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First: Nov 30, 2020
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Dragged myself for long walk despite not wanting to. After getting back and showering, mood is much better. Also feeling my heel is better, so on track for getting back to runs soon.


Moved a lot more stuffs today.

Got a long walk to the grocery store, once pandemic calms down I’ll make a lot more spurious trips.

Bike should be back from repair this week.

I also read a bit more of “What I talk About when I talk About Running”. Enjoyed all the little observations made so far.

Long walk in today, followed by tidying up of the house.

My phone died during the walk, which ended up being a blessing since I decided to stop on a bench and check out “What I Talk about When I Talk about Running”. Got my mind turning on a lot of things.


Made today’s run out, and cooked some beans that had been soaking in the fridge. I think I soaked them a bit long since they had a chalky texture.

Worked through kinks in my rice cooker, think I’ll try cooking some JOEK/粥 for tomorrow.


Got up early due to stomach issue but used that to have a headstart on the day.

* Settled some decisions for freelance work
* Learned to use rice cooker without gou cup
* Started using a bolster for stretching

Downside: Didn't make it outside all day


Got a 5 mile walk in today, going to be doing my runs on alternate days with long walks or bikes on the off days.

Keeping up with meals on time too, and increasing the mass of vegetables in every meal.

Settling down to get through the rest of my dailies now.


Didn’t do the work I planned to today, but helped a colleague talk through another ticket. Felt good to end the day on a productive note.

Got a run in after work then still made it out to drive an hour RT and pick up a no contact used rice cooker.

Though I had a super late downtime, felt quite good about the day overall.


Today’s small succeeding actions:

* Wired up speakers under desk, cleared up the top of my desktop PC
* cooked a real dinner & ate it without any external entertainment
* went on a long bike ride
* cleaned up kitchen & used up aging supplies

Feel satisfied I was able to get a decent chunk done despite my bad downtime last night

Completed two exercises today, and had a good amount of greens for dinner. I will be cooking a big meal tomorrow for the next week.

Took a long bike ride today, and brought bike in for maintenance. I looked into what I could do for myself, and learned a bit on which bits I’d rather outsource.

Had a productive study meeting earlier as well. Got a good chunk of a LC problem through.

Took a long bike ride today, and brought bike in for maintenance. I looked into how much I could do myself, and learned a bit about which bits I'd be comfortable to take on.

Went back and did a quick cleaning at the old house. Didn't do a run to the storage unit, but that's for another time.

Made some progress at work on a ticket that I've been stuck on for a couple of days. It's hard to find the right way to ask for help, I'm noticing.

Also committed to doing my career studies this evening. I probably would have skipped it if my partner didn't message me.

Will need to get some good rest tonight in preparation for tomorrow.

Walk at the tail end of this day for a couple hours.

Didn’t accomplish much else today.


Got a brief walk in this afternoon and took myself away for a nap. A big time sink was finding the proper way to deal with bad plumbing.


Took a long bike ride today, but was also able to eke out a walk during the afternoon.

Having these dailies helped remind me to get off my butt and take a break during the day. Will for sure be continuing this tomorrow.

Today’s bike ride was also the first I took with no outside navigation. I finally reached that threshold of being able to go home without directions. I’ve only been able to do this in two cities so far - and both of them were ones where I could bike or walk easily. Probably going to have that as a target for anywhere else I’m looking at to live.


Took today on a long walk and meditate, just to make sure my ankles are alright before I get on them again. I may also try substituting a strenuous/long bike ride sometime soon. I brought along headphones but didn't end up using them, which I enjoyed.

Some random thoughts that came up along the way:

* I should get some waterproof sort of pants at some point, walking in the rain ends up wetting out my wallet and phone a bit too often
* What is this huge bird?
* Why do I not take more regular walks during work?
* Can I do something or make a pad so I can use the floor to sit without having to roll out a yoga mat?
* What low cost or cheap things can I do to better use my coffee table as another work surface?

A long walk this morning. I took it without music and that was a good time to think about things.

I brought my camera, but didn't end up using it. Trying to get into habit to bring it all the time again – that's a habit I really want to get back again. The last couple of years I don't have many pictures. I was thinking about starting a physical photobook for every year. Got the idea from @tokyocamerastyle on instagrum. I kind of miss living near a good photo service store for that sort of thing.


Swopped today for a walk, I think my ankle needs some rest.

Also spent more time learning about how Java and Spring work together. It's interesting to think I use bits of these every day for work but don't really know why things are designed the way they are.


Another run, but had a nice backdrop of fireworx in the sky. I also woke up with a lot of energy, so I ended up doing a lot of career studying in the morning. That's very uncharacteristic of me.


Took my run, only made it 80% of what I normally do. Muscles feeling a bit wonk.

Massive mood boost today afterwards though, so capitalising it now to go through some dry material I’ve been putting off.


Had my run done, and made another big soup. I should have halved the portion, but it turned out quite nice.


Got a run in today, was feeling much better.

Have a call scheduled, spending all my free time prepping for that.

Slow day again, more sore, but better.

