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This is the one from today.
The Goal is to add any formula, parametric formula into my functions, to create Points Clouds.

"THE LOVERS" Animated
Learning from the beautiful work of pixelspiritdeck

CodeBase by patriciogv

"Shader time" Animated "VISION"

Learning from the beautiful work of pixelspiritdeck

Learning filter on texture with ThreeJs Journey by Bruno Simon
minFilter and magFilter

I like Bruno, is a very good WebGL dev, so I decided to follow his ThreeJS Journey.
Basic lessons here, but I like so much his french accent and it's always good to get back to the basics

Ho my! I just discovered what a "Shader Buffer" is :)
I'm a newbie in the Shader world, but as you know even 15 minutes a day you'll learn how to build Rome or something like that :)

I like to visualise the sinusoidale signal which is at the origin of the shape motion

Found the low poly version of that deer,
and almost fixed the animations.

Tree scanned with an #ipad with #lidar



Did you know that even a virtual ballad in the forest is good for your health ?
I giving you the opportunity to take a virtual immersive Forest bath :)
Stay tuned.

Scanned with a #lidar in my enchanted Forest in Britany France

Release day - 3

Added scene transition and LERP some camera rotation.

And other stuffs generally you do the last days before releasing your stuff !!!

Release day - 4

Much better with a FOG
Tomorrow I'll add some 'relief', 'Shadow trees' to the background

Release day - 5

I had a great conversation with Bernard Alonso this afternoon, about Permaculture Humaine, and lots of beautiful ideas came to us with that trees experiment.

Next project will be more immersive and sensitive. With some parfume and essential oil.

Working on the user feedback form.
Need to check the default language of the user.

Tomorrow I'll work on internationalisation / i18n.
With a quich research I got : "react-i18next "


Subtitles Enabled EN + FR

Stay Tuned the release date will be the 16th or 17th of December.


So happy to have spent a moment with a friend in da forest this morning.
I'm gonna live in my immersive experiment :)

On sent bien que la nature intègre tout. Il n'y a pas de règles, pas d'idéal, ce désordre est parfait.

Added minimal user interaction for the story mode.

Complete orbitcontrol will be available for the interactive mode

Someday, I don't have time to progress on the project.
But I always do a tiny thing if I don't have time.
Here a little timer to help me build the scenario, I choose the right time to launch audio or cameras animation

MOre I get closer to the release date, more I find issues to fixed. But we are very close now.
I recorded my voice this afternoon :) 🎤

More I approach to the release date, more details I need to fixed and improved. Optimisation, and Art di
rection choices. 🌳

This morning I spent a lovely time composing the music.
Opened lots of issues and fixed a lot.
Moving forward to release something soon
Everydays new issues are coming haha :)


Work In Progress, love to see all the previous steps becoming a Poetic Art Scene.
See you soon for the release Party.

Note to myself: Work on that tomorrow and don't calculate height from a text, before the font is loaded. the size will change.

Frustrated to not have time to move forward quickly on that project.
Next Week I'll have more time hopefully

Quick WIP
Not creative coding, only basic Front End, but it's part of the job baby.
25 minutes today.
it's a baby step.
I believe in baby steps. Even if you don't have time, you always have time for a baby step

🎈 Hey I havn't celebrate my 100 days!

Trying to load the next 3D models from the deep water.
Don't know if it's a good idea.
No time these days to really progress on that project.
Hope will get more time soon.
As I said baby steps


No visual changes today. Some improvement around the architecture.
Hope this week will finish the sound's part.

Tonight with my love.

Another take this morning.
French Audio with English SubTitles.

I must release a beta Soon.
Take care, see you soon.

Added sounds, and started to record myself.

Tomorrow I will get up early,
go to the forest. Run and come back to record myself.

Need to have fresh air in my body to talk about my journey on mic !

As I post daily with a goal to move forward step by step, someday there is no visual changes. It's ok because lot's of things are not visual in my job.
Working on the timer manager tonight and add a React GUI

🎃 During the lockdown you can walk for 1 hour and 1 km around your house

I met this tree close to my house
Please Welcome this weirdo friend!

I've cleaned up the app and setup a Clock, ready for storyboard.

Some day it's ok to progress only for 20 minutes,
Here some UI Buttons.
Daily progress = small steps . + . + . + . + . + . + . + = 🎈

Yes Camera animation export from Blender to ThreeJS >> done !
and work perfectly.
So much times to bind those two cousins !
I'm happy; I'm gonna sleep.

