I've let my mess go
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Started Jun 8, 2020

More progress on moving things, was able to get things down to one or two containers now.

I've started using a private journal as a worksheet, entering in problems, and my solutions/answers. It's been nice to have my output and my "work" be in the same place, ready to resume the next day.

I might want to have a way to back this up easily, but otherwise I haven't hit any hitches!


Just lost all of my Chrome tabs from the past year, extremely frustrating. I am going to try to make some positive out of this, and try closing Chrome every day, and putting important links in my notes from now on.

Really quite pissed that there's no partial saving of current state of the browser without external tools.

Feeling happy with the current status of kitchen. There’s lots of counter space available and I can get food easily without feeling crowded.

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