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First: Mar 5, 2020
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@rambii Lol! It does look like a high re...
really?! There is more to this image but...
I like this
Such a cutie! Love it :)
Wow! This is incredible.
thanks @internetvin! I draw on my iPad s...
Love these 🌿
Thank you @rambii!
@priya thank you! 🙏🏽
ty 🙏🏽 @internetvin
@rambii yes I did! Recently bought an in...
Very rad! Do you have a pic of the rig y...
I totally get why. This looks really coo...
you're more in tune with the seasons tha...
Love the flat style. Almost makes me bel...
Thank youuu! @abuqader
Looks good, respect
Yes !
love this!
Super cool 😎
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Absolutely love the aesthetic!!
really cool!
Congrats to your 100th output in this pr...
went peach picking last week and the pea...
Thanks @lucas!! Means a lot, I think i'm...
The lighting on this one is pretty impre...
Hope you feel better ✨✨
thank you!!
enjoying this series so much!
Cool to see that you will continue ❤️

Made some gradient cover art for my public Spotify Playlists. This was fun lol


Printed out my valentine day cards today to put for sale on Instagram. Will start a shop eventually.


Early Christmas present. Going to practise sketching and colouring :) comes with a little mannequin that is an ideal reference for drawing the human form


Fulfilling some orders :) watching the cards come out of the printer is the best feeling ever

Continued a drawing from yesterday + had the plant I was drawing next to me for reference

just editing some photos of the print designs I took to post on Instagram. At some point, I want to start my own shop where I either make custom prints for people or have a selection on my shop that people can buy.

Some mediums I want to explore more: prints, clothing, stickers.

Spent all day trouble shooting with this printer I got for hours. You’ll notice each print in this photo has a different colour. I need to figure out how to play around with photoshop plus printer settings to get an accurate representation of the colours I want.

Working on a commission piece for the past few days that is taking a lot of time to finish. The client wanted me to create an illustration of her family friends wearing traditional Indian clothing with a Rajput vibe. This type of illustration generally isn't my style, but I'm trying to do my best to make their vision come to life.

working on some client work for a custom illustration :) - collecting some inspiration to help put the vision together

making some revisions for my client's social media post that I worked on last week.


Using the logo I designed yesterday I went to a shop today and got it physically printed on this shirt for my client. The logo was printed on the shirt using Vinyl. I love seeing my digital designs come to life on a shirt or any type of merch. Makes me feel really good :)


Reposting because the original didn't post properly. But tonight I was experimenting with Procreate5's new update. You can now reflect your canvas on your face!!! So cool


Today I did an experimentation of turning my designs into stickers. This was an experiment I did using my designs, some sticker paper and a printer. It was pretty fun but I need to test out different paper qualities.

design of the co-founder of epilogue, Daniel :) made this for his birthday tomorrow


Quick sketch I did tonight…

By duplicating the sketch and putting the white layer on top and a darker one on the bottom, gives this illustration a very crisp/high clarity feel

The longer I stare at it, it feels as if some sort of stitching of this person is coming out of the screen

Worked on this during my Friday morning weekly coffee call with my new team at Epilogue. Started a ten week internship with them and it’s been great so far.

I didn’t spend much time time working on my outputs today. Enjoyed the nature instead 🌱

I’ve been really into drawing and painting plants recently. I’m also really digging the neutral toned colour pallet. Would love to have this print in my room…

Thinking of continuing this plant series.

Doing a series of illustrations/designs in a similar style is always enjoyable for me. It gives me a chance to make more of what I love.


Been a stressful week for me. Being at home everyday since school ended can be exhausting and draining for me, since I still haven’t found a routine that is best for me. Sometimes throughout the day the only thing that gets me through is the thought of just going to sleep at night again, peacefully.

hope I can get back into my groove soon

After Hours Inspired Artwork ❤️🖤
I spent two days designing this piece of art on my IPad, and I love how it turned out!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

I've also uploaded this design on my Redbubble account, where merch inspired by this artwork can be purchased.
Sticker: https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/After-Hours-Sticker-by-taniasharma/46917659.O9UDB?asc=u ⁣⁣⁣
Pin📌: https://www.redbubble.com/i/pin/The-Weeknd-After-Hours-Inspired-Merch-by-taniasharma/46917824.NP9QY⁣

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