I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

Things looking much nicer now. I feel like the basis of a good work setup is in place.

Switching locations has really forced me to pare things down. I like where I'm at currently. Thing feel much cleaner in a studio. I feel like having everything I own in the space of a studio makes it easier to make decisions on what I want to add or remove.

Preparing desk for a move. This is my end goal. I really like how this feels. I want to keep it like this in the new place. Having an empty desk makes me feel how sitting down to work in a public space like a cafe or library feels. Spreading out into your workspace is a huge “I’m about to start working” cue for me.

Saw a really cool idea on a keyboard storage solution using a pan rack. Picked one of these up and will use in new living arrangement.

Listed a bunch of old computer parts on an online forum. I've had this stuff for 10+ years and haven't used it in 5+.

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