Making a notes text editor for myself
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First: May 6, 2020
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A lot of projects I work on tend to be all-consuming. They take over my brain. It makes it hard to be present. Until I find a healthy way to approach the work, I need to take a break for a bit.

I hope to be back soon!

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Added some demo-able things:

- Placeholder for empty document so you know you can type something in the blank space
- Quick dark mode that hooks in to system preferences
- Added basic vertical rhythm so headings, paragraphs, etc. have some room to breathe

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I wasn't handling line breaks and blank lines so I added in some logic to account for both those cases. It got tricky when an inline mark (bold, emphasis, etc.) was split because line breaks are valid in markdown.

__foo bar

Even though it's unlikely I will split bold text across lines like this, someone might. I think it's important to spend extra time right now to get the little details right.

The editor also handles backlashes better than before too. Adding backlashes or escaped characters (\@) shifted the showing/hiding syntax off track before.

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Finally finished updating the parser. Now I have more robust support for complicated markdown variants like heading closing sequences and leading characters.

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Switching from marked to remark for parsing markdown since it's more flexible and marked had a couple annoying bugs, like mangling emails.

This will take a few days so nothing to show in the meantime. Need to make the foundation strong.

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Finish a basic implementation of headings. Headings can contain marks instead them. Heading syntax disappears when the cursor is focused on a different line.

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Got carried away today and did something unnecessary: I named it and designed a landing page. It was fun, but doesn't matter. I'm building this for myself.

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Late last night I added delete/update markdown. Even though the implementation is a little greedy, it felt great to finish it in much less time than I was expecting.

Today, I made some more improvements to nested marks (i.e. bold inside italic) and added support for links: markdown-syntax, autolinking, and email detection.

Part of my brain is nervously waiting for something to spring up that halts progress. There are already some small bugs, but nothing show stopping. I can fix them later.

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I started building a notes app for myself.

All the notes apps I've used in the past (iOS Notes, Notational Velocity, Simplenote, Notion, Roam) never quite did what I wanted. I'm a software engineer so figured I might as well try to build a tool I use everyday.

Right now I'm focused on building the editor and haven't thought much about anything else. The goal for the editor is to combine markdown syntax and preview. Syntax shows up when you need it to, and disappears when you don't.

Beyond that I'd like it to be ridiculously performant, work offline, and automatically create a new daily note every day that you can start dumping your thoughts into.

It's unlikely that it ever supports collaboration, tables/databases, slash commands, etc. Those things are for the enterprise and teams or non-technical users. This app is just for me.

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