Did some systems design preparation, and reviewed fact sheets on company given by recruiter.


Cooked a soup today. Got sick last night so no run today, and not really any energy for Advent of Code or etc.


Got my daily run in, even with driving around all day. I’ve noticed I have to warm up now, or else my ankle will feel really sore. But once I walk for 2 or so minutes, it’ll warm up enough to not be an issue at all, even after the run.


Another 5k done. When I first started these, I noticed I would feel really sore, and have to go slowly up the stairs to my apartment. Now I can easily walk up them. I also really like how it forces me to shower early, so that makes getting Down easier too.

This afternoon, got a really fast MVP of my "idle focus" macOS application done. Going to try it out next couple of days and maybe add some features. Maybe I might add some tmux integration, but the bulk of it is done.


Got my run done, and finished my Advent of Code.

I do have some other goals I need to get spun up. It's really helpful to have other people give me ideas on what I should do, even if it's just a 15 minute chat. That would be a really neat thing to offer others, like give them a quick checkup on what they are up to, just to give them an ear for vocalising it. It does sound a bit "sales-y", but I just want it to help others (or at least those who generally don't frequently call others without necessity).


Finished my run despite being a bit tired. Going to have a shower, dinner, then bang out some interview prep.

God the Advent of Code I started yesterday done. I am not sure why I got caught up on the other solution before. I almost couldn't get myself to sit down and bang this one out. However, while pouring myself some tea, it gave me enough thinking time to realise I should just do it, since it's not hard. That was the victory for today.

Did another Advent of Code. I started another one after, but I started getting hung up on large number issues. Taking a break, may try to have another go at it this afternoon.

Also worked on organizing kitchen, will do an output on Organization about that.


Finished my run, advent of code, and got my first freelance project in 10+ years.

Very busy day today, feeling much better after getting Down earlier.

Got out for a couple walks today, in addition to my run.

I also got some Christmos Holiday Purchasing done.

Have also begun using my Todo list again. It's been really helpful to have it accessible on all machines more easily.

Got my run in today, feeling quite poor due to interrupted sleep last few days. Was trying to mount command strips on a coffee table the other day and it fell down during the night, waking me.

My goal for tomorrow is to get a meditation done in the morning to try and reset the day.


Accidentally plugged the percolator for coffee and it took way longer than normal to brew. It ended up being quite a lot of caffeine despite being a decaf ground. That translated into my daily 5km becoming 5.7km in the same span of time with a similar heartbeat band.

Also meant that I got a huge storm of work done at the end of the day. Unfortunately I didn't get to use much of that energy for my coding projects, but maybe it'll clear the way for tomorrow to be better.

I did also finally make some Kkaennip Jangajji again. That will last quite a while and I'd been putting it off for a week.

Finished my daily 5k. I had spent most of the day stuck on the PC, and felt really ill because of it. Once I went for my run, I completely felt normal. I should try to get some stretching in to support these runs so I can continue through the year.


Got another run out today, didn't get a lunch run but did manage to spend 25 minutes outside. I spent 10 minutes staring at a crane. Was pretty calming.


Another day of running. I might try and get a second run in during lunch – forcing myself to get out would definitely help when I get sleepy midday.


Day 3 of Advent of Code. Also marks 10 days of running daily.

I can sense my mood is getting a lot more predictable, probably helps that I'm getting in bed more regularly, and eating at the same time too.

Looking at past metrics I noticed that I'd never done more than 40 runs in a year, and I'm now at 50. If I can keep this up through the end of the year I'll be at a PR for number of runs. That's my goal for now.

Finished another day of Advent of Code. I wasn't able to catch up yet. Was also able to get my daily run in. I really enjoy a rigid structure of the day. It makes it obvious what I can or can't get done during the day, since there's only a few slots where things are free.

I don't know if this is sustainable yet, but it's really been helping me stay motivated.


Did an Advent of Code problem today. They are a great exercise to get into algorithm practice again. I'm a little behind but I'll try to catch up by doing another one during the day.

I am proud that I at least was able to remember a similar algorithm and get my runtimes pretty fast.

Just completed eight days of daily running. It’s been really grounding to have a fallback activity that I know will get me back on schedule.

Accomplished a meditation session. I felt frazzled all morning and forcing myself to get this done helped immensely. I know how good it is for me, but it’s really hard to get myself to sit down and get one down.

I’m writing this down to iron in the fact in my brain, and help me reach for this versus other unhealthy habits.

Today I almost ordered out but ended up cooking myself. Saved a good amount of money and kcal.

Did a daily run in the afternoon this time. Punctuating work is getting easier and easier. Also to a timer with a big red light and that helps me stay to task.

Dealt with migrating my migadu email across. They really didn’t handle their transition to removing their free plan well.

Have been ending work promptly by 17:30 now. It's been much easier to focus with a set end time, and to endcap the day with a short jog. Fitting in daily minutiae into the rest of the cracks is getting easier.

Creating this journal to try to help motivate myself back into better habits. Multiple days are OK, but hoping to at least get "something" demonstrable every day.

Today I've created the journal and this entry.

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