I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

I’m noticing that a lot of the problems I have with organisation is deferring anything that requires a decision until later.

Maybe I need an approach to organising that makes the decisions for me. What would that look like? Maybe some kind of catch-most decision like “put it in its proper home, or off to trash”?

Going to play with that today as I deal with some old organisational debt.

Finally sorting through some of my old outputs from Futureland first 365. Polishing the website so it looks usable now.

Took me a long time, but I got mosh running on my macintosh computer. There’s a whole bunch of weird caveats on what you would think is a common platform. This sets the groundwork for me being able to get into my TODO system anywhere, as well as a basic environment for coding. It’s not the IDE that I normally use for work, but it has the power of the CLI search utilities and text editor.

I especially like how mosh keeps my tmux session, so I don’t even need to reconnect to that when I open the pad.

Trying to get better at structuring my day, which often gets derailed from lack or poor quality of sleep. OSCAR, a sleep tracking software I've begun using, shows the stats of my XPAP machine. I'm still getting used to it, and unconsciously removed it for 4 hours last night.

Trying to get into a habit of taking my breaks to chip away at my open loops, this one being the room I spent majority of summer in.

Loads of still-packed boxes from my last move. This was supposed to be a temporary housing situation, and market means it’s hard to buy now. I’ll be going through and finding what to toss and appropriately labelling bins.

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