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This daily picture has been helping me wipe my desk every day. Have been finding it very useful to force me to make the desk ready for the next day.

I wonder what else I could apply this to. Kitchen? Coufee table?

Put my recent language podcast on my flip phone. It’s a lot harder to uncontrollably consume media, so trying this out to make it easier to get down and up faster.

More progress on moving things, was able to get things down to one or two containers now.

I've started using a private journal as a worksheet, entering in problems, and my solutions/answers. It's been nice to have my output and my "work" be in the same place, ready to resume the next day.

I might want to have a way to back this up easily, but otherwise I haven't hit any hitches!


Just lost all of my Chrome tabs from the past year, extremely frustrating. I am going to try to make some positive out of this, and try closing Chrome every day, and putting important links in my notes from now on.

Really quite pissed that there's no partial saving of current state of the browser without external tools.

Feeling happy with the current status of kitchen. There’s lots of counter space available and I can get food easily without feeling crowded.

Mounted and routed speaker cables under desk. I don’t really like it for sound quality, but good enough for when I don’t want to wear headphones, and keeps the desk more available.

Moved the Futureland widget to my first Home Screen. I like the large shortcut to Futureland, and the current status of my dailies here.

Prepared my desk for tomorrow’s work. I’m not clearing it today because tomorrow’s a special occasion.

Now that I do a sweep of my desk everyday, I find myself back to sticky notes. The old ones get swept up and I verify any leftovers for validity.

Remembering now to clean up my notes and random papers at the end of the day.

I like that feeling of tying everything up, feeling like I am removing the cruft from my desk and being “done” with the task in my head.


Current status of desk. I have some TODOs on a notepad I want to deal with. Also keyboard situation for swopping between Windows and Macintosh desktops isn’t ideal.

I did get the area in front of the mon tidy though.

Thinking on what my ideal desk environment is, I want to feel like I’m visiting. When you use a public computer lab, you spread all your documents and peripherals out, and everything is packed up when you’re done for the session. I want to have that relationship with my working area.


Took all my recycling that was sitting in the middle of the floor for the past couple of weeks and put them in their place.

It's easy to let stuff spill over, but having to tidy up for the Robo at least helps with that. I think starting tomorrow I might try taking daily phots of my desk status to force myself to do a sweep every day.


Cleared out a bunch of browser tabs today. I had like 20 tabs on Photogrammetry, but that's something I don't really have the bandwidth to learn about right now.

Created two shell aliases to log gifts I've gotten and want to give to others.


Testing out a few integrations to give myself notifications for new RSS feed updates. Surprised that there’s not too much out there.

Keyboard Maestro seems to have the ability, but I’m still trying to learn how to put together the right pieces.

Another one, “RSS Bot” on the Mac Application Store, works most of the way, though a bit basic. There’s no filtering or highlighting specific fields.

Might be a fun exercise to build one.


In the digital realm, I finally updated my work laptop from Mojave to Big Sur. Things are taking some getting used to, but the jump was made once I saw that my budgeting software was ported o ver through the use of a hack.

There ‘s not too much wowing me so far, but being on the latest is helpful to trying software that uses SwiftUI. Will be fun to try that out on MacOS once I get some time.


After cleanup

Having an extra workspace where work doesn’t happen has been really important. It’s been hard trying to do both on my desk. And when I let this space get messy, I never wanted to do non-work projects.


More reorg of the kitchen area. I’ve a lot more space now, after removing the other stove. I got an inductive sauce pan present and that’s helped pare things down a lot.

Makes it easier to cook and clean up without having to constantly shift things around.


Installed iOS 14 on my pad, and the global search feature feels just like I’m on a computer. Will be interesting to see how this can be sued.

Also installed Futureland iOS version on my iPad. The UI works really well so far, feels quite native. There does seem to be a small delay when typing on a keyboard though.


Have been making it a habit to update my day/week/month/year goals again. I would really like to start my day on this.

One of the SWIFT projects I did was to show a checklist every day, but I think just showing this would be more valuable. That's maybe an idea for a Swift project that I could try knocking out this weekend.

The way I use this TODO list is by having a few broad goals of categories for the year, then supporting that into smaller and smaller layers. Sometimes things get a little blurry, as in specific tasks go into the month file.

Each day, I will mark off tasks as completed/skipped/partial, and then copy the non-completed ones, or delete them if I decide I don't want to do them anymore. It is really helpful to reconsider things when I keep having to copy them every week and see them skipped.

One thing that seems to be an obvious thing, is that if I'm tired, I tend to update this less. That also translates into me starting to copy a same task over and over. That's maybe where making this the only application visible after I'm AFK for a while will help. It'll put be back in context every time I leave the PC.

Today, I also fixed my mosh server so that I could access it on all my computing devices easier. It was a little silly, as I had already written a zsh function to do it, but had forgotten it existed.

Moved the luggage into my only closet. I got some more sticky command so that will be helpful in moving more things vertically.

