Bezier Hugs

p5.js sketch for my next letter.
Started Apr 7, 2020
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Finally cleared out my uni assignments so I could work on this! Video from a while ago, when I was trying to inject some more color into the page. I think I'm going to keep the gray (I like that it matches the airiness of the music). The layout still feels unsatisfactory (very safe, very gray), but it's not obvious to me what it would take to give the design an extra oomph. That, and I hope to push the letter to friends soon. These ramblings have been collecting dust for a while, I want to clean them out to make space for new tasks.

Since the last update I've scribbled a few rambles in "Digital Ethnography", "John Maeda/Hundred Rabbits", and "Journals are Lossy". It's fun to loosely scribble w/o expectations.

Couldn't resist font change­čśů Oops. I think the Roboto-mono breathes a bit more character into the page.

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