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Started Jun 8, 2020

More reorg of the kitchen area. I’ve a lot more space now, after removing the other stove. I got an inductive sauce pan present and that’s helped pare things down a lot.

Makes it easier to cook and clean up without having to constantly shift things around.


Installed iOS 14 on my pad, and the global search feature feels just like I’m on a computer. Will be interesting to see how this can be sued.

Also installed Futureland iOS version on my iPad. The UI works really well so far, feels quite native. There does seem to be a small delay when typing on a keyboard though.


Have been making it a habit to update my day/week/month/year goals again. I would really like to start my day on this.

One of the SWIFT projects I did was to show a checklist every day, but I think just showing this would be more valuable. That's maybe an idea for a Swift project that I could try knocking out this weekend.

The way I use this TODO list is by having a few broad goals of categories for the year, then supporting that into smaller and smaller layers. Sometimes things get a little blurry, as in specific tasks go into the month file.

Each day, I will mark off tasks as completed/skipped/partial, and then copy the non-completed ones, or delete them if I decide I don't want to do them anymore. It is really helpful to reconsider things when I keep having to copy them every week and see them skipped.

One thing that seems to be an obvious thing, is that if I'm tired, I tend to update this less. That also translates into me starting to copy a same task over and over. That's maybe where making this the only application visible after I'm AFK for a while will help. It'll put be back in context every time I leave the PC.

Today, I also fixed my mosh server so that I could access it on all my computing devices easier. It was a little silly, as I had already written a zsh function to do it, but had forgotten it existed.

Moved the luggage into my only closet. I got some more sticky command so that will be helpful in moving more things vertically.

One way I’ve found to save space is have the printer and rice cooker share a powder cable.

Setting a small appliance stand. Previously everything was sitting on the floor. It sits behind my desk, and has been quite nice to have easy access to hot water during work.

Updated Futureland iOS version, and put it on my “exempt from screen time” list.

Will give this a go for publishing and keeping track of my dailies.

Working my way through unpacking. The entryway Is clearer now. With the rain we have been having ive been thinking about how to keep that part separate from the “no shoe” zones. Maybe a massive tray for the “foyer”? It could be like those bed pans for dogs.

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