Progress and updates on the CrowdBuilding platform
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First: Jan 18, 2021
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I'm realising more and more that a huge part of design is about the tiny details which the majority of people will not notice when present, yet become unconsciously aware when absent. A thoughtful and systematic approach where we create a collection of rules. This means spending a huge amount of time and effort on polishing, cleaning and simplifying AFTER the initial design work.

Had a difficult meeting on Friday. I feel like we're close to launching, but some functionalities are lacking. Worked most of yesterday and some of today, this should take some stress away from the coming week.

The moment that I gave up and sent the last post the place fields started working again. Due to the recent slug changes, the correct key hadn't been added and wasn't accepting requests to the URL.

Very close in enabling multi-reference fields which work together with our user platform and is populated by a Webflow CMS.

Made an overview of all the running subscriptions we currently have for this no-code platform. Running costs including Airtable (we now have free year through discount) would be over $200 per month.

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