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experiments with taking time off from technology, be it a day, a week, or some other "time off" - anything goes, share what comes up
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January 9 - 10, 2021 tech sabbath: high-level snapshot
- 25-hours without digital tech: Saturday ➡️ Sunday
- Tech exceptions: iPhone dream journal (only while sleeping) and laptop for yoga (only for a 45 minute class; in the middle of a 40-day series that I didn't want to interrupt)
- Lots of reading (Henry Miller), writing (pen to paper), tarot card mediation, kundalini yoga, talking with Dave (@gorum), some moving prep
- General feelings of satisfaction, calm energy. Sense of time slows, and I feel like I'm entering my own time-space. I'm never bored. In fact, my inclination is to not pick up any devices at the end of the sabbath - something to pay attention to/ponder further.
- Meta: It still seems too early to draw any conclusions from my tech sabbaths. I need to continue the activity, wait and see what kind of insights emerge. So far, I really enjoy the felt-sense of time during the sabbath. It's different from when I'm more plugged in - it's calm, no sense of rush or destination. I do think that journaling during the sabbath is good - I'll continue to do this - I can use this content as "data" for further self-reflection over time.

Self-reflection, based on journaling throughout the day and afterwards: https://www.notion.so/kristenp/Tech-Sabbath-54c1475440484804bb4bf1203e35ca80


About to embark on a 24 hour break with tech. I’d like to spend some time reading philosophy (as I intended to with last week’s sabbath). Other than that, spending some time preparing for my upcoming move. Maybe doing some free-writing on paper, which feels novel and fun.
Starting the sabbath later than last week (by an hour, 7pm ish start) because I went on a hike today and tying up some loose tech ends before taking the break. (Check out that cuuuute mushroom discovered on the hike!)
Catch ya on the flip side!


took my first tech sabbath of 2021. 24 hours from January 2 6pm to January 3 sometime after 6pm.

the tech i focused on not using was digital tech - no computer, no phone, no apple watch. no talking to google home. no kindle. with two exceptions: 1 - I keep a dream journal on an old iphone and this setup works really well for me and I don't like missing interesting dreams (and I often lose them if I don't capture them during the night). and 2 - I'm in the middle of a 40 day yoga commitment using glo.com and didn't want to miss my typically morning session, so I allowed the computer for that. I'll probably keep this setup for future tech sabbaths, usually only making the exception for the old iphone dream journal.

this is the 2nd time in the recent past I've done a tech sabbath. this time was much easier. very relaxing. I could feel clock time slip away. and I started resting in my own sense of time - time to read a book, time to take a bath, time to bake banana bread, time for a walk, time for coffee. these activities felt simple, and nourishing. and purposeful. (or perhaps I mean intentional?)

I prepared ahead of time and printed out some philosophy texts that I've been wanting to read - Heidegger and Deleuze. but didn't end up reading them. instead I found myself consumed with the book "the unbearable lightness of being" by Milan Kundera, I'm about halfway finished with the book - and looking forward to finishing it.

a couple of times I found myself compelled to check my phone - for messages from friends, specifically about a project I'm currently collaborating on, and also a friend I had talked with just before I "unplugged". it was oddly satisfying when the 24-hours had elapsed to check and see I hadn't messages from either. it's nice to NOT be needed sometimes 🙃

I think I talked Dave's ear off more than normal during the sabbath, he was a good sport. we seem to be going through some kind of spiritual/developmental growth spurt (individually and perhaps together) and it's common for us to process this - without me using tech, I just had more time to blab.

my main takeaway was how slow and at ease everything felt. like I really was unplugged. no real tug to the digi devices. I'm not surprised, I have a decent relationship with technology, BUT I've been craving taking a break like this.

planning to do weekly tech sabbaths. idk when exactly, probably over weekends though. will keep sharing as I go! I'm curious how my weeks start to respond to the upcoming sabbath, or from the preceding one.

oh! and I'm really glad I kept my iphone dream journal - I had 3 really interesting dreams that revealed some insights into my current spiritual growth - mostly around a need to process my relationship to money and to work - easy stuff! 🙄

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