I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

Working my way through unpacking. The entryway Is clearer now. With the rain we have been having ive been thinking about how to keep that part separate from the “no shoe” zones. Maybe a massive tray for the “foyer”? It could be like those bed pans for dogs.

Have been thinking of ways I can just keep one desk for work and play and other uses. I don’t know of a good way for a desktop computer Setup to be “multi context” without having To move everything all the time.

Do I need to look into cheaper swivelling arms that can swivel out of the way, and put everything onto those? I could also utilise that pan holder I have so that all input devices can be stashed easily.

One thing I’m looking for is the ability to spread out on my desk and have a bunch of papers onto it. @InternetVin had mentioned recently about printing out articles to read, and I really enjoyed it when I had a full table to use. Now that I don’t, I find it a lot harder to get into that mode.

Another option would be to use temporary tables like a folding table. This could be put away every day, and could be used for laptops, reading, eating.

This is the only closet I have now, even for clothing. I also can’t put too much on top of the heater, as thats probably not a good idea.

I’ve recently started paying for a storage unit and I think it makes daily life a lot simpler. Maybe it’s just a cheap transition until I get less stuff, but right now it’s eased the pain of moving into a smaller place.

Things looking much nicer now. I feel like the basis of a good work setup is in place.

Switching locations has really forced me to pare things down. I like where I'm at currently. Thing feel much cleaner in a studio. I feel like having everything I own in the space of a studio makes it easier to make decisions on what I want to add or remove.

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