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First: Jan 7, 2021
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I've been collecting a lot of reference material from other studios and things that inspire me for Kiri. Are.na is the best place to collect that kind of material.


Incoming pitch made me realize that we need some sort of digital establishment as soon as possible. Even its just a website in stealth mode, we need something to show our online presence and capabilities. By the end of the week I want the domain name and simple landingpage fixed.

Decentralization as a model has a lot of implications. Together with a friend I ran through to some problems together


A quick sketch of one way of working within a studio model. I see the studio as an organism within a greater whole. We are effected by other "rings" which overlap and demand a certain currency (in our case time/output). Still a very fragile idea, and needs further exploration.

“Motion” is the act of researching; “action” is getting your reps in. Never mistake the two.

__ From Atomic Habits by James Clear

Important to view the Futureland entries as a way to perform actions rather than motion.

Writing these progress posts on Futureland is really satisfying. We keep the idea in motion. By working on it everyday we make progress and gather valuable feedback.


Spent a few hours setting up our goals and life areas. Eventually we want to migrate our freelance work fully to Kiri while broadening our own creative spaces. I find drawing these diagrams helps promote a different type of thinking, in which the conversation gains a different type of richness and focus.


Thinking a lot about the structure of Kiri lately. Something that really speaks to me is a decentralized model where ownership is divided among a collective of creative professionals. A semi-formal network of trusted peers who come together using a shared infrastructure to work and develop ideas.

I think we are going for the name Kiri. Short and sweet. Japanese for 'mist'. Indonesian for 'left'. A nice quirky tone in English. Welcome to Studio Kiri.

For now we have set on Kiri as the name. Next up is deciding domains. Kiri.com is with 144.000 'slightly' out of budget so now leaning towards .earth, .so, or .studio.


Discussed annual planning and quarterly planning. We want to have a good mixture between personal projects and client work.

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