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Design System Starter Kit

Build a library of flexible and un-styled components to start or supplement design system projects. Anyone can jump in the file below
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Started Apr 30, 2020

Adding Auto Layout v3 stuff all month. Almost none of this will be visibly different. Going to try to mix in some stuff that couldn’t be made with previous versions of auto layout. e.g. stuff with different padding values

Updating components with the new Auto Layout features that were released today. E.g. you can now resize frames on the main axis

Snapshot of (most of) the project.

Work was scattered today. More converting stuff to variants.

Slow day today. Revised test fields, textareas, dropdowns, and 'special fields' with leading text/icons

In addition to the basic components, it would be good to also have the most common combinations. This helps 1) test the how well the basic components work together and 2) provides a good reference for people using the library

Slowly resuming writing and designing the website.

There’s a baseline grid, but aligning to them like you would in print isn’t really feasible. They’re still useful for getting a vertical rhythm though. Make the line-height (24px) a multiple of the baseline (8px), then make the spaces between stuff a multiple of the line-height. (48, 96, etc.)

norton Design System Starter Kit