Time and the Future
Documentation of my research on the future of the calendar
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First: Jan 8, 2021
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Definitely super inspiring work!
Have a link to Ink and Switch? Sounds in...

Pulling this one out of my daily for now. Makes way more sense to first focusing on building the studio and refining my writing sessions. Besides that a lot of my attention is going to project base #1.


What I envision for this project is an end result like Mercury OS from Jason Yuan. A conceptual research piece with a sense of craft and attention to detail. I see his work as a real masterpiece and it inspired me to learn more about Human Computer Interaction.



Got into the community of Ink and Switch. They invite people to present personal projects during workshop. This will enable me to present my work to them. I need such external accountability to keep the project in motion. Besides such accountability I am also talking to a possible collaborator that might join the projectz

A live in months. This is one of the interfaces that modern digital calendars don't use. I think it can bring tremendous value for seeing 'the bigger picture'.

I have been researching and prototyping ideas around the future of time and the calendar. I believe that the digital calendar is fundamentally broken and needs change. My project is still pretty early but excited to show some progress here over time.

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