Picking up the pace again and wrote our about text:

Kiri is a boutique design & technology studio working within the realms of everything digital. We spend our days working with startup founders, product teams and corporates figuring out how things should work, look and feel.

Past artifacts include digital platforms, conceptual thinking, brand identities and MVP development.

If you’d like to talk about a project please get in touch: hello@kiri.so

Archiving this one. Grateful that this challenge brought me back in the habit of writing daily. Since these 67 days I've learned a lot about writing essays. Mostly midthrough I was adapting my attention to formulating interesting ideas. Too many of the essays that I started didn't have a sense of direction and because of that felt really incoherent.

Then I started reading How To Take Smart Notes by Sohnke Ahrens and from this book I learned to focus on a 'web of ideas'. Too early I was moving to the crunch of writing essays. Instead I am now focusing on writing atomic notes that can be interlinked. Essays should emerge from these findings instead of starting with a blank page.

designs based on the moodboards I made yesterday. It helps me think about a style in a different way. Also helps with not staring at a blank screen

shuffling stuff around. I've no idea how this will help me form a better opinion for the brand. It's fun to do though and it might improve my judgement for later designs

We had a really great conversation today in Amsterdam (!). This was fun, because we are fully remote normally. The last time we met face to face must have been in September. We had a good talk about life and work goals, and what way we want with this project.

Footer on desktop is also quite nice. I'm not sure if i like the overall grid pattern of 2-8-2 though. Feel like I have seen it in too many places like Klim Type Foundry and Norgram and Space10.

Finally implemented a 12 point grid system on my landingpage. I learned the basics of 'coding' in the summer of 2019. Since then I have been steadily progressing learning more about building for the web. Last year around this time, I decided to give a shot at my first website. Since then I have been adding to it every now and then. The structure and classes were still pretty outdated so I cleaned a lot of that now.

Made an are.na group for Kiri


I think we also need an account for Twitter and Linkedin. Business socials are always a bit strange. Not a huge fan of them but I guess that if you use them in the right way they can be effective. It's a like an extra viewpoint for what the studio have to offer. Being mindful about where you have a presence makes it easier to make that experience better.

I've been collecting a lot of reference material from other studios and things that inspire me for Kiri. Are.na is the best place to collect that kind of material.

Pulling this one out of my daily for now. Makes way more sense to first focusing on building the studio and refining my writing sessions. Besides that a lot of my attention is going to project base #1.


Incoming pitch made me realize that we need some sort of digital establishment as soon as possible. Even its just a website in stealth mode, we need something to show our online presence and capabilities. By the end of the week I want the domain name and simple landingpage fixed.

Made an overview of all the running subscriptions we currently have for this no-code platform. Running costs including Airtable (we now have free year through discount) would be over $200 per month.

“Motion” is the act of researching; “action” is getting your reps in. Never mistake the two.

__ From Atomic Habits by James Clear

Important to view the Futureland entries as a way to perform actions rather than motion.

Writing these progress posts on Futureland is really satisfying. We keep the idea in motion. By working on it everyday we make progress and gather valuable feedback.


Changing the order of you daily could use some design polish. I would suggest to add the reorder icons (3 small stacked stripes) on the right. Furthermore I would make the red crosses a little bit smaller.

Finally I think that it would be cool if you could split the daily up in morning, day, and evening.


What I envision for this project is an end result like Mercury OS from Jason Yuan. A conceptual research piece with a sense of craft and attention to detail. I see his work as a real masterpiece and it inspired me to learn more about Human Computer Interaction.



Thinking a lot about the structure of Kiri lately. Something that really speaks to me is a decentralized model where ownership is divided among a collective of creative professionals. A semi-formal network of trusted peers who come together using a shared infrastructure to work and develop ideas.


Got into the community of Ink and Switch. They invite people to present personal projects during workshop. This will enable me to present my work to them. I need such external accountability to keep the project in motion. Besides such accountability I am also talking to a possible collaborator that might join the projectz

A live in months. This is one of the interfaces that modern digital calendars don't use. I think it can bring tremendous value for seeing 'the bigger picture'.

I have been researching and prototyping ideas around the future of time and the calendar. I believe that the digital calendar is fundamentally broken and needs change. My project is still pretty early but excited to show some progress here over time.

I think we are going for the name Kiri. Short and sweet. Japanese for 'mist'. Indonesian for 'left'. A nice quirky tone in English. Welcome to Studio Kiri.

For now we have set on Kiri as the name. Next up is deciding domains. Kiri.com is with 144.000 'slightly' out of budget so now leaning towards .earth, .so, or .studio.


Discussed annual planning and quarterly planning. We want to have a good mixture between personal projects and client work.