I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

Cleared out a bunch of browser tabs today. I had like 20 tabs on Photogrammetry, but that's something I don't really have the bandwidth to learn about right now.

Created two shell aliases to log gifts I've gotten and want to give to others.


Testing out a few integrations to give myself notifications for new RSS feed updates. Surprised that there’s not too much out there.

Keyboard Maestro seems to have the ability, but I’m still trying to learn how to put together the right pieces.

Another one, “RSS Bot” on the Mac Application Store, works most of the way, though a bit basic. There’s no filtering or highlighting specific fields.

Might be a fun exercise to build one.


In the digital realm, I finally updated my work laptop from Mojave to Big Sur. Things are taking some getting used to, but the jump was made once I saw that my budgeting software was ported o ver through the use of a hack.

There ‘s not too much wowing me so far, but being on the latest is helpful to trying software that uses SwiftUI. Will be fun to try that out on MacOS once I get some time.


After cleanup

Having an extra workspace where work doesn’t happen has been really important. It’s been hard trying to do both on my desk. And when I let this space get messy, I never wanted to do non-work projects.


More reorg of the kitchen area. I’ve a lot more space now, after removing the other stove. I got an inductive sauce pan present and that’s helped pare things down a lot.

Makes it easier to cook and clean up without having to constantly shift things around.


Installed iOS 14 on my pad, and the global search feature feels just like I’m on a computer. Will be interesting to see how this can be sued.

Also installed Futureland iOS version on my iPad. The UI works really well so far, feels quite native. There does seem to be a small delay when typing on a keyboard though.

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