I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

Feeling happy with the current status of kitchen. There’s lots of counter space available and I can get food easily without feeling crowded.

Mounted and routed speaker cables under desk. I don’t really like it for sound quality, but good enough for when I don’t want to wear headphones, and keeps the desk more available.

Moved the Futureland widget to my first Home Screen. I like the large shortcut to Futureland, and the current status of my dailies here.

Prepared my desk for tomorrow’s work. I’m not clearing it today because tomorrow’s a special occasion.

Now that I do a sweep of my desk everyday, I find myself back to sticky notes. The old ones get swept up and I verify any leftovers for validity.

Remembering now to clean up my notes and random papers at the end of the day.

I like that feeling of tying everything up, feeling like I am removing the cruft from my desk and being “done” with the task in my head.


Current status of desk. I have some TODOs on a notepad I want to deal with. Also keyboard situation for swopping between Windows and Macintosh desktops isn’t ideal.

I did get the area in front of the mon tidy though.

Thinking on what my ideal desk environment is, I want to feel like I’m visiting. When you use a public computer lab, you spread all your documents and peripherals out, and everything is packed up when you’re done for the session. I want to have that relationship with my working area.

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