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What's something small you've done with your workspace that has made a big impact?


Ordered an M1 Mac Mini. Prob the worst time to purchase as I think what's coming from Apple will be far superior. But need to make an adjustment.

My MacBook Pro (vin's millennium falcon) is slowly fading away. An emotional process for me.


This used to be a private journal and I'm slowly starting to adjust it to a private / public space. The first entry occurred on June 12 2020.


At this point I think I need the ability to manipulate my space more. Various tools should be in view and accessible. My desk is covered right now with stuff (transitional) and I could just put it all in a box and away in storage but then will I ever even use this stuff again or be able to find it? In most cases, no.

My desk should always be a clean surface with nothing on it really outside of computer based interfaces, maybe a notebook. Everything else should be on a different surface or on the walls and easily accessible. This is not possible for me to do in this space because it would mean I have to nail stuff into the walls here which is something we can’t do here. So I will need to think about how to handle this until we are in a new space. Hm.

For now it might be a case of just storing stuff away in boxes labelled ’to be processed’ because the ways I can process them right now are limited only to putting them in boxes and that’s not the 'right' way to ‘process’ / ‘parse’ through everything. Some stuff needs to put on shelves. Other stuff needs to be put on the wall.

Also I think in my creative process, there are different ‘modes’ that I move through. Each one of these ‘modes’ should have a different station. When I switch from like making something with my computer to writing to working out to whatever else I end up experimenting with. As experiments becomes more 'consistent' in a specific domain they should get their own 'stations'.

Got a cable to charge my Logitech wireless mouse. USB-C to Micro USB. I’ll keep the cable plugged into the back of my monitor and when my mouse battery is low I can just plug it in and leave it overnight or something. I don’t like how the cable is hanging from the back of the display right now but whatever (for now) I also like the length of the cable. It’s short which makes sense for these charging types of use cases. In general I should probably get most charging cables at a shorter length since they can usually just be plugged into my MacBook Pro as a kind of charging station.

Labelled all of the currently packed storage boxes

Created two storage boxes for notebooks (not sure about this long term)

I’m realizing that in my work space I am going to need to hang stuff on the wall so that it is easier for me to see and grab. The problem with storage is that it takes certain stuff out of view. Ideally things should be seeable and accessible with a single action. Kind of like a computer desktop or something.

The storage boxes arrived yesterday and I've started parsing through some of my cables. I can already tell it's going to be a fruitful exercise and there's some natural categories that are revealing themselves. 'Apple' is a category in itself. 'USB' is another and separate from 'Apple'. 'USB' will be focused on every derivative of a USB cable except USB cables for Apple devices.

It'll be interesting to see how this evolves over time. I wonder if I have enough 'Adapters' for that to need more detailed naming or if it's low enough for all of them to just fall under the 'Adapters' type.

I've already thrown out a few cables as well, which is nice (lol).

We'll see. I'm just happy to be moving in a direction that sorts this kind of stuff out for good. Ideally the end result will be a simple, scalable and transportable system for electronic storage.

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