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First: Nov 18, 2020
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$1 - At some point I bought a piece of art from David Horvitz for $1. The artwork is that he will think about me for one minute. Today I got an email that was blank with the subject "starting to think about you for one minute" at 3:37pm. At 3:38pm i got another blank email with the subject "the minute is up"


$100 - Marijuana delivery. As I've been drinking less I've been having some weed gummies in the evening. I'm doing a solo week and so I stocked up on a few more things to keep from drinking.

$46 - Apple Stock

Every week I host a poker game and a few of the players pay with Square Cash while most of the others use Venmo. After I pay everyone out there is sometimes cash left in my Square Cash wallet so I used it to buy $46 worth of stock.

For all the app store issues I still love my computer. I've pretty fully embraced the Apple eco-system (watch, old iPad mini, newer iPad pro, phone, MacBookPro, AppleTV, Apple Card) which seems like a clear indication I believe in the future of this company.

Also I like that the CEO only just became a billionaire. I mean, I liked it more when we wasn't one. I prefer people to not be billionaires, but like many billionaires it's because the stock price of his company is going up.


$60 - Annual subscription to Futureland

Pretty easy choice here. Also the inspiration for this new journal. I want to be able to look back and see what I purchased and what my motivations for the purchase were.

I've been using Futureland for 45+ days and it's become an integral part of my day. I feel like I'm just scratching the surface.

Also, I like the idea of paying for the software I use. Probably because I spent so much time at Panic? But also because "Small is Beautiful".

What do I hope to get out of a year of Futureland? I expect that I will use it as a tool of internal discovery. There are some added social benefits, and I love seeing how other people use it, but the greatest value so far to me is that this is not a publishing tool, but a journal about a process.

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