A tool to augment your online browsing experience; annotating the web.
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early journaling of a project i'm starting soon as i finish up a current one…

rapgenius originally had the goal of annotating the web, but it just wasn't possible at the time. the assumptions were that you had to build your browser, store every webpage into a db, and other crazy shit.

with the growth of "digital gardens", knowledge forums, and i guess the overall need for organizing thought in a world of saturated content – i think the pieces have finally aligned to make this possible

marc andreesen talked about the opportunity best in the investment memo:

I often wonder how the Internet would have turned out differently if users had been able to annotate everything – to add new layers of knowledge to all knowledge, on and on, ad infinitum. And so, 20 years later, Rap Genius finally gives us the opportunity to find out. It's an ambitious mission, and one we are proud to get behind