Journals: a time machine, a feedback engine and a source of funding for your projects

We believe there should be a place on the Internet to document and share this process with others – from the beginning to the end of any project. Viewers should be able to interact, support and learn from the process of any project. Creators should be able to easily document their process.

Drag and drop on Futureland

Futureland now supports drag and drop anywhere on

House 1

There's something very special about bringing people together to work out of a house instead of a studio or a workspace. I don't have the exact words yet. Perhaps since houses are created for multiple purposes and not just work, it results in an environment that is more conducive to play.

Futureland profiles are evolving

About 5 days ago, I picked up a developer named Lucas Fischer from the airport in Toronto. It's been an interesting experience since then. It's as if in the last 5 days, we have built more of Futureland than I did all of last year.

Improvements to Journals

We've made improvements to your Journal on Futureland, the place where you document the outputs of your Futureland projects. These improvements are simple, but they represent more clarity in how we are thinking about this.