I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

Moved the Futureland widget to my first Home Screen. I like the large shortcut to Futureland, and the current status of my dailies here.

Prepared my desk for tomorrow’s work. I’m not clearing it today because tomorrow’s a special occasion.

Now that I do a sweep of my desk everyday, I find myself back to sticky notes. The old ones get swept up and I verify any leftovers for validity.

Remembering now to clean up my notes and random papers at the end of the day.

I like that feeling of tying everything up, feeling like I am removing the cruft from my desk and being “done” with the task in my head.


Current status of desk. I have some TODOs on a notepad I want to deal with. Also keyboard situation for swopping between Windows and Macintosh desktops isn’t ideal.

I did get the area in front of the mon tidy though.

Thinking on what my ideal desk environment is, I want to feel like I’m visiting. When you use a public computer lab, you spread all your documents and peripherals out, and everything is packed up when you’re done for the session. I want to have that relationship with my working area.


Took all my recycling that was sitting in the middle of the floor for the past couple of weeks and put them in their place.

It's easy to let stuff spill over, but having to tidy up for the Robo at least helps with that. I think starting tomorrow I might try taking daily phots of my desk status to force myself to do a sweep every day.


Cleared out a bunch of browser tabs today. I had like 20 tabs on Photogrammetry, but that's something I don't really have the bandwidth to learn about right now.

Created two shell aliases to log gifts I've gotten and want to give to others.

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