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Multiverse is a small and expressive blogging network that @kickscondor and @glitchyowl are building. This is where we log project progress
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Started Feb 7, 2021
glitchyowl and kicks

"We could totally build a spaceship! People have done it before. And WE'RE people."


Saving posts as both HTML and PNG allows us to use the image when we need to show a preview of the Multiverse post - in text messages, Discord, Twitter. Then visit the post to see the full hypertext version.


Of course, Multiverse wouldn't be very MULT-i if it was a centralized, isolated, estranged, captured isle of hypertext. At the same time, how is one to share their rich hypertext creations on closed social networks, e-mails and RSS feeds even (which notoriously tear HTML to pieces).

The answer, for now, is: images. Any Multiverse box can be shared as an image.

by glitchyowl

the first 'hello world' is always a special one – felt an ocean of emotions when I pressed [publish] on this little one

Things I love about Figma scrapchats:
👆 Cursor hype (move cursors very quickly up and down while someone is writing)
🖻 Dropping in pics from the day
✀ Dragging over old designs and hacking them up live
🦋 Butterfly nets (clipart of butterfly nets has been a useful accessory) 🤷

The only thing I'm not into is when a text box has a fixed height and you type past the end. The words get all… trapped. But it turns out you can fix that by clicking the 'auto height' button on the right-hand side. Ayyy.


One of the most unusual things about working with @glitchyowl is that we do 90% of our communication in Figma. I counted today: 36 figma chats, average 2 hours in length.

They all end up looking like Florida. Although we did chat upwards once.


When I was done, I felt some disappointment and exhaustion. Six months and I had a single page of HTML. I hid the link to it in a back corner of my website and was done with it.

One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to collapse supporting discussions. The arrows on the right-hand side would hide detailed threads that went deeper on topics. (I still feel that this could be improved a lot - but after six months, I had to let it be!)

The purpose for hiding discussion wasn't just to organize the discussion. I wanted the main conversation on the page to be readable from beginning to end - a cohesive abridged form of the two month long back-and-forth. My own personal visualized perspective on what I got out of the conversation.

The final transcript is 20,000 words. It took SIX MONTHS to edit and design. It required a custom transcript format for nesting comments inside of each other.

Settling on a design took work - but the vast majority of the work was spent trying to shape this conversation into something that I felt could be readable. I read it over and over, trying to understand the key branches of the discussion and which parts I felt would have longevity.

Hypertext 2020 was a 'blogchat' that happened for two months - January 2019 and December 2020. I asked questions from a post on my blog. And h0p3 (top left), Sphygmus (top right) and Chameleon (bottom left) - three public TiddlyWiki writers(!) - responded in posts on their wikis.

We didn't make several posts. We just each responded in our own giant single post that we would go back and edit. No notifications, no feeds - just refreshing each other's pages each day. What makes a blogchat different from a normal chat (in my mind) is that you have time to ruminate and respond. It took two months! Everything was considered a public draft. You can go back and refine your answers. And you could easily pick up a thread from three weeks earlier if you wanted.

We created a huge mess of hypertext in the process.

When the chat was over, I intended to act as editor. To compile the conversation into a hypertext creation of some kind, to try to see what a two months long conversation would look like.

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