I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

Set up a cocuh cover and cleared a bunch of luggage to make way for a dedicated resting zone. I think it’ll help to separate work and relaxation spaces. Especially making it comfortable so there isn’t any barriers to actually resting

This was a television I picked up off the side of the road. I finished diagnosing it’s issues today and was able to install a new firmware to get it going. Normally I’m trying not to pick up new projects all the time, but I’m happy I was able to “open” this loop, and get it closed again. Thanks @alxndr for this phrasing on loops.

Now to get onto other loops I’ve left around and either discard them or get them finished.


After removing unused stuff, finishing off tasks I physically put into my queue.

Swooped out the microcontroller on my keyboard since the micro USB port ripped out. Hopefully this USB-C port is more sturdy. Old one sitting on top. Used a new socket method which was a lot cheaper and less exotic than what I used before.

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