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Design System Starter Kit

Build a library of flexible and un-styled components to start or supplement design system projects. Anyone can jump in the file below
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Started Apr 30, 2020

Misc. thoughts

I think I’m going to separate type styles into two groups
- Standard type sizes
- Specific roles e.g. 'table header'

I should have 1 or two standard line-heights. Then clamp things down to a multiple of eight. This is what Figma does in UI2.

I’m using Inter for everything, so I’ll use it’s tool to get the right tracking

Got an early start but still managed to procrastinate. Getting familiar with a plugin called Smart Text that makes documenting things way easier


Tiny start on the typography section. Tiny script to make the layer name and text the name of the text style used

Created an 'Inbox' page to put stuff I want to extract from the day job, but don’t necessarily want in the starter kit

norton Design System Starter Kit