning is that it forces to adjust many things about who you are. Addictions and habits that keep you up later have to be eliminated. Relationships that depend on connecting at a certain time, need to change. It forces you to define what is important and what is less important. I like to think I am very dedicated to my craft but waking up earlier requires a heightened degree of sacrifice. But basically it seems if I want to make this change I have to be more committed than I am now.

I meditated for a longer period time today. There were moments where I was able to be very calm. And other moments where things were more difficult. What I'm starting to realize is that everything is an expression of my internal state. When I'm able to slow down my mind, it feels like everything is just 'space'. Often this 'space' is called consciousness. It feels like nothing and everything. And it's hard for me to fully internalize and understand this, but it feels like every thought, feeling, idea, philosophy, creation is an alteration of that consciousness. If you imagine your internal state as a flowing web of all of those things, that web and its contents dictates every action you take. In other words, the product of your internal state is your life. So if you learn to tame and transform that web of thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc, you can have more control over what your life ends up becoming.