One way I’ve found to save space is have the printer and rice cooker share a powder cable.

Setting a small appliance stand. Previously everything was sitting on the floor. It sits behind my desk, and has been quite nice to have easy access to hot water during work.

Updated Futureland iOS version, and put it on my “exempt from screen time” list.

Will give this a go for publishing and keeping track of my dailies.

Working my way through unpacking. The entryway Is clearer now. With the rain we have been having ive been thinking about how to keep that part separate from the “no shoe” zones. Maybe a massive tray for the “foyer”? It could be like those bed pans for dogs.

Have been thinking of ways I can just keep one desk for work and play and other uses. I don’t know of a good way for a desktop computer Setup to be “multi context” without having To move everything all the time.

Do I need to look into cheaper swivelling arms that can swivel out of the way, and put everything onto those? I could also utilise that pan holder I have so that all input devices can be stashed easily.

One thing I’m looking for is the ability to spread out on my desk and have a bunch of papers onto it. @InternetVin had mentioned recently about printing out articles to read, and I really enjoyed it when I had a full table to use. Now that I don’t, I find it a lot harder to get into that mode.

Another option would be to use temporary tables like a folding table. This could be put away every day, and could be used for laptops, reading, eating.

This is the only closet I have now, even for clothing. I also can’t put too much on top of the heater, as thats probably not a good idea.

I’ve recently started paying for a storage unit and I think it makes daily life a lot simpler. Maybe it’s just a cheap transition until I get less stuff, but right now it’s eased the pain of moving into a smaller place.

Things looking much nicer now. I feel like the basis of a good work setup is in place.

Switching locations has really forced me to pare things down. I like where I'm at currently. Thing feel much cleaner in a studio. I feel like having everything I own in the space of a studio makes it easier to make decisions on what I want to add or remove.

Preparing desk for a move. This is my end goal. I really like how this feels. I want to keep it like this in the new place. Having an empty desk makes me feel how sitting down to work in a public space like a cafe or library feels. Spreading out into your workspace is a huge “I’m about to start working” cue for me.

Saw a really cool idea on a keyboard storage solution using a pan rack. Picked one of these up and will use in new living arrangement.

Listed a bunch of old computer parts on an online forum. I've had this stuff for 10+ years and haven't used it in 5+.

Found an extremely cheap keyboard tray on a local used marketplace. 1.5 hours of caffeinated struggle later, I have a much more comfortable setup

I’m noticing that a lot of the problems I have with organisation is deferring anything that requires a decision until later.

Maybe I need an approach to organising that makes the decisions for me. What would that look like? Maybe some kind of catch-most decision like “put it in its proper home, or off to trash”?

Going to play with that today as I deal with some old organisational debt.

Finally sorting through some of my old outputs from Futureland first 365. Polishing the website so it looks usable now.

Took me a long time, but I got mosh running on my macintosh computer. There’s a whole bunch of weird caveats on what you would think is a common platform. This sets the groundwork for me being able to get into my TODO system anywhere, as well as a basic environment for coding. It’s not the IDE that I normally use for work, but it has the power of the CLI search utilities and text editor.

I especially like how mosh keeps my tmux session, so I don’t even need to reconnect to that when I open the pad.

Trying to get better at structuring my day, which often gets derailed from lack or poor quality of sleep. OSCAR, a sleep tracking software I've begun using, shows the stats of my XPAP machine. I'm still getting used to it, and unconsciously removed it for 4 hours last night.

Trying to get into a habit of taking my breaks to chip away at my open loops, this one being the room I spent majority of summer in.

Loads of still-packed boxes from my last move. This was supposed to be a temporary housing situation, and market means it’s hard to buy now. I’ll be going through and finding what to toss and appropriately labelling bins.

Set up a cocuh cover and cleared a bunch of luggage to make way for a dedicated resting zone. I think it’ll help to separate work and relaxation spaces. Especially making it comfortable so there isn’t any barriers to actually resting

This was a television I picked up off the side of the road. I finished diagnosing it’s issues today and was able to install a new firmware to get it going. Normally I’m trying not to pick up new projects all the time, but I’m happy I was able to “open” this loop, and get it closed again. Thanks @alxndr for this phrasing on loops.

Now to get onto other loops I’ve left around and either discard them or get them finished.


After removing unused stuff, finishing off tasks I physically put into my queue.

Swooped out the microcontroller on my keyboard since the micro USB port ripped out. Hopefully this USB-C port is more sturdy. Old one sitting on top. Used a new socket method which was a lot cheaper and less exotic than what I used before.

Testing out negative conversion software. This one saves a lot of the manual steps. I may need to re-scan this roll though, there's a lot of dust.

Cleaned up corner next to desk. Needs some wiring adjustments but much better now.


A task I've been putting off for almost a year is digitising and archiving photos. Today I've started by choosing a set I'll get through. I've mostly put it off to avoid learning a new process, since I had a convenient and cheap lab nearby.

I'm hoping to use this project to document my progress through better cleaning up and finishing tasks.

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