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Design System Starter Kit

Build a library of flexible and un-styled components to start or supplement design system projects. Anyone can jump in the file below
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Started Apr 30, 2020

I misremembered making these correctly. They’re actually not consistent. Gotta fix this before making the script


Working on shadows next. This shouldn’t take long. I’m only gonna make 4 levels, 3 of which have already have specific role. And they’re not super complicated or layered.

I think a good shadow is made of 2 shadows
1. A small one to define/outline the shape
2. And a larger, softer one that that has an offset to create some depth

I think the main challenge here is: making it easy for someone to adjust and add steps. I think I could write some simple rules/instructions for doing this manually, then write a script later.

I wrote a script a while back to batch change the color of shadows. I should add to this…


Yikes, this is dragging on and on…

I’ve finished the test layers and now I’m gonna leave this alone for at least a few days


Seventh day of color. I should have started with a bunch more test layers. They’re way more informative than just squares. I’m going to pause work on color and move on to other parts of the project

I still need to do more testing, tweaking, and note writing, but everything "works"

Snapshot before creating the final styles, cleaning up the section. and writing the readme notes

A solid hour of working on color. The process is a little frustrating. The tools are so much better than they were a few years ago but… even with all the tools I’ve chained together, including the modest ones I’ve made, I still feel like I’m moving at a tenth of the speed and 90% of what I’m doing is busy work a computer should be handling

A little bit more color work. Night shift has gotten too strong, so I need to move on to something else tonight


Revising colors…

Trying to get the entire process in the screenshot, so this isn’t what it actually looks like, =

1. Set the general feeling in ColorBox
2. Use Leonardo to get colors at the exact contrast ratios
3. Add the colors to Figma
4. Create color styles and test

Color is the first thing I need to tackle when I get large blocks of time to work on DSSK

norton Design System Starter Kit