Work In Progress
Camera movement from blender animation is not scalable for my project. I Think I should create an editor for all the camera movements with bezier courbe and keyframe etc.
Don't know really


Work In Progress
More into React Architecture side today.
Every 2 days I'm telling myself if it was a good idea to use react, some day I say Yes, other … my brain cry

Work In Progress, step by little step…
but my react text audio component is broken. I don't think enough in a react way… or maybe I have no logic tonight.

Not easy to work on personnal project + pro + familly on the same time,
I need to rest,
So today on this project : a new model and tried a combo.

I give you some love too,
Bonne nuit.


I'm feeling like that Deer tonight,
**Vertex Shader displacement **
These trees and rocks are from Huelgoat Forest/

New tree into the collection
Small DephTest problems on my material with shader transparency.
But not a big one


VR Update
Yes a quick test with the Oculus Quest 2, my project is WebXR friendly.
Thanks to react-xr !!

Tomorrow I'm going to test my project with some VR headset with Aurelien Fache, an AR Evangelist
So easy to convert with react-xr !!

#threejs #webxr #react #javascript

I'm feeling like this OWL right now, so let's go to bed.
And tomorrow FOREST Time with family :)

Not interesting here, bug on my loader, I don't want the lag / stop rendering…


It's hard to know how to move a camera, I'm not a film maker. But I'm trying. These are just test no artistical choices here…
I'll keep it simple and try some interesting angle, and will move the cam very slowly

Working on camera movements // From Blender to ThreeJs

Technical Problem : my Camera don't get the rotation datas… and I need to manage the LookAt points …

A new component for my immersive experience.
This text is following my voice, with a simple JSON file with time mark link to an audio file.
No sounds in the video yet.

Added the Magic deer in a React Component way…

Spent time to clean and optimize my scanned models, so much time on meshLab and CloudCompare.


Added some ruins + deads trees + "Menhir" *
in the water
some easing

* As usual : All scanned with the #iPadPro #LiDAR


I usually build Shader to relax, it pause my brain from other experiences.


'Bug' in my flickFlock Rainy water waves

😨 headache… Here it is, a day where I'm trying to solve a pb, but impossible to find the solution. And my brain is so tired.
A typical situation for a dev.


🍃 I added falling oak leafs

✔ English text version is done,
I need to record myself now… with my french accent.
French voice and English voice, this experience will be international :D

No visual changes but I moved my app structure to #react and react-three-fiber thanks to @0xca0a
So my trees are Components now !

"Here came a rainfall of acorns as a sudden wind went through an oak’s branches…"

Added some water waves animation

Not so much time today

I watched some scenes from Princesse Mononoké this morning because a friend of mine told me that deer looks like the god deer ! so inspiring this movie

Working on transverse wave, and controls.

✔Added some noise into the water reflection
✔ Playing with animations, control with keys. totally new for me.

(Trees scanned with #ipadpro2020's Lidar )


✔ Refractor / Reflexion Water with opacity
✔ Animate deer
✔ Trying some fragment Shader on that deer, trying…

Added easing on transitions.
Arc et flèche
Trying something with that deer…
I'd like to change his 'material' but the animation did not work , I'll find out tomorrow…

I scanned it with a #lidar #iPad in my Forest.

I discoverd that trees close to an amazing "menhir", (we live in Britany France )

I use #threejs to build an interactive experience, poetic journey. I'll publish something soon.
I scanned it with a #lidar #ipad #Apple


Trying some transition with morphTarget, I don't really know if it's the right way.
No Color morph/transition so it's not pretty at all, for now…


This morning in the forest, I've met a very special friend.

Scanned with the I-Pad Pro #LiDAR, rendering with #threejs

Screen Record is screwed up, so only one frame from my shader today.


I love that place close to my house
I tell you, Jodorowsky told me a secret in my dream. Now I'm following his advice ;)

Some experiments with the #ipadpro2020 LIDAR scanner using @threejs_org

Spent some time in the forest lately. I scanned som trees and special place.
Export the points to threeJS

Some ThreeJs and Shader things. Following great tutorial from Yuri Artyukh's youtube channel

Shader time.
it's hard to see, but the points are placed with the golden number.
In the train to the east of France.


First Time ever that I run an XCODE app to test the new LiDAR in the I-PAD Pro 2020!
What a surprise to see this cloud Points

First time i use a camera in a shader. From 2d to 3d thanks to 'The Art of Code' youtube channel

TextureCube in Three.js
Fragment and Vertex Shader from the exemple of the three.js website

SHADER after a delicious day with my brother, walking in the Broceliande Forest un